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  1. If I subscribe will I still see to threads like this or are 'all' adverts being removed?
  2. Parry has a serious conflict of interest. As a life long Liverpool fan and ex Liverpool CEO how is he impartial in a decision proposed by Liverpool FC?
  3. It's all a ploy. There are 100 thousand of them in stock and DC's going to buy the lot to get round FFP.
  4. Completely coming back from an offside position, took advantage of the extra yard when going on to score.
  5. Sorry this wasn't supposed to come across as sarcastic as it appears!
  6. Yes working fine, international subscription living in Italy.
  7. Agree with the manager on this one. Out fan base, and I’m sure that of most other clubs can be borderline bi-polar at times. This season is going to be tougher than any for years. What would have been a mid-table finish will see us survive by the skin of our teeth, yet there are some on here who genuinely believe (unless I missing a massive amount of irony) promotion is achievable. To finish 6th we’ll need a net points haul of circa 72, meaning actually getting 84, which is top 3 form. It is going to be a long haul to get out of the bottom 3 and every defeat will seem to be mag
  8. Did he get there via Belgium and Leicester? I'll be absolutely flipping livid if he did.
  9. Founded in 1874 would suggest that you can to a certain extent. Trouble is for the teams with smaller gates and virtually no TV money they still have to pay over inflated player wages and agents fees which trickle down through the leagues driven by the ridiculous wealth in the Premier league.
  10. Personally yes I would. My only financial contribution to the club is an ifollow subscription and a bit of merchandise every year. Have posted on here before that the club needs to do more to get cash from the wider based fan base and not constantly bleed the season ticket holders dry. An idea would be for the fans to sponsor the shirts, obviously thousands of us would have to contribute to make it financially viable for the club but would much rather see WAWAW on the front of the shirt than some random company.
  11. Am I the only Owlstalker yet to start a thread on what's gone wrong with Jordan Rhodes?
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