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  1. He's here, he's there He's every f**ing where Rodger Wylde Rodger Wylde
  2. If we have a good run we can really put pressure on the teams above us. We had all but written the season off so there is not much pressure on us which might work in our favour.
  3. He's certainly not going to develop as a player while ever he's in the Belgian 2nd league.
  4. Its not for sale and we haven't had any offers. The Chairman just made it all up because he has poor self control and doesn't know what he is doing.
  5. Chansiri has been gambling on us going up and lost. Now he is being told he can't place any more bets so he is looking for loose change from the fans to put in the slot machines.
  6. If we performed badly our income per fan would actually go down, added to the reduced gates we would drop like a stone.
  7. Chansiris family have bought him a toy to play with and its us. If the man cared about Wednesday even a little bit, he would be thinking about running us in a sustainable way, about attracting the next generation of fans, getting local businesses into the corporate boxes, generating goodwill and getting some local sponsorship however small to begin with. Instead he has put his picture up everywhere, alienated everybody, run the club like a financial basket case and priced out the next generation of support. Its beyond crazy.
  8. DiCanio and Carbone tearing Villa apart at Villa Park. Sitting on my hands big time.
  9. The club is being run so recklessly that if he leaves it will implode.
  10. The club is being run at a massive loss because of the decisions of the chairman. While ever this situation exists how can he keep asking the fans for more money? It isn't a one off appeal we will always be in debt so presumably he will always be asking for more. Also, even £3m is a relatively small contribution as has been pointed out. And didn't DC say that the fans contribution was next to nothing? So why do it? The truth is he has no idea how to run a football club and no idea how fans feel and live. But he is too proud and stupid to delegate the running of the club to people who know what they are doing.
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