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  1. All about the refs again..

    It is and whilst he has a good point, if you try and sneak a 1-0 win, bad decisions affect the game. Play on the front foot and try and win by as many as possible (like a certain other team from Sheffield ) and bad decisions are an annoyance and talking point rather than affecting results. Even if the pens had been given yesterday (and v Bolton) it would only have glossed over another insipid performance
  2. Bannan too deep

    And when he did, Lee dropped in to cover him so we are actually in a weaker position going forward as even fewer midfielders up the pitch. It was bizarre yesterday, not only did Bannan play too deep but so did Butterfield. There were so many times when both BB and JB were level with Lees and Loovens completely nullifying any threat posed by the full backs being up the pitch as we didn't have the numbers going forward/in the box. So often the front 2 were isolated, Rhodes even more when Hooper dropped off looking for space. Yesterday was so dull and uninteresting
  3. It was a fabulous game between what were arguably the best 2 teams (certainly footballing wise) in the country that season. The media go on about the Liverpool v Newcastle game being the best ever in the Premiership because of the love in with Liverpool and Keegan but, in my view, this was a better game.
  4. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Aren't they all? I know he made Mel retake the penalty
  5. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Yep, great goal befitting the occasion...13.17 in on the attached
  6. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Completely agree with this, particularly re McGee. He'd dragged up from the depths with the help of Big Jack and wasn't prepared to put us in a similar situation
  7. Happy Birthday Howard!

    This shows the dignity and decency of the man. The club that we and he loves was in grave danger of dying (and that isn't an exaggeration because there is no realistic come back from Receivership) and he comes out to face the fans to explain the situation. There are a number of knuckle draggers (and I'm not saying that everyone at this confrontation fits that description) who shout him down and don't want to listen to him. Does he disappear (which I think most of us would have done in the same scenario)? No, he faces it out.....bearing in mind that he was in his late 60's when this happened. Also fair play to Nick Parker who also faced it out. Thank you Howard for the first 3 seasons when, on the many good days, we steam rollered teams, think Wimbledon with finesse. Managers talk about wing backs and a high pressing game like its something new......look back 34 years and see it in its infancy. On the going to Leeds bit, whilst it is easy to criticise him for going there, I felt that we were getting stale and was actually not sorry to see him leave. With hindsight, it might well have been due to a lack of investment that led to this and forced him to look for pastures new......not for the first time in our history. Harry Catterick anyone? Happy birthday Howard....Wednesday through and through
  8. Simon Coleman

    Whilst I've never thought of it like that, I reckon you've nailed it there mi Lordship. TF did buy some right dross in amongst your Chris Waddles and Des Walkers
  9. Absolutely, and the very poor refereeing decisions wouldn't affect the results as much. If you try and nick a win by the odd goal and a bad decision goes against you, you're stuffed. Try and win by as many as possible and we just win by a little less. Since the play off final, we've scored 3 or more only 5 times in 64 games.......compared to 10 times in CC's first season. Despite having a more defensive set up last season, we conceded the same number of goals as the previous season
  10. Happy 50th Kevin Pressman

    IMHO, this sums up how we view our players. Whilst I'm not saying that Woods was a world beating keeper, he would be looked at in a different light if his bad games hadn't been in the derbies and the cup final. Signing Woods was a massive statement by the club, and if Turner really was still a good keeper he'd have moved to a much better club than Orient!! I also don't think that Woods let England down until the game against Norway when he was dropped shortly afterwards. We are also very good at overlooking flaws in players from other teams when it suits us. Seaman dropped a number of howlers....Ronaldinho in the World Cup, Koeman (I think it was) in the WC qualifier, Nayim in the ECWC final to name but a few. There was also one v Newcastle where there fans were merciless in their p*ss taking 'Let's all do the Seaman' IIRC
  11. No, I agree with you that we're not playing well and correct decisions leading to more would gloss over the generally poor performances. However, if the correct decisions had been given, then we would be in a much better place and there wouldn't be the toxic atmosphere that seems to be permeating around the club at the moment.
  12. Penalties

    Absolutely. We can't even get consistency from refs during the same match let alone from one week to the next!!
  13. Absolutely right. With decent refs we'd probably have another 6+ points. It wouldn't mean that we'd played any better (and would probably gloss over some poor performances) but it would give us a platform for the rest of the season
  14. Penalties

    I'm not sure that is relevant. A push is a push, he caught Fletcher off balance and he went down. I've seen players go down for a lot less and get a foul/pen....in fact I reckon there's was less of a push than the one on Fletcher!