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  1. I might get wooshed here, but only 2 teams were relegated in those days. It was the mid 70's when 3 up and 3 down was introduced to and from Division 1
  2. Bramhall Owl


    I'd want more than this. If Madine goes for £6m (and he isn't worth it but Colin paid stupid money for him) then Winnall has to be worth an absolute minimum of £3m (probably nearer £5m) as I reckon he's better than Madine. He has more to his game and a better goal scoring record at this level
  3. Bramhall Owl

    Clare rejected us??

    You can't go spouting such sensible posts on OT, it's not allowed. You're letting common sense get in the way of excuses to beat the club with
  4. Bramhall Owl

    Clare rejected us??

    How many of these 'has beens' were classed as has beens when we signed them. If you're referring to Abdi, Rhodes and Fletcher, I'm pretty sure that most of us were very happy when they signed
  5. This, although I'm not convinced about West Brom being a threat as they've got serious financial problems. I think both Stoke and Swansea will struggle (particularly the latter if they appoint De Boer, which looks like a flawed appointment to me) and are more likely to flirt with relegation than promotion. I'm reasonably to confident about our chances of certainly being in the top 6. I think of the teams that just missed, preston will be there or there abouts, Brentford possibly as well. I think those from S2 will finish below halfway, even if Tufty stays....they need a completely new forward line as Sharp is past it and Clarke is reverting to the player that we know he really is and their squad is paper thin as evidenced when Coutts-Iniesta got injured (#onemanteam ). Derby will be in the mix as I rate Rowett as a manager, Birmingham as a possible dark horse.
  6. Bramhall Owl

    25 years ago tonight !

    Agree. Brights chance was a sitter, the chance you dream about to win the cup. Arsenal had been all over us, how it is was only 1-0 at half was beyond me and as soon as we equalised they fell to bits. I'm convinced that if Bright had scored we'd have won (and probably scored again). I doubt we'd have won on pens, it's not the Wednesday Way. We'd had our chance of glory and Bright blew it....yet Woods gets all the stick....and let's not forget that it was Bright that Linighan beat in the air for the header I don't dislike Bright but Woods always seems to get the stick for us losing and Bright gets away scot free
  7. Bramhall Owl

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Happy birthday Big Jack A great man who dragged us back from the depths......the youngsters of today have no idea what bad means. Shame he wasn't quite able to finish the job of getting us back to Division 1, as it was. I had the privilege of meeting him once. He was a speaker at a Sportsman dinner in the North East. Afterwards I queued up to get his autograph and thanked him for his time at Hillsborough. He looked at me and said 'Aye they were good times they were'.......weren't they just? My first season of following us away from home was '79-80, how lucky was I?
  8. Bramhall Owl

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Agree, both Loovens and Lees were booked in the first 10 minutes or so, had great games in what was the bloomin' Alamo for the first 25 mins yet not once did I have a heart in mouth moment that a second yellow card was coming for one of them.
  9. Bramhall Owl

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    I'd actually stop the clock whenever the ball isn't in play and play 2 halves of 30 minutes each, which is roughly the amount of time that the ball is in play anyway. It would stop all the arguing and ambiguity about added on time.
  10. Bramhall Owl

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    It is a myth peddled by lazy commentators looking for a stick to beat refs with. When there is a substitution, the ref doesn't think I'll add on 30 seconds (because it could be 15 seconds, it could be 2 minutes if a player is being dragged from the far corner of the pitch and is meandering off). He stops his watch and waits til the substitution has been made before restarting it......in the same way he does with injuries and time wasting, when he finally sees to fit to actually stop his watch for time wasting
  11. Bramhall Owl

    Just got back

    Is it that the team relies on Bannan to do something or has it got to the stage where he expects/demands the ball all the time? One of my frustrations last season was that everything had to go through him as he though he's McPirlo so much so that we looked very pedestrian without any urgency going forward. Also, as was mentioned in a previous thread, he has a reluctance to pass to Reach. I've not been much recently but last season when Reach was playing left back, he would take up some great positions in acres of space yet Bannan would almost pointedly refuse to pass to him preferring to try the worldy to Wallace or the little pass to Lee/Hutch/CB. I find him a very frustrating player because on his day he can be very good yet at other times doesn't do the easy things well.
  12. Did you notice that he said they'd been to some great stadia....Villa Park, Elland Road, another one that I can't recall and yeah that other place. WHat a tramp, why can't he just call it Hillsborough #foreverinourshadow It was also interesting hear some of the tweets from Blades saying that the strike force of Clarke and Sharp needs replacing. We could have told them that. Clarke has been a one season wonder (actually a half season wonder) and Sharp is past it. Wait a minute, they've got Evans, he'll be their saviour next season. They massively over achieved this season and they'll be mid table at best next season
  13. Bramhall Owl

    #OnThis Day in 1980

    Absolutely. The first half of the season was so frustrating and it was a good job our away form was so good as we were bang average at home. However, after the loss to Brentford (I think after BDM) we were awesome and, as you say, Curran was unstoppable given a different role. Regrettably, I couldn't make the Blackburn game and had to catch snippets on the radio. It's right up with games I wished I'd been to, probably even more so than Hartlepool at Cardiff as it effectively clinched promotion for us after years in the wilderness. The more I hear about that night, the more I wished I'd been there with the 50,000 who attended
  14. Bramhall Owl

    #OnThis Day in 1980

    Wasn't that 76-77, having not won away in our first season in Div 3? I thought we won 2-0 at Reading on a Friday night just before Christmas nicely setting us up for Boxing day.......and we all know what happened then
  15. Bramhall Owl

    Danny Batth

    I think Hunt's fine. Yes he's not the new Cafu but we're not going to get a Cafu. I'd be unhappy with Lees and Batth, not because i don't rate them but I think they're too similar, we need a bit of a balance at CB IMO