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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that, incredible quality. Come on England!
  2. He's a reyt snake......in the grass. Luring away our young talent. I doubt he was ever off the Celtic payroll. And now gloating about it!
  3. Trusson has stitched us up and now gloating about it. What a snake in the grass.
  4. Never a pen. Italy in the final....gulp.
  5. It's blindingly obvious to everybody that the only reason we haven't paid the players, only reason we got a points deduction and only reason we got relegated is Chansiris ruinous and hopelessly incompetent running of the club. It is only going to get worse if he carries on.
  6. Its a critical time for the club, good leadership is essential right now. At a minimum pay the players and be present every day providing reassurance and a concrete plan for rebuilding. Chansiri couldn't provide leadership even when he was pouring money in hoping for promotion. He isn't capable of providing it now while we in this situation. That is why the club captain is crying for help. It really is disgraceful, but not surprising.
  7. You can say that again. Our fans are still upset about DiCanio leaving.
  8. I just don't see any evidence that things are going to change for the better. Tell me I'm wrong.
  9. Some people won't be satisfied until they have completely f**ked up the game.
  10. If it doesn't work out he can go in the net, can't be any worse than what we've already got.
  11. When did the freefall end and the rebuilding begin?
  12. I'd rather have players that want to play at a higher level. Less likely to meekly go down and keep their jobs. Not that I'm particularly criticising Bannan, its about the club culture.
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