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  1. I'm more embarrassed by the men's team at the moment to be fair......
  2. Will never complain about Ifollow again after watching that. What was going on with the camera angle. Most of the highlights looked as if they had been filmed from below the pitch!
  3. To be fair it's hard to write a positive Wednesday article...
  4. Could you imagine having Vardy and Rhodes both sat on the bench while Patterson started?
  5. Garry Monk - failed Tony Pulis - failed Neil Thompson - failed Darren Moore - struggling Yep you're right it's the managers that are all wrong and at fault, not the awful culture and mismanagement of the club that's to blame.....
  6. Came to the conclusion that we were going to lose the majority of remaining games before Christmas due to the players' lack of commitment and passion so stopped watching. Have accepted that relegation is inevitable so each defeat just washes over me. It's a sad state of affairs that the club has been destroyed by the owner's unwillingness to run the club in a manner that isn't driven by his ego that life long fans are no pretty much indifferent every time we lose.
  7. Slightly off subject but I won't be renewing my Ifollow season pass for 2021/22 unless we have a new owner. The state the club is currently in breaks my heart and a I can't face Saturday afternoons sat in my man cave watching abysmal football and players that don't care.
  8. Going to leave my phone at home and walk my dogs. It's a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching another dire performance.
  9. Gave up watching weeks ago.
  10. Doesn't know anything about football, tragically out of his depth and badly advised. Wish it was as simple as in or out though. Someone is going to have to cough up millions in order to get shot of him.
  11. Against my better judgement and everything I've been saying all week. I've put the game on.
  12. Just out of curiosity, did fans back then moan about the shirts and demand the stripes back?
  13. The way I feel at the moment they could play the match in my back garden and I still wouldn't bother watching.
  14. As an analogy: A man buys a house for £250k. He then hires a consultant to improve the house. The builders recommended by the consultant wreck the house to the extent that it's now only worth £125k despite an additional £500k being spent on it. Coming to sell the house the man wants to sell it for £750k to recoup all of his investment. Who is going to buy the house for the asking price?
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