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  1. I still don't think £140 for the majority of the games in a season is bad value for money. People have digs at Ifollow but I don't think it it's that bad a service, my streams are normally fine. Hard stumping up the cash if the performances are like last season but I'll be renewing and hoping for better, ever the optimist!
  2. The EFL can't stop the Premier league from paying the parachute payments but can set their rules to exclude them from P&S, Making clubs park the money until they get back in to the Premier league. The reason why Championship clubs won't vote to stop failure payments is that the majority of them (including us) are hoping to go up at some point but also expecting to get relegated if they do and therefore will want them if it happens.
  3. Yeah but how will Garry Monk do?
  4. They've got their own house to get in order before they start pointing fingers at us.
  5. I liked this one, sadly lost mine years ago.
  6. Apparently we would have finished 2 places higher with 3 more points if stoppage time goals didn't count. Funny how you only remember the ones you concede! https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/tabelleohnenachspielzeit/wettbewerb/GB2
  7. I love this mix and match approach to what's traditional. 1. A name used up to the 1920s 2. A badge first used in the 1970s
  8. Hard song to live up to but..... F.I.S.A.YO F.I.S.A.YO F.I.S.A.YO F.I.S.A.YO He is Fisayo He is F, fearless He is I, incredible He is S, Sheffield Wednesday He is A, ? He is O, oh, oh, oh I'll work on the end bit....suggestions welcome.
  9. Signing young players from the academies of top clubs has to be the way forward for us. Hopefully this indicates a change in our recruitment policy.
  10. My advice to you all. Enjoy the next 49 days before football starts again.
  11. We were 1-0 up and looking reasonably comfortable. Then Barry "Can't do any wrong, irreplaceable, first name on the team sheet, we'd be lost without him" Bannan gave the ball away needlessly in the middle of the pitch, 8 or 9 seconds later it was 1-1. Bruce, Monk, Luhukay have all alluded to there being a deep seated issue withing the squad regarding attitudes and the time is long past for clearing out virtually the entire squad and starting again, which is what is going to have to happen this summer. As for is Monk the right man to oversee this process, I'm not sure it actually matters whose in charge. As I understand it we have a recruitment team and the ever reliable Paixao who go out find players and tell the manager who's coming in and have to be shoehorned in to the team.
  12. Wigan certainly didn't seem to be missing him at the end of the season.
  13. For one I think he has learnt the lessons around FFP, though he hasn't had much choice and learnt the hard way. In order to move forward he needs to work within the restraints set out by the EFL and will only achieve this by drastically restructuring the club. Start by hiring an accountant who is capable of submitted accounts on time. (I'm available have 30 years experience, contact me for a copy of my CV). He needs to get rid of Paixao and set up a proper recruitment and scouting team. The focus as many on here have said time and time again needs to be on signing young ambitious footballers, not who is tied to whatever agent suits a purpose. Move on players that aren't going to play for the club again, pay up their contracts, take the hit and move on. Allow the manager to bring in his own coaching team and structure it the way they want. Don't interfere with team selection. AndyTrig FCCA
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