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  1. Back in Christmas me and a few mates decided to come up from Cornwall for the Villa game, one of them is a life long Villa fan who I've been mates with for 35 odd years. At the time of planning, our season was going nowhere and it seemed like a good time for his first visit to Hillsborough. However, fast forward 3 months, both teams have a chance of making the play-offs, though both of us are playing our chances down and the game has potentially taken on a greater significance. So if he can't get a ticket for the away end, where would be the best place for us to sit? I'm obviously happy to scroll through pages of sarcasm and unhelpfulness to find the one serious reply.
  2. There's no way we are dropping points against Leeds.
  3. Realistically we are going to need 22 points from the remaining 9 matches. So 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat. I'm always incredibly optimistic and want to believe it's possible, which it is but it's statistically highly unlikely, especially with some of the fixtures that are left. However, next season.........
  4. Watched it via a VPN on ifollow not iptv and it was worked fine. No lock ups or frozen screens. Yes rubbish commentary and some 'creative' camera work but worth €6.
  5. Just over £1.5 million? It would have drop significantly further than that. £10k a week tops in my opinion, maybe subsidised with an appearance and goals bonus. Though that'll just open another can of worms if he doesn't play.
  6. Hoping not to tempt fate but it's actually working OK tonight....
  7. We've played some quality football so far this evening.
  8. It is awful and simply not fit for purpose. Still though a far easier and cheaper option for me than driving up from Cornwall.
  9. Is it IFollow or league restrictions though?
  10. There are only overseas match passes available for this evening. This may be due to the match originally being scheduled for 3pm on a Saturday?
  11. The Katrien comment was meant tongue firmly in cheek. I am making the trip up for the Villa game with three mates but it's 75 minutes to the M5 at Exeter and then another 270 miles from there. Hopefully have a good weekend though.
  12. I've eventually got it running using Edge. No joy with Chrome or internet explorer. And yes it is rubbish.
  13. Me to, I'm down in Cornwall and it's way to long a trip to make on a regular basis, but would also happily sign for a club lottery. I'm 'working from home' today so will e-mail the club and get the ball rolling. Is Katrien still the best person to contact?
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