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  1. Not disappointed but no doubt he'll go elsewhere and be brilliant.
  2. Agree. Isn't DC on record as stating that there won't be any significant investment on the ground until we reach the promised land of the Premier league?
  3. I barely watch any football other than Wednesday and wondered if we have it worse in League 1 than they do in the Premier league and found this article https://theanalyst.com/eu/2022/04/how-does-the-style-of-football-change-as-you-journey-down-the-english-football-league/ Spoiler alert. We do! How can the game allow 40 minutes to go by without the ball in play? Another interesting (if you like stats) on ball in play per competion across Europe her https://www.football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2018/242/en/
  4. I'm not a big fan of rugby but feel football could learn a great deal from the way it is officiated in general. Referees don't take any nonsense from players. Football officials need to be given the tools to stop decent, time wasting and games manship. Until this happens we will have to continue to put up with teams conning the ref and wasting two thirds of the game.
  5. Clash of heads, he was a fraction of a second behind Hutchinson.
  6. Deffo on board with this. Would rather football became 30 minutes each way and the clock stops when the ball goes dead than carry on like it is at the moment.
  7. Very unlikeable chap who uses "game management" to its max. 3 subs in stopage time when they had a throw in meant there was a stop in play of 2 minutes. When the 10 minutes of stopage time were up he starts going apocalyptic at the 4th official unable to comprehend where the additional stopage time has come from.
  8. I was going to give Owlstalk a break after last night knowing what it would be like on here, unfortunately like an adict I'm unable to stop and already back. I get that last night was frustrating and Sunderland made it difficult for us, but we were level on aggregate at 92 minutes. And as for wrong tactics all season? Seriously??? If our tatctics were wrong all season how on earth did we pick up 48 points in the second half of the season?
  9. Agree, even though we've taken 6 points off the franchise this season and 1 off Wycombe.
  10. To be fair it was before the game even started
  11. Keep going about the 5-0 hammering we had last time we played them. No mention of us coming back from a covid break and 6 different players starting tonight.
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