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  1. He could have cost us 3 goals as he also slipped in the box last night but fortunately Wildsmith reacted well and came out to block the resulting shot.
  2. God I'd forgotten Lenny, sorry I mean Kenny Lunt.
  3. I stopped reading the article at 'likeable Scouser' as if such a thing exists...
  4. How many minutes of football has he played at Hillsborough in that time? It's a great stat and completely ignores the fact that he was on loan at Norwich for a season. He proved at Forest earlier in the season that he's still capable of scoring goals. I hope a run of games and some confidence could get him firing again.
  5. I couldn't access it yesterday. Think it was available to season ticket holders but not ifollow subscribers.
  6. I made the mistake of getting my mother watching them. Apparently Sheffield's changed a lot since she moved away in 1968, I'd never have guessed.
  7. I can only guess that some form of contract was in place to sell the ground which allowed us to put the sale in the accounts that year. According to the principle of revenue recognition, revenues are recognised in the period when it is earned (buyer and seller have entetered into an agreement to transfer assets) and realized or realizable (cash paymnet has been received or collection of payment is reasonably assured).
  8. Have they given an indication of what time the hearing will finish? Not sure my F5 button will make it through the day.
  9. Plymouth have been promoted to league 1 so being able to watch us less than an hour away (in theory).
  10. Arsenal being allowed to kick us off the park in the 93 FA Cup final replay.
  11. Yep same here. It's almost as if there are thousands more than usual trying to access it and it can't cope.
  12. So badge 3 is both an absolute masterpiece and dreadful.....
  13. Do you have a subscription that allows you to watch a full match replay? Most of them are repeats of the ifollow stream which will give you an indication of the quality.
  14. My LG smart TV web browser is incompatible so I have to connect my laptop via a HDMI cable.
  15. Pre lockdown we were tumbling quicker than a statue of a colonial slave trader so fully understand the pessimism.
  16. 32 days to play fixtures that were spread over 49 originally.
  17. Points deduction must be in the way if we are building for league 1 next season.
  18. Couldn't agree more. Whilst I agree the club should fight the EFL to avoid a points deduction the uncertainty hampers our preparation for next season.
  19. They could place one of Tango stood at the front of the Kop facing the other cardboard cut outs for 80 minutes before removing it and then banning it.
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