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  1. Had the dubious pleasure of giving my wife's boss a lift home last night, who is the most arrogant and obnoxious bloke I know and unsurprisingly a Leeds fan. He's already looking forward to a top 6 finish in the Prem next season and thinks they'll beat us by 4 or 5 today. Hope we get a result as always but specifically to wipe the smug grin off his fat face.
  2. Presume it's available on ifollow as usual for us overseas.
  3. Definitely should have been a red. Absolutely horrendous challenge.
  4. Delighted with the one I got for Christmas
  5. We've got 1 more point than the pigs had after 23 games last season. They were sat in 6th with 38 pts and a goal difference of 9. Leeds have a point less than last seeason so will probably struggle to stay up.
  6. They also suspended betting on roughly 2,000 different managerial appointments though so I wouldn't read too much into it.
  7. It's only a 660 mile round trip for me so really have no excuse.
  8. Bein sports Australia offer a 2 week free trial if you sign up. Created my account and will cancel immediately after the game. You need a VPN with an Australian location on to access.
  9. The accounts were signed off by the auditiors who you'd like to think had requested and been satisfied with evidence of the single most material transaction in the accounts.
  10. HMRC will be gutted that we submitted accounts that showed a profit rather than a hefty loss.
  11. Will that count as stadium improvement and therefore not within the realm of P&S?
  12. If a £15m bid does come in we'll find out if DC has learnt from past mistakes and is prepared to operate on a sounder financial basis.
  13. I hope that you're right but how often do things like this go the way of the club?
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