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  1. Promotion and relegation should be settled on the field not in the courts. FFP is OK imo because it is designed to protect clubs from owners like ours, but I don't like points deductions, they are anti-sport. I'd rather fine or ban owners for failing to keep clubs within sustainable spending limits.
  2. All the fans groups we've had so far have been car crashes. This sounds exactly the same to me. If I'm wrong then tell me what is different this time.
  3. New Owls Trust launching on Monday night!
  4. I'm genuinely baffled about those people who voted that they trust Chansiri to run the club. It has been a complete shambles a child could have done a better job. What would he have to do to make you lose confidence?
  5. What continuity? We are getting hammered on a regular basis! Just play the best team FFS.
  6. The problem for Monk is that in the short term he has painted himself in a corner and can't play his best team....we might get relegated. In the long term he isn't somebody who I would want to be in charge of rebuilding, or at least there has to be a lot of doubts about his ability to do that. I'd rather have a caretaker now and try to avoid relegation and then put in a proper manager with his own staff and authority to bring players in, much like we had with Bruce.
  7. Then try to get a proper manager to rebuild, bring in his own staff and put him in charge. By proper manager I mean somebody who can command respect and has experience and a successful track record, like Bruce.
  8. We need a caretaker until the end of the season otherwise we will go down.
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