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  1. Their recent form is solid. Very tough place to go. The fact is, anybody in this league can beat anybody so league position doesn’t really come into it - if that’s you’re point? The majority of our other fixtures are against sides going for promotion. These teams are under pressure to win. They will be playing open, expansive football potentially leaving a route for us to score. It will be totally different against Stoke. Don't be too confident!
  2. He does understand. But he’s finding pleasure in being awkward.
  3. I’d be extremely happy with a draw against Stoke. I actually think this is our toughest remaining game. We’ve done extremely well of late, but had a good amount of luck. I feel this could be the game our run ends. I hope I’m wrong.
  4. If the tickets had been a tenner cheaper, the attendance would have been closer towards 28k yesterday. Its an an absolute rip off. Adult tickets in the North Stand were £36 yeaterday. Yes, to watch us play Blackburn!!! Absolutely ridiculous. It’s a shame because the prices are making other fans underestimate our support.
  5. Atdhe ‘The Wardrobe’ Nuhiu actually played okay for once!
  6. Fair do’s because I wasn’t there. Not a lot of atmospher came through on the box though. Sounded nervy.
  7. Unfortunately the whole crowd sounded quiet on the tv. I think our ticket prices are keeping the ‘passionate’ fan away.
  8. It we play Man City tonight and our cheapest ticket is £34, I can tell you, we wouldn’t sell out
  9. I do understand your point and I see that, for some games, lowering the price may not affect the attendance significantly. But I do think that for the vast majority of games, having more reasonable prices will lead to higher attendances. To contextualise it, I class my self as a big Wednesday fan. I had a season ticket for seven years and barely missed a game. We also travel 60 miles to the stadium. However this season I’ve been to Hillsborough twice. Both games were discounted prices. And I’m sure this applies to others
  10. I certainly would! All ‘£20 games’ this season have seen the home section of the attendance being higher than average.
  11. So why didn’t the ground sell out when we played Man City back in the Dave Allen days? It was a Tuesday night and there were 28k in attendance including 6k Man City fans. Re the Brentford game, I take your point. However, if normal ticket prices were in place, I’m sure the attendance would have been below 20k.
  12. I disagree. I actually think that if we were to play Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal tomorrow, and employ the same ticket price policy as for the Blades game, the stadium wouldn’t sell out. It’s all about ticket prices. Make them reasonable and people will turnout, me included.
  13. I understand the reason why the ticket prices are so high. However, I simply cannot justify spending £92 on two tickets plus travel. It's just madness. Our crowds should be up there with the best in the League.
  14. His performances are just empty. Seems to run around a lot but that’s it. He’s had absolutely no influence in any game I’ve seen him play.
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