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  1. We will get back to the top at some stage. It's a case of when not if. It may take a few generations, but this is all part of the journey.
  2. There’s no reference to dementia in what I’m saying. That’s purely your interpretation. My point is, he talks a lot of quantity without a lot of quality. My worry is that his poor, incoherent interviews with the media are reflective of his communication to the team.
  3. I’d at least try to make sense. I think Darren’s headed a few too many balls in his time
  4. His post match comments are just like his tactics… empty and meaningless. What a load of waffy, uninspiring, unintellectual twoddle.
  5. He’s ultimately going to be the master of his own sacking. We need better than Moore. Nice guy but so Sunday league.
  6. Can’t wait for ‘pelanty’ roulette in Moore’s post match conference on Saturday.
  7. Nice guy but doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to be successful.
  8. It’s a big yes from me. He knows how to run a football club and would be a huge improvement on Chansiri who is killing this club
  9. Me and dad were only having this discussion the other day. It is so clear that Monk has lost the dressing room. I think he’s done.
  10. If you saw Pelupessy away at Blackburn, you’d never want him to wear the shirt again.
  11. Oh it’s just that you said we would average 25k if tickets were £25. Doesn't really make make much sense that’s all.
  12. So why did we average over 27k in 2016 when we came 6th and had nearly the highest ticket prices across all four leagues? Are you saying that, if we had a similarly successful season with cheaper ticket prices, our attendances would be lower than they were in 2016?
  13. My point was that average attendances across football have increased exponentially since the early 90s. So our average home attendance of 28k in 1993 would probably be the equivalent of 35k+ today. What’s a proven fact? The model of us fans paying reasonable ticket prices to watch high quality football has not yet been demonstrated. So it isn’t a ‘proven fact’ that we cannot average 30k when all factors are fair and equal. Prior to Chansiri we paid reasonable ticket prices to watch terribly crap awful football. After Chansiri’s arrival we have paid extortionate ticket prices to watch okay-good quality football.
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