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  1. I've been watching us for over 50 years and there are only 2 candidates in this topic, the 2 TC's. I can't really remember Craig but I get the impression that he was far too good for the players around him. I did, however, see a lot of Curran. He was way too good for the old third division being a reasonable first division player. This was evident when he tore many defences to shreds in our promotion season of 79/80. I know he was a fan but it still amazes that Big Jack (god rest his soul) could persuade Curran to sign for us
  2. You missed out the word much. IMO Beckham was the ultimate one trick pony (and yes he was very good at that trick by being able to cross a ball onto a sixpence) and he made the most of what he had but Waddle is one of the most talented English players in my lifetime. His mere presence would attract people to go and watch the game, like Gazza.
  3. one of the best matches I've been to. Hillsborough rocking with 2 good teams, and a great recovery despite conceding 2 early goals. Our games against Oldham were bizarre that season, we battered them in both games yet only got 1 point (should have drawn at their place but they got a last minute pen after an outrageous dive)
  4. Absolutely. And I don't know where JO'C got his figures from but he is definitely understating how many goals Hooper scored for us
  5. Except that we didn't, as per the accounts signed off by our Auditors. The EFL surely can't disregard what I professional body have signed up to. They might not like what we did to get round P&S but that's a separate matter.
  6. It's interesting that you can go into administration and screw over local businesses suppliers, staff and/or the government by not paying them and end up with a 12 point deduction. If you have an owner who pumps in money to grow a club by employing more staff, and so pay the government even more money and grow the local economy you also end up with a 12 point deduction.
  7. This might have been covered by previous posters and if so, I apologise for going over old ground. The charge does not appear to be related to the value of the sale. In which case the sale and value is legitimate. The fact that auditors have signed off the sale in the 2017/18 accounts must mean that there was sufficient evidence for the auditors to accept (and probably insist) that the sale needed to be reflected sooner rather than later; this would (I imagine) mean that there would have been a letter of agreement/understanding in place before the accounting date in question. The actual sale could take place later, but if a document was signed pre the accounting date it would be correct to include in the 2018 accounts. My understanding is that if there is no such document, the auditors would not have been able to sign off the accounts with the sale included, as there would be no substance to the transaction. For the EFL to effectively not accept that the accounts are correct is a heck of an accusation to throw at the club and, more pertinently, it’s auditors as it’s unlikely the auditors would get it wrong (it can't be difficult to see whether there's a document or not). So for the auditors, I would suggest there is a credibility issue here, so I wonder if they will throw charges at the efl.
  8. Loved him for this comment, properly slapped down the great unwashed from S2
  9. I love it when Sheridan scores and Jack says 'John Sheridan, one of my lads' referring to the Irish team
  10. Only 5? that's tough but here are the top 5 that I attended, in no particular order apart from BDM is obviously top 1. BDM, speaks for itself 2. First game at Filbert Street v Arsenal.....my first 'away' game and the time when we started to restore our pride 3. Burnley 5-0 in the qtr final '83 4. Luton away in 81/82....3-0, the complete performance against an excellent team captured on MOTD. 5. Exeter away, promotion clinching game. Yes we lost but it didn't matter and 5,000 of us celebrated Honourable mentions go to.....Burnley away in the cup, Brighton semi (if we'd won, it would have been in the top 5), Arsenal at home and the 3-3 draw in the cup, Charlton 5-4 (poor game but a very strange match with a classic own goal), Utd away at Easter '80 with probably our biggest ever away following in the League (20k+) seeing one of the greatest goals scored by a Wednesday player, Everton at home in the League Cup (v early in his reign but 35k turned up when gates of 10k were the norm), Newcastle 2-0 (first game back in div 2), Leicester away 2-0 in 82/83 (one of very few great defensive performances by Wednesday, last minute goal to confirm the win, followed by absolute carnage)….I could go on, great times Why no Blackburn in '80? Because I wasn't there with the other 100,000 who were there 😀. If I could pick just one game to attend that I missed, it would be this one (and I wasn't at Cardiff in 2005 either). It was a time and moment thing for me, my first season following us away from home and I had to miss the season defining game.
  11. I was in pieces on Saturday. Jack was a true giant in every sense of the word. These days, one can be a legend by coming back from the bar with the right bag of crisps but there aren't many people who are a genuine legend with at least 4 sets of fans....Leeds, England, Wednesday and Ireland (how many fans were hoping that Ireland would do well due to Jack being in charge). He may well have similar status at Middlesbrough as well I know us oldies go on about the job that he did and I'm sure the youngsters think we exaggerate how bad things were when he took over, but I'm not. Regular gates of under 10k, no money, we'd just managed to avoid relegation to div 4 in 1976 and we were bottom of Div 3 in October '77 and looking like we were in for another long struggle to avoid the drop (and possible oblivion). Lord knows how Bert McGhee persuaded Jack to take the job but he did. For a season and a half, there'd been a stabilising of things on the pitch but then....boom, along came the FA Cup and the Arsenal 5 game epic. Pride in the club was restored in the space of 2 weeks and we suddenly realised that things were on the up. In strode a swaggering Terry Curran (how did Jack persuade him to sign for us?) and we started to fancy our chances next season. 1979-80 is etched deep in the annals of the club's history, in particular 26 Dec 1979, as we finally returned to Div 2 in front of over 5,000 fans at Exeter. Continual strengthening of the team culminated in a near miss in 81/82 (6 pts clear with 5 games to play and we blew it in typical Wednesday fashion) and a cup run to the semi in 1983. This was something that didn't happen to Wednesday, our only involvement with semis was hosting them. I started following us away in the promotion season and we were all 'Jackie Charlton's blue and white army' and I enjoyed 4 great season following us the length and breadth of the country as he moved the club into, what was for me, unchartered territory. The vast majority of managers outstay their welcome and are usually hounded out by fans as results start to deteriorate. Not Jack, he knew when to leave and we all wanted him to stay and finish the job of getting us back to the promised land. A few years later I was privileged to meet him at a dinner in the mid 80's where he'd been the speaker. I couldn't resist seeking him out to thank him for what he'd done, he looked at me with a glint in his eyes and said 'aye, they were good days'. Thanks for the memories Jack, RIP
  12. This is where I disagree with most on here. I don't think Hull weren't very good. They'd kept most of the team that had been relegated the season before and had a midfield that we all said at the time was well suited to the Championship with a beast in Diame plus a pair of solid centre backs plus an outstanding left back in the making. Don't forget that we hadn't beaten any of the top six in the normal season which kind of puts our loss in the final in perspective, showing that it wasn't necessarily unexpected . Now if you want to walk about losing to a not very good side in the play offs, let's go the whole hog and talking about losing to a rubbish team the following season. That was the real opportunity lost as our squad was much stronger than the previous season and we had shown we were much better than the previous season by beating Newcastle twice plus doing the double over Hudds ending their 2,027 match unbeaten run!
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