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  1. will reflect bad on the club .if we can't retain the best young prospect weve had in ages.
  2. FFS thats all need.a manic depressive as manager.
  3. hirst has all the tools to be top notch .height \ pace \ finishing.and looks ice cold in front of goal.would say theres more chance of a harry kane than john bostock.but whatever happens'doesnt look like it will be at s6.
  4. Ian Wright would be my pick of the ITV panel,at least we would get a few laughs before relegation.
  5. think thats a great shout..don't think it will go down well with some fans,but definetly we need someone strong to sort out the poisoned well CC will leave.
  6. I don't Dislike CC' but think we need someone with a track record In this league, but don'tthink he'd come here anyhow.
  7. Sure he was offered a kings ransom by palace to stay"but if he was available, and prepared to come to us"then it would be the proverbial no brainer.
  8. Think 2m is insulting'if you think he bagged 40goals last season for the u18s / u23s and more eye catching for England. Young English talents with pace/height and look natural goalscorers aren't very abundant, so it's imperative he signs a new contract'and either goes out on loan or is given a place on the bench.the same people who are saying get rid are probably the same folk who were rejoicing at the pittance we got for Antonio.but in the end it's down to george himself'and I'm sure he'll do the right thing by the club"and sign a new deal.
  9. He's the type of player we should be trying to sign"was outstanding for ipswich at Hillsborough last season.just the type of player we lack'Both pace & Goals!!!! from midfield.
  10. If he doesn't sign a new contract'don't think they'll let him go out on loan.but think the impasse will be broken one way or another before the transfer deadline"just hope he decides to put pen to paper and signs a new contract for us,and don't think a fuss is been made of him'just cos of who his dad is,"think it's because he's 6ft 3 / pacy and looks a natural goalscorer" just hope CC gives him a chance if he does sign a new deal.Hull City weren't scared to give their young strike prospect Jarrod Bowen a chance at the weekend v Aston Villa!!!. and he didn't do too bad.
  11. He's got more pace than anything we've got, and his certainly worth at least a place on the bench, young 18yo english lads who seem to have all the attributes are rare commodities indeed.tall -quick-skillfull and also looks a natural finisher'and also can carry the ball over distance at pace"which we saw with his spectacular goal against slumbland the other day, really hope they can sort out any problems they've got'and get him to sign a long term contract."he's one of our own"
  12. But he had a nothing budget at Brum.and Maghoma's quicker than anythIng we've got.
  13. Should have gone last Christmas IMO.when Gary Rowett was still available.
  14. CCs creating a bloated complacent squad'lacking any real pace.
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