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  1. We will be unsinkable this year and will p*ss this league
  2. He might sell the ground to himself only because he as totally f*cked the finances at the club. He has gambled on it and turned it into a business that isn't sustainable without injections of cash from outside. As soon as he walks away the club is dead. The purpose of FFP is to protect clubs from that.
  3. Selling the stadium is like selling your house to pay your gambling debts. We have been very badly run and that is why we are in this situation. FFP is there to protect clubs from owners who rack up large debts by gambling on promotion only to later walk away and leave the club with debts they can never repay.
  4. Chansiri chose to come here we didn’t go to Thailand. I don’t give a monkeys about a foreign king. Why should I have to revere our chairman or the king of Thailand, especially when I’ve paid for a ticket to see my own club in the city where I was born and grew up.
  5. My only hope is that they sign a load of crap players on massive contracts then come crashing straight back down and struggle for the next few seasons until the parachute payments run out.
  6. What is Chansiri on about? Nobody in their right mind wants to congratulate them.
  7. The club should be run in a way that is sustainable and secures its future through good times and bad.
  8. He's here, he's there He's every f**ing where Rodger Wylde Rodger Wylde
  9. If we have a good run we can really put pressure on the teams above us. We had all but written the season off so there is not much pressure on us which might work in our favour.
  10. He's certainly not going to develop as a player while ever he's in the Belgian 2nd league.
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