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  1. Bit bonkers but I wish them well. Great to see them at Plough lane.
  2. Admittedly HMS ******** the league is a rubber dingy we bought from Asda, but she is ship shape and ready to sail!
  3. Very sad indictment on our squad that we can publish a list like that and none of us are sorry to see any of 'em go.
  4. Chansiri's teenage lad will look at 254 players for every position on his computer game.
  5. His 'different head' for tomorrow is not having to try to pander to this shower that have got us where we are and bringing in his own players.
  6. We will continue to lose money he has no clue how to stop it. Eventually, he will have to walk away because he won't be able to pour money in indefinitely. In fact its obvious he's already having problems, not paying players or refunding season tickets £1.
  7. Would you rather have a squad that is capable of achieving promotion from league 1 or cheaper ticket prices.....oh wait...
  8. One thing that always bothers me is when people say 'his intentions are good' this is absolute rounduns. It's like saying your partner bet the house on a horse race and lost but their intentions were good, because they wanted you to be rich. Somebody with good intentions would be interested in securing the football clubs future, getting local sponsorship, expanding the fan base, balancing the books and looking for the right opportunities to progress. Chansiri has done absolutely nothing, all he cares about is being the leader and gambling away our future.
  9. I ran on the pitch after the Southend game in 1976 I was 13 at the time. Only time I've ever been on the pitch.
  10. Self motivation and commitment is something some players have more than others. There are players who could have played at a higher level if they had these qualities, but were satisfied with second tier and an easy life, they are not really winners.
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