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  1. It’s a big yes from me. He knows how to run a football club and would be a huge improvement on Chansiri who is killing this club
  2. Me and dad were only having this discussion the other day. It is so clear that Monk has lost the dressing room. I think he’s done.
  3. If you saw Pelupessy away at Blackburn, you’d never want him to wear the shirt again.
  4. Oh it’s just that you said we would average 25k if tickets were £25. Doesn't really make make much sense that’s all.
  5. So why did we average over 27k in 2016 when we came 6th and had nearly the highest ticket prices across all four leagues? Are you saying that, if we had a similarly successful season with cheaper ticket prices, our attendances would be lower than they were in 2016?
  6. My point was that average attendances across football have increased exponentially since the early 90s. So our average home attendance of 28k in 1993 would probably be the equivalent of 35k+ today. What’s a proven fact? The model of us fans paying reasonable ticket prices to watch high quality football has not yet been demonstrated. So it isn’t a ‘proven fact’ that we cannot average 30k when all factors are fair and equal. Prior to Chansiri we paid reasonable ticket prices to watch terribly crap awful football. After Chansiri’s arrival we have paid extortionate ticket
  7. So I’ve just checked and the difference is £14/game on the Kop prior to Chansiri’s arrival. I’m not sure about the other stands. Still too big of an increase in my opinion. 2014 - Stand: Kop - Non-member adult ticket - Fixture category: A - Price: £28 2019 - Stand: Kop - Non-member adult ticket - Fixture category: A - Price: £42
  8. You serious? You must be made of money. And it’s not just ‘an extra £10’. For Cat A games it’s an extra £20-£25. I mean, I don’t know your circumstances. You may be loaded. You may be single. But if you’re someone earning a moderate to low salary and has to buy several tickets, not just one, the extra cost is soon more than just ‘an extra £10’.
  9. I actually think we could easily average 30k at this level. This is dependent on ticket prices and quality of football being reasonable. The first two or three seasons under Chansiri’s ownership we averaged 27K or above - and ticket prices were the most expensive in the League. You’re 35. For the vast majority (at least 20 years) of your life, we have been a very poor club, on the edge of extinction and yoyo’ing between League 1 and the Championship. For the first few years of your life, namely mid 80s to mid 90s we had a good, successful squad. Our average home attend
  10. Exactly. This is a testing time for Wednesday and if drastic changes are not made to ticket prices, we will soon lose a generation of fans to Sheffield United. If our owner were British, I’m sure they would be aware of this. Chansiri just doesn’t understand this. Or at least, he’s not aware that future attendances/ticket revenue are in jeopardy.
  11. Charging through the nose for tickets isn’t going to get him his money back and he knows damn well it isn’t. The more he spends just increases the club’s sale value. That’s the only way he’ll get all of his spend back.
  12. You don’t have to look far. Drive across the city and you’ll find your answer.
  13. This is an almighty post. Good work and summarises my thoughts exactly.
  14. I think you mean ‘make season tickets look attractive’. The fact is that even season ticket holders are getting ripped off at Hillsborough. The ST prices appear to be a good deal when compared to ‘on-the-day’ prices, but in reality they are not. Genuinely, I am very worried about current circumstances. Our club is sick and one of the main roots of this sickness are the ticket prices. I am not a season ticket holder. Because of the ticket prices, I pick and choose my games and will attend Hillsborough two or three times per season. I decided on the Saturday morning, fa
  15. What are you basing this on? 2016/17 season we averaged over 27K with ridiculously high ticket prices.
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