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  1. I'm amazed that the 3-3 draw with Man Utd on Boxing Day 1992 hasn't been mentioned. I thought it was a fabulous game, both teams going for it from the off, The number of chances created at both ends was unbelievable and whilst I always felt aggrieved that we'd lost a 3 goal lead (who'd have thought that of Wednesday?), it was a fair result. That season, in a parallel world, we did the double over Man Utd (the away game being the famous Fergie Time match on Easter Saturday) whereas we only took 1 point off them.
  2. Certainly the best I've ever seen Wednesday play. Was sat with Blackburn fans and even they were in awe of us
  3. Completely agree with you but at the time, as a top Premier League team, we should have been looking for a better quality replacement (accepting it would have been high on impossible to get someone of a similar quality to Nilsson)
  4. I don't disagree with that, but it doesn't mean that he was of the quality we should have been seeking...….although in fairness, it's quite a low bar (relatively speaking) when comparing to the other names.
  5. He was a bang average Premier League player, which certainly doesn't make him a bad player, who always gave 100% and rarely let us down. However, for a team that had finished 3rd, 7th (plus 2 cup finals) and 7th in the previous 3 seasons, we should have been aiming for better quality. His signing, along with Nolan, Pearce, Taylor and Whittingham were symptomatic of why our fortunes declined....and why Francis divides opinion on his quality as a manager.
  6. the winner of the worlds greatest understatement should take a bow . Don't forget in the first leg they hot the bar at 0-0. I'm as bad as most for wearing blue and white tinted glasses but it was very fine margins and I reckon that had things been reversed we'd have been saying that we should have gone through that, for no other reason, it could have been 4-0 after half an hour in the second leg
  7. I don't think I've ever seen us more battered than the first half hour or so....and I've been watching Wednesday since the late 60's so I've seen us up against some great teams. What was amazing was that, despite both being booked in the first 10/15 minutes, Lees and Loovens managed to avoid giving a 'heart in the mouth' moment where I thought they would get sent off which was incredibly impressive given the onslaught. The Alamo must have been a walk in the park compared to what our defence had to endure. As an aside, it's always good to see the 'likeable' Knockeart on the losing side
  8. I'm sorry but to say that about Edna is stretching a point. He's had half a season in the top flight, Worthington played 10 years for us, of which 6 of those seasons we were performing at a high level. And don't get me started on the Walker v Nilsson debate
  9. Just because their best spells were elsewhere doesn't mean they don't get in. Waddle and Walker were outstanding for us.....or are you forgetting that Waddle won player of the year in 1993? Francis wouldn't get in, although he might make the bench. Woods will always create debate for his high profile errors and Kelly and Pressman both have cases to be included in the team. To start a separate debate, who is better Roland or Walker? If you go on trophies won, then Walker is but that then makes Nicky Butt a better midfielder than Gerrard which even the most staunch Man U fan wouldn't support. If you're going on actual ability, Nilsson was the only world class player (and by that I mean in the top 2/3 in his position) I've seen playing for Wednesday in the 50+ years I've been watching them so on that basis he is better than Walker as he gets no where near a World XI.
  10. This is garbage. If the Stir want to appease both sets of fans, which they are clearly trying to do, there have been better centre backs at United than Morgan who was just an untalented thug. The fact that he was revered at the Stain says everything you need to know about their fan base. The only position that any sensible journalist could consider picking a United player would be in goal. As many have said, the starting point should the 93 team and then tweak it if there any positions that could be improved, e.g. Walker.
  11. Absolutely. How many of our fans if they were a decent manager and managing a championship side wouldn't jump ship in the blink of an eye if Wednesday were in the EPL and came calling? To not want him back is short sighted at best. He is undoubtedly the best man for the job, we could see the transformation he made to the team (and recruitment) in less than 3 months. Think what he could do over a longer period
  12. I've read a few of the pages of this post and thought I'd have my say. Firstly, I don't particularly like Ashley and some of his business practices are questionable. However, he is a very astute businessman and has appointed decent managers to get Newcastle promoted twice. To be able to get Benitez to go there was unbelievable. Yes, he won't chuck money around like the Geordies want, but is that a bad thing? We can all see what happens when you do that if you don't get the desired outcome. He certainly knows how to run a football club. Geordies don't like him but they are deluded (even more than some of our fans) in that they think that because they get big gates they should be pushing for the Champions League. I'd have him in a shot, and for those who don't want him, I'd be interested to know who they would want as Chairman. We've got a Mr Nice Guy, but look where that got us
  13. Absolutely. The younger generation of owls fans (and by that I mean the under 40's) won't appreciate how dire things were. We were looking as though we were again staring at the abyss of Division 4 (having managed to just avoid it 2 years earlier) but within 2 months he'd put out a team that gave a decent Everton side a run for their money in the League Cup in front of 33,000......bearing mind were doing very well if we got 15,000 for a league game. The following season, whilst we weren't particularly good in the league, he was starting to put a team together resulting in the never to be forgotten cup games v Arsenal. It wasn't just that we took that seasons cup winners to 5 games (and with a bit of luck would have beaten them), it was his attitude that restored belief to the club. After the draw at Highbury, the norm was to throw for home ground for the second replay but if one team didn't agree then it was off to a neutral ground. He actually thought we could beat them so rather than take the guaranteed money from a decent crowd at either ground but risk playing at Highbury he wanted to play at a neutral ground. The rest is history and the irony is that we made money than if we'd lost in the second replay
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