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  1. Bang on. Part of what is wrong with football is Premier league clubs being able to sign far too many players and have massive squads. This drives up wages as the players think they are Premier league quality when they never even get near the first team, and these over inflated costs filter down to the EFL where the clubs are unable to afford them financially but have to pay them in order to compete.
  2. @Owlstalk Admin Team can you bring back the dislike button just for this post please?
  3. You'd think people on here would know that considering how often we go through this process!
  4. Thompson has since taking over temporary charge of the Owls and has overseen a four match unbeaten run. Yet more factually inaccurate journalism. Will take it with a pinch of salt.
  5. Could argue that we should have had a pen right at the end of the first half. The defender definitely impeded Kachunga when he headed just wide.
  6. The commentator on Bein sports is doing my head in.
  7. Not wishing to be pessimistic but fear this could just be another Piaxo type consultant who has a vested interest in their own clients and not the wellbeing of Wednesday.
  8. In a way I'm delighted that he has gone. Didn't want him as manager in the first place. However, where the fek do we go from here? No money, no direction and no hope. I genuinely fear for the club.
  9. Yeah great point, he needs to fudge off but unfortunately somebody will have to pay him millions to do so. It's not that easy.
  10. We probably spent all our cash on Monk's and his coaching team's compensation. Everything IS Monk's fault....
  11. and disregard every useful piece of criticism and advice, bury their heads back in the sand and carry on.
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