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  1. Hell no ans you'd be suicidal to try it. I was beaten up in my home town in Cornwall by a bunch of Scousers who were down on holiday all because I was wearing my Wednesday shirt.
  2. I'm going to start a go fund me site to get a plane and a banner....... Seriously though, well done lads.
  3. 150 points from a possible maximum of 138 would be impressive.....
  4. I'm holding out for the screamer Kieran Lee scores tomorrow at Preston.....
  5. Westwood would have saved McGinn's effort.
  6. I'm starting to think we're not going to make the play offs........bugger.
  7. Anyone else remember Dawson's penalty save against the pigs?
  8. He's hardly played for them this season so I doubt they'll wantto keep him regardless.
  9. The only good thing to come out of this is the proof that we are way off the pace for promotion next season. Huge changes need to happen over the summer.
  10. The Sky commentators are seriously doing my head in.
  11. The more I read Bruce's comments the more I like him.
  12. My boss is a Leeds fan and he's a smug ladies front bottom and I hope we smash you on Saturday.
  13. QPR are in London, therefore they must be massive! On a side note, I had a trial for them when I was 16 and had an absolute shocker on that plastic pitch they had back then. Have hated them as a club ever since.
  14. In theory yes, in reality probably not. Not knowing the details I would imagine that the company that now owns it has funded the purchase with a loan. The loan will be secured against the stadium, which would therefore make it impossible to gift the stadium back without settling the debt first.
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