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  1. Duck in shock Owls takeover bid...
  2. Crypto currencies are also incredibly bad for the environment due to the high levels of processing required. Read somewhere that Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Argentina.
  3. Wonder how much Dirty Leeds fans enjoyed being in the Premier league last night?
  4. Struggle to name any other player than 'the lad' at MK Don's who doesn't get named.....
  5. Currently busking his way round the Benelux nations with Jos Luhukay.
  6. From the man who's started more George Hirst threads than anyone else since he left....
  7. Thought it was the best we've seen from him so far. Think we are expecting him to be a world beater from the off but needs time. Definitely offered something and put one on a plate for Gregory.
  8. Lets hope it's another 2 years before we come from behind to win a game. That's on the basis that it's 2 years before we are in a losing position.
  9. Certainly the most I've enjoyed a game in a very long time. Off the sofa celebrating both goals and on the edge of my seat for most of the second half. We played some pretty decent football and showed a lot commitment and passion, just glad we got the win we deserved as the negativity on here would have been staggering if we hadn't.
  10. My Argyle supporting friends said that earlier in the season. They absolutely hate them. Can't imagine they enjoyed tonight..... thanks for the lift home last week.
  11. The nativity I remember as a kid the three wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Who's to say the gold wasn't in the shape of 2 massive elephants? First Chansiri wise man gag wins a prize....
  12. I think there is certain degree of arrogance amongst our fan base that expected us to walk this league because of the clubs we're up against. We forget that we are also a league one club, we're not Sheffield Wednesday from the early 90s we're the version that's been neglected and run appallingly for over 20 years. Should we be further up the table? Probably because we've thrown away daft points. Has it been an horrendous start to the season? Far from it, not far off the play-offs with a team that is making mistakes and hasn't reached it's full potential. Time to judge will be Christmas.
  13. Bang on. My mate who supports the red scouse genuinely reckons he's had it harder than me over the last 20 years.
  14. If this is true everyone on Owlstalk needs to have their avatar automatically changed to the "Chansiri out" one that's doing the rounds.
  15. Yeah I completely get that and you are correct. My issue is that Sky's involvement in football has made the earning ability of clubs in the Premier league disproportionate to those in the lower divisions and this imbalance needs addressing.
  16. Hi @Green Army appreciate that you've come on here in good spirit and been fair and constructive, however..... Does it grate that Plymouth is the largest city in Europe never to have a top flight football club?
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