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  1. Would You Rather

    If we're lucky
  2. Would You Rather

    I'd still take the Cup. We've had plenty of promotions even in my time and whilst I'd love us to get back to the Prem, proper silverware is what the game is all about. To put this in context, my Dad was born in October '35 so in 82 years he's seen us win the League Cup, lose a couple of FA cup finals and be runners up in the League once and we've had at least a couple of very good teams in his lifetime. His days are inevitably numbered and if nothing else, I want them to win the Cup for him....oh and he's seen us get promoted 5 times (I think) to the top flight plus 3 to what is now the Championship.
  3. Would You Rather

    This, all day long. I've seen us win the League Cup but to see us win the FA Cup or Premier League would be the Holy Grail for me
  4. Would You Rather

    It wasn't their fault don't forget!!
  5. Would You Rather

    This, and I don't give a monkeys how the winner happens. It won't show on the trophy, all that it will show is.....2018 Sheffield Wednesday I bet Wigan fans think the same as well