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  1. Giant marshmallows only from now on.
  2. Tyto Alba

    Clean Sheets

    Play your best team regardless....it's not rocket science. How can you have a professional culture of sacrificing your own ego for the sake of the team when you are doing something like this? It is very damaging in the long term.
  3. I suppose we caved in after another pitifully stupid decision by our Chairman.
  4. True. I'm afraid we're a reyt basket case of a club atm.
  5. Best option by far is to play him every week.
  6. Tyto Alba

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Bust up Selling him ....acting unprofessionally, fielding weakened side, ruining dressing room attitude and lying to fans in meantime End of
  7. Thanks for posting, I needed something to smile about.
  8. This. And play him until he's sold. You have to play your best side otherwise asking for trouble.
  9. We could well be in a relegation scrap get Westwood in asap until he's sold. Anything else is stupid.
  10. Exactly, Westwood is the best keeper at the club by a country mile. This is all a load of absolute rubbish.
  11. Tyto Alba

    On This Day in 1972!

    It was less than 40p to get in.....translating into about a fiver in todays money.
  12. Tyto Alba

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    I just can't believe that Westwood is genuinely considered our 3rd choice keeper based on merit. Highly unlikely imo.