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  1. Fair play to Chansiri for putting the money in, but he hasn't got the foggiest idea of how to run a football club. So we are just going to be eaten by the sharks.

    No shots on target again.
  3. South Stand Bedroom

    Get a few pictures of DC up in there FFS! .....and write Chansiri on the ceiling while you're at it.
  4. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    Brings back memories of the 70s that ball....classic for playing on the street.
  5. Look at the Size of it!

    Proper trophy kit, ball and boots. Hooper and Cooper strike duo, the fans would have sung it to the tune of an Abba song if pop music had been invented.
  6. Stupid comments by Carlos really. Having a go at a proportion of the fan base is never a good idea, it's also dividing fans when he has been calling for unity. If he thinks he'll garner support by saying that stuff he has seriously misjudged what football fans feel.

    We should be playing like this every week with the squad we have. If we do that then we'd be challenging for automatic. If Carlos can make that happen then great, I hope he does, but he hasn't so far.
  8. As bad as we think things have been...

    Come on we can win this!
  9. Tonight’s performance

    E I E I E I O up the football league we go
  10. Trick Or Treat

    Act a bit eccentric and give them a lovely shiny wholesome apple and they don't come back.
  11. Statue

    Two golden elephants...one African the other Indian.
  12. Trick Or Treat

    Massive treat tonight as we absolutely hammer Millwall.
  13. Let's have some shots on target....and a few goals.
  14. Far better idea. Let's get some Mr Chansiri toby jugs in...they'll go like hot cakes.
  15. I love the Bukta and the Umbro as well. But that typhoo tea picture shirt would have been absolutely fantastic for the 150th anniversary shirt....as has been said. And we could easily have had nowt on the front of it to celebrate the anniversary with Chansiri plastering his name and face all over the stadium could still have covered the FFP. It would have sold hand over fist and the fans would have been delighted.