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  1. I was on the bottom tier and the fans on the top sounded terrific for most of the game. By at louder than any that come to Hillsbro
  2. I’ve got real doubt over Garry Monk now. I mean, who on earth goes to Blackburn and plays with a lone striker and lets that Pelupessy guy take corners. Jesus wept it was laughable.
  3. We are third in the league. If ticket pricing was correct, I for one would be attracted to go. However, I just cannot justify it. I ant buy a ticket in my preferred North Stand. So I’m forced to sit in the kop or pay £46 and sit in the South. Our average would certainly be closer to 30k if ticket prices were more competitive.
  4. We still took nearly 4K. We were third bottom with that strange man as manager. I can see their reasoning. If Wednesday bring nearly 4K when doing poorly in the league at £33 a ticket, they’ll bring a good number when doing well in the league at £40 a ticket.
  5. Great performance! Just a snippet of the Huddersfield forum- ‘No way they've been two goals better than us this game. Probably the shittest team we've played which doesn't bode well for us’
  6. Mate, if Bruce was a dinosaur then Pulis is pre big-bang.
  7. If Tony Pulis gets this job, my affiliation with Sheffield Wednesday is well and truly over.
  8. He regretted turning them down last time. He’ll be thinking that this is his last chance.
  9. I like Bruce. Newcastle are his Club. It would be the same for any of us if we were in the same position and Wednesday came calling.
  10. I’m glad the Blades have gone up. They don’t stand a chance next season. It’s going to be quality watching them go into meltdown and Wilder will be gone before the end of the season.
  11. I’ve attended 8 away games and 3 home games this season. That say’s a lot regarding the ticket prices... I’m sure I’m not the only one.
  12. Jesus wept. Some right wet tissues on here. Approximately 5k away fans attending a fixture of very little significance? The majority of clubs in British football would love that level of support.
  13. We have a very weak left flank when Iorfa and Aarons aren’t playing. Boyd played okay and so did Fox but that’s it. Both are weak, slow and have the reaction times of a sloth. Arrons is a totally different beast. Even when he’s not on the ball, his contribution is useful. And, he draws players away from play because he needs marking.
  14. I know. I was presuming you meant that, once Hooper is back to full fitness, he will be playing his usual position. I don’t know why this can’t be the case with FF.
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