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  1. I hope that you're right but how often do things like this go the way of the club?
  2. Do you honestly think we won't be?
  3. Exactly, I think they'll throw the book at us. 21 point deduction and a tranfer embargo for at least 2 seasons.
  4. Optimistic that he's going to come om and score the winner.
  5. Mine's ordered. Hope that they're as good as they look.
  6. You might want to edit that 1967 before anyone notices......
  7. "Leeds, comfortably the best team in the league" was my particular favourite quote of the half.
  8. Sorry but I'm not having it that the goal was Dawson's fault. The failing lies in the hands of the officials not giving Flint offside. Yes he could have protested more, refused to stand in the goal etc but had to show a level of professionalism to try and stop what was to be fair a very well taken free kick.
  9. Did Dawson have to alter his position though so that he could see around Flint?
  10. I've got an ifollow subscription as I'm currently living in France. Have watched the last two games without any issues. Appreciate the service will now turn to poo for me.
  11. As far as I understand it the match isn't available on Sky go or Now TV, just through 'normal' Sky and ifollow at £10 for the match.
  12. April 2000. I'd just been dumped by my fiance so drove up from Cornwall on my own in my clapped out Peugeot 309. Watched us lose 2-0 to Sunderland and then drove home. We were relegated a few weeks later. Happy days.
  13. At this stage last season the three teams that went up had: Pigs 16 pts Norwich 14 pts Villa 13 pts. Appreciate this means virtually nothing other than reassurance that has start has been potentially good enough.
  14. Do they still serve Oranjeboom on draught?
  15. Fulham absolutely nailed them today and the ref allowed them to get away with it. Complete disgrace.
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