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  1. Points deduction must be in the way if we are building for league 1 next season.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Whilst I agree the club should fight the EFL to avoid a points deduction the uncertainty hampers our preparation for next season.
  3. They could place one of Tango stood at the front of the Kop facing the other cardboard cut outs for 80 minutes before removing it and then banning it.
  4. Leeds have typically collapsed due to the high intensity they play at and end of season burn out. Unfortunately I think the enforced break will have played in to their hands will come back fresh and go up. Be more than happy to have this thrown back at me if they do collapse though.
  5. I reckon deductions will impact as below. 0-9 Should stay up 10-12 Touch and go 13+ Relegated
  6. Maybe he put the needs if his family ahead of his own and tried to minimise the disruption to their lives.
  7. See it's a large, do you know what chest size that is? It would be helpful if the club started putting it on the label.
  8. Just looking at treating myself to this season's away shirt and the club provide a size guide. S 34/36 M 38/40 L 42/44 XL 46/48 and so on. If that's provided why does it need to be on the shirt? *please note AndyTrig is exceptional tetchy at the moment as he's fed up with working from home.
  9. The official site's less optimistic about a return date!
  10. The average corner looks something like this, but as long as you make the subs sit apart and stop the players celebrating everything will be fine.
  11. 30 cm wide and 40 cm tall according to the description. Will be getting them for my man shed.
  12. I'm off to Simple Minds at Wembley Arena tomorrow night. Can't wait, should be superb.
  13. I loved spitting feathers, a friend brought me a copy back from Sheffield and I ended up taking out an annual subscription for 2 or 3 years. Wish I still had them. Being down in Cornwall it was a great way to feel more involved with the fan base back in the day before the internet.
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