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  1. andytrig

    Go and get him!

    Could he do a job for us????? He's used to operating on a limited budget.
  2. Who did? Peter Reid?
  3. andytrig


    I've defended him previously but can't any longer. He has run out of ideas and is out of his depth. I worry though that with no money in the transfer kitty, our more experienced players apparently side lined for contractual reasons and potential financial fair play issues on the horizon, who's going to replace him?
  4. andytrig

    Live Stream

    I've subscribed to Bein Sports connect Australia taking advantage of the two free weeks offer. It's pretty good considering I'm in Cornwall.
  5. andytrig

    Blackburn away Ifollow

    It's been selected for international broadcast so it isn't available on Ifollow. Will have to find a stream of the ESPN coverage.
  6. andytrig

    Blackburn away Ifollow

    Thanks, presume that means I'll be able to stream it somewhere then?
  7. Was hoping to watch it on Ifollow but it doesn't look like it's available. Does anyone know if it's on a channel abroad and if so is there a way of watchingit please?
  8. Not that easy, as it's my mates 50th and I live in Cornwall. Would only have been watching on iFollow but never mind.
  9. I'm out for a meal this evening and unable to watch it so it's a nailed on win for us.
  10. andytrig

    BBC Sport running a competition

    Hysteria- Def Leppard My ever changing moods- The Style Council
  11. andytrig

    Mega Store Black Friday

    I bought last season's home and away shirts for £22 each plus £6 delivery which were delivered on Saturday morning.
  12. andytrig

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    He's not English or ginger so that'll be a no from a fair few on here.
  13. andytrig

    From a player.......

    Didn't Boyd go on record not long after Jos was appointed saying it was good to have some discipline back in the club as the regime had been too soft and players had become unfit?
  14. andytrig

    Bannan last niight

    Jesus sorry mate, had no idea you were going through all of that rubbish. I'm well out of the loop living in Cornwall. People are right (can't use appropriate word due to swear filter). Hope things improve and some of us still appreciate what you did for our club.
  15. andytrig

    Bannan last niight

    @Lee Strafford misspelled night, there is only one i in the word that I'm aware of. Proving it is possible to make mistakes and presumably you made yours under far less pressure than Bannan did last night. Let's not hound everyone for the sake of it please. He wasn't at his best last night but as others have said, he played slightly out of position and is trying to carry a struggling side at times almost on his own.