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  1. Just been looking at his managerial record and other than getting Fulham to 9th in the Prem and doing well with Wales he has been a failure everywhere else that he has managed. There has to be better options surely?
  2. Jesus, just put an effing question mark at the end of the thread title so that it reads as a question not a statement.
  3. I ordered mine on Thursday and was delighted when it arrived this morning. Take no notice of those saying you should take that sort of delivery time for granted. For some reason there's a shed load on here who seem to hate seeing the club being complimated.
  4. Mine's just been delivered and it's the best shirt I have had since the 92/93 season. Even Mrs Trig said "I actually quite like that" which is high praise coming from her and her normal lack of indifference.
  5. Mine's currently winging it's way down to sunny Cornwall. Hopefully I won't have to send it back.
  6. Went to Hamburg on a football exchange tour when I was 15. Needless to say the Reeperbahn was an eye opening experience.
  7. I love the hypocrisy in football. We are all up in arms that we have lost our coaching team less than 3 weeks before the start of the season but would quite happily do it to another club.
  8. Skybet still have Bruce very much as a favourite and Genesio at 8-1 so it doesn't look like it. Just want this whole sorry saga to be over and done with.
  9. I'm wrong they're back. Will neg my earlier comment.
  10. Not able to see odds on the next Newcastle manager in odds checker anymore.
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