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  1. marklcfc

    Leicester's away form

    We've only won 2 actually, lost 4...
  2. marklcfc

    Rochdale vs Wednesday

    Except you have a chairman who doesn't learn from his mistakes. I can't work out if you are worse off with Irvine or Megson.
  3. marklcfc

    Sheffield Wednesday Vs Yeovil Town

    He will get rid early Feb, regardless of if you win or not. Mandaric is so predictable, he never wanted Irvine and the downturn in results after his first game was always going to happen.
  4. marklcfc

    Milan backs Irvine

    Yeah we lost 4-3 at Norwich on the Tuesday night, he was gone by Friday. Irvine will be gone early February I guarantee.