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  1. Like The Sherlock though. Good band.
  2. Home shirt. Stripes are too thin and don't like the solid back. Away shirt. Not convinced but it may grow on me. Keeper shirts. Better than the keepers wearing them.
  3. After years on Owlstalk I'm never sure if the amount of positivity in this thread is genuine or mass sarcasm that's gone way over my head....
  4. For the benefit of anyone else who is toying with the idea of not renewing for the season ahead I've had a reminder that my iFollow subscription is due to auto renew on 1st July at a cost of £140. You do not need to do anything, this will happen automatically. However, if you do not want your subscription to automatically renew for the 2021/22 Season, or wish to use alternative payment methods, you must contact ifollow@efl.com by no later than 24th June 2021, or you may be charged. A lot of positives will have to come out of S6 between now and 24th June for me to renew.
  5. Do you know if the replica shirts come without CHANSIRI on the front as the 19/20 one did?
  6. Get excited about league 1 fixture list? Sorry not there yet. Still in a state of apathy after the last 18 months. I'm sure the signing of some exciting youngsters and experienced journey men with checkered injury records in the not too distant future will pique my interest though.
  7. I was hugely in love with Debbie Gibson when I was at school.
  8. Completely agree that transfer fees and wages need cutting. Not sure how they are going to implement this though. A start would be to limit the squad sizes that the top flight clubs are allowed. This will stop them signing players that are never going to get near the first team but still cost more in transfer fees and wages that lower league clubs can afford. There are too many players loaned to Championship clubs and below that inflate the market costs, the likes of Izzy Brown.
  9. Sorry I know this is stating the obvious but this is a huge worry. Consequences of this in no particular order are: 1. Potential legal action 2. Not being able to attract players 3. Sanctions from the EFL 4. Another embargo (if we're not already under one) so we won't be able to sign any players that are mad enough to want to join us. 5. Auditors refusing to sign off accounts due to ongoing concern ramifications. 6. Further EFL sanctions. I have absolutely no confidence that DC is going to haul us out of this mess and genuinely fear for the future of our club.
  10. Mods, can you set up a process where the word BREAKING is removed from threads when they are no longer breaking please? Sure I'm not the only one who had a FFS not again moment before realising it's a month old thread.
  11. Looking back, the last two times we dropped to the third tier we got promoted in the second season. Have a feeling we won't bounce back as quickly this time unless DC makes serious changes in the way he runs the club.
  12. It went wrong way before not selling the stadium properly. We only had to sell it because of financial mismanagement in previous seasons. Selling the stadium was a panicked transaction handled with woeful incompetence that failed to cover up the sorry state we are in.
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