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  1. andytrig


    Fc Union Berlin tho.
  2. I managed to find my in through a back door.
  3. What is pornhub? I've just done a quick search for it at work and it's blocked. Anyway off to see our HR department.
  4. andytrig

    Andy rhodes

    Still at his playing weight then.....
  5. I used to work less than a mile from there, and they make quality pasties.
  6. I was there for that one, though it is only 10 miles from home. Remember him running down the wing waving is arms to clear the smoke coming from the burger van!
  7. andytrig

    Westwood Going

    Will be sad to see him go but we picked up 20 points from the last 10 games without him. Dawson and Wildsmith have the potential to do the job for us. They will make mistakes but so do all 'keepers including Westwood. Jos wants a younger fitter squad, Westwood hasn't played under him. It would make sense under FFP to offload one of the bigger earners and get a few quid to invest elsewhere in the squad.
  8. I genuinely have a good feeling about tonight. 2-1 to Wednesday.
  9. andytrig

    Letter sent to the FA

    My dad's still waiting for a reply to the letter he sent to the FA after the '93 FA cup final replay when Arsenal kicked us off the park and the ref gave us, well let's face it FA. So I wouldn't hold your breath.
  10. andytrig

    Stripes next

    I'd put money on us being back in stripes next season. This season has been a huge disappointment on and off the field and I think to keep the fans on board we'll be given what we want.
  11. andytrig

    Inept TV research

    We've got several leaches at the club but he isn't one of them.
  12. We can still catch Wolves....
  13. andytrig

    1 win 19 ....

    Used to love Rattler until I worked for the people who make it.
  14. Despite being born in Cornwall with a Cornish father, I was persuaded by my mother's family who hail from Sheffield to support Wednesday. Have spent my life as the only Wednesday fan at school, work and within my circle of friends. Now I'm older I enjoy the novelty of being different but it has had some hard times and not just results wise. Going to a school where there were a lot of Liverpool fans led to a period of being bullied and picked on after the Hillsborough disaster. So much so on leaving school and starting work I wouldn't admit to supporting any team for a number of years.