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    Birmingham Fans Tickets Sold

    We’re not mocking them. We are simply stating the fact that selling 1,300 tickets for a cheap game on NY day is poor. It is poor. Brum are a good Club with good support and this is poor from them. We’re not being arrogant about our own support either. The fact is we have the third highest away support in the Championship for a reason. Because we’re a well supported Club. No lies, no arrogance, just facts I guess. By saying this, I’m not saying we fill all of our allocations. We fill the vast majority, but not all. However, those that we don’t fill, we still take impressive support with regard to the limiting factors in question.
  2. BingleyOwl

    Birmingham Fans Tickets Sold

    You’re regularly of a self-mocking nature. Our away support is third best in the league and we’re having a horrendous season. Yet we still sell-out the vast majority of our away fixtures.
  3. BingleyOwl


    I hope we get another mullering today. Up the Swans. Get this guy gone.
  4. He has an active role within the Thai Union Group...
  5. How do you know that? Find me some evidence to suggest he’s not a wealthy businessman?
  6. In the grand scheme of things and with regard to his total wealth, the money he’s spent at Wednesday is probably fairly minimal and I doubt he’s too worried about it. If he pulled the plug and ran, we’d be in a far worse position than he’d be. Wealthy businessman buy and pour money into second tier English clubs for status and hobby purposes, not to make money.
  7. And that I agree with. Hence the reason I mentioned our short term success in my original post. However, in terms of long term financial security, our future is extremely bright with him in charge. In fact, it's probably brighter than it has ever been, in all of our existence. Currently, we are restricted with regard to money we can spend. However, we are still solvent, we still have a very wealthy businessman in charge, we are playing in our own colours, we still own our stadium... I could go on.
  8. Actually, the reason you can't contribute properly to this discussion is because you don't know how to. Probably best you bow out, cheers. Chansiri bought all of our 2015/16 and 2016/17 star players with his own money. Gate receipts, shirt prices blah blah - yes, expensive, but please understand that these haven't contributed to Chansiri's spending. They are high in order to aid our position with regard to FFP.
  9. Mate, he's a very wealthy business tycoon. I'm pretty sure he's okay at financial planning.
  10. Haha. Ok, ill put it another way. Were you a fan when our owner bought FF, BB, Rhodes, Hunt, Jao etc out with his own money?
  11. Go on, you tell me the reason pal? I want to see whether you know what you're talking about.
  12. FFP is short term restriction. It has no reflection on the wealth of the owner and his willingness to spend his own money. That fact we were under a transfer embargo does not mean we're going to become liquidated tomorrow. However, that is more of a possibility if Chansiri decides to pack his bags and recoup all of his previous spending before he leaves!
  13. Were you a fan in 2015/16 and 2016/17?