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  1. Tyto Alba

    Chairman’s statement

    Another childish rant no lessons learned.
  2. Experience says that Wednesday always let you down....but we are definitely on our way this time.
  3. Tyto Alba

    Bruce's Record At This Level

    Proper manager at last. We are on our way.
  4. Great appointment proper manager at last.
  5. Tyto Alba

    Club for sale.

    I don't think he even believes half of what he says himself.
  6. Tyto Alba

    Sad picture

    Personally am delighted to see him leaving by train.
  7. Tyto Alba

    Official - Club up for sale

    Chansiri just made it up on the spur of the moment FFS!
  8. The next generation of owls are being priced out, they will never get into the habit of going. And the casual pay on the gate supporter is dwindling. I wonder where we will be in 10 years time regarding support. Chansiri is not thinking about the future of the club and its place in the community of Sheffield.
  9. Tyto Alba

    That's why Jos is still Manager!

    In football you have to play your best team. Without that you can't motivate players, you can't ask them to put the team ahead of their own interests you inevitably will have a toxic atmosphere where team selection is based on politics and not winning. Jos obviously knows this, I think it has to be Chansiri who is dictating that players can't play. In any case whatever else you think about the manager or tactics....this simple fact alone, not playing your best 11 at all times is enough to put any squad where we are now.
  10. What was Chansiri thinking on the way to the forum last night? I mean, its as if he has never ever considered any of the questions put to him before, absolutely no idea and no plan. He didn't even plan any good sounding bulls*t....just....nothing. He is a child playing with an expensive toy that he will break eventually.
  11. Tyto Alba

    We’re F*cked

    Fruitcake of a chairman and basket case of a club. Fruitcake in a basket we are doomed.
  12. Tyto Alba

    Official - Club up for sale

    He's never had any kind of plan. Even saying he would put the club up for sale isn't a plan, just something he said. The sooner he is gone the better, but don't hold your breath.
  13. Tyto Alba

    CHEXIT- Divorce bill £180m

    You only make a profit if you succeed. If you are a bit meh you might break even. If you fail you make a loss. Our chairman has managed the club like a child playing FIFA.
  14. Tyto Alba

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Rotating head to smoothly adapt to the contours of your face?
  15. Tyto Alba

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    DC wishes to confront the fans who have been criticising him. I predict that if it happens he will rant on for a bit and possibly threaten to leave. I think it will be a disaster because he has not idea how football fans feel and has zero leadership or communications skills.