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  1. They do a life-size Barry Bannan one.
  2. Brian Hornsby

    Reyt shot on him. Great player for us at that time.
  3. What date was this?

    Football was great then. You could just wander in to Hillsborough like those kids. My dad used to take me to go and look at the pitch during the summer, see how the grass was growing.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday team 1974/75

    I was 11-12. That team mentally scarred me I've never got over it.
  5. Its a bit harsh blaming Jos. We're not safe yet though.
  6. I don't think Freddie will ever play for us again.
  7. At least we can still laugh.
  8. No smoke without fire.
  9. Why is everybody flapping?

    We're in free fall. Just relying on others to be worse than us. Awful.
  10. So paying £100 a year for the right to buy games on ifollow and short measures on the catering are going to cement the wednesday family!
  11. I'm worried about the relegation situation.
  12. We can't just sack everyone

    Gi negs back.
  13. History may be repeating itself

    Temperatures rising will be +2 or +3 by the time of the game, it won't even drop below freezing overnight, tomorrow will be +8 in Bristol. Freeze over.
  14. History may be repeating itself

    Current Bristol weather +1C and light rain.