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  1. Less than 2 per cent

    You haven't quite got the hang of this poll thingy have you.
  2. When did the hysteria subside?
  3. Next Manager: Nigel Pearson

    He's too mental for my liking....and not in a good way.
  4. I take responsibility for the players mistakes. FFS! Take responsibility for the team selection and bleedin' tactics you charlatan....not pretend at leadership with that nonsense.
  5. If we don't thrash Birmingham on Wednesday we can forget about er....erm.....what was it again?
  6. Huge squad full of strangers

    Lack of tactical ability and complete failure to adapt and change...I think even the players realise and are demoralised.
  7. Now the dust has settled

    I feel worse today than I did yesterday.
  8. We've got a bigger and better squad than the pigs and spent far more money.....playing at home in our supposed promotion season agains a side up from league 1. And Carlos served up the same boring cr&p that has failed on every other big occasion.....that blew our biggest chance of promotion to the prem last year with a whimper. Tactically the same old tired failed sh*t Get rid FFS.
  9. George Hirst

    I'm not ITK and I don't have to behave professionally and I really don't give a monkeys about the politics, but he deserves a slap for that tweet which is an affront to all Wednesday fans.
  10. Woman stadium announcer

    She should have been haranging the players....please remember to f***ing keep an eye on the opposing forwards as you come out of defence and don't leave them completely unmarked....thank you.
  11. Woman stadium announcer

    She was quite insistant about not leaving via Leppings lane tho.
  12. 150th Anniversary

    At least we can still laugh er.....
  13. Too many players

    The size of the squad has got nothing to do with the performance today
  14. Give your heads a wobble

    Being hard to beat grinding out results and slowly but surely the returns are diminishing as better coaches work us out....and weaker squads start to get the better of us. We are not going to get any better even if we scrape into the playoffs again...which I seriously doubt. Carlos had a go but he wasn't quite good enough. Even the players look stale and fed up. We have to try something new, and the sooner the better imo.
  15. Calmed Down Thoughts

    Got to agree