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  1. im more of a owls than u ever been ill owl u to the floor if see u on the north stand
  2. I got one - not getting it out from a box at the back of my garage but it was green and red mainly. Shinned up one of the lampposts and ripped it down while drinking with Danish fans in Hillsborough Park.
  3. What went down then, Jambler? Apart from pissed up teens using Chim's as a latrine, obvs
  4. Let's be honest here, it's an accident rather than any kind of hooliganism. The fans were clambering on the boards to celebrate with the team, a bit rowdy but nothing that we'd even bat an eyelid over if it was Owls fans somewhere away from S6. Then the thing tips over. It's hardly fucking Heysel is it?
  5. They streamed it live on YouTube - I went absolutely ballistic when we came back to win it in injury time. #WeAreBlackAndGold #FOffPoly #UCASsedAllOverYourMumsFace #RussellGroupMofos #YourDadWorksForMyDad
  6. It's a disgrace that our proud family name is associated with an overweight, poor footballer with delusions of grandeur.
  8. Bit harsh on Jasper, that. You fucking dwarf.
  9. You can all suck my testes. George is mine.
  10. Diane Abbott in charge of calculating ticket sales, yeah?
  11. Cheers Hoots! Tom's my son - he had an absolute belter of a day yesterday. Well before Bannan and getting his first ever match-worn shirt, he was excited enough about standing next to Tango - who asked Tom to look after his top and phone while he went to the loo at half-time. He came over to me after - "Dad, I looked after Tango's top and he gave me three quid and I shook his hand!" Then he was right in there with the players celebrating Fessi's goal - "Dad, I touched Sasso AND Fessi!". But Bazza's shirt topped the whole lot off. There were two lads who were pointing to Tom at the end - one bloke in a dark blue puff jacket, I wish I'd got his name, but I thanked him from the heart for making Tom's day. And the other was Paul. I'm fairly ambivalent to Tango generally, but I've had three or four experiences with him where I've seen that he has a heart of gold. Long may he continue to be a focal point for our away fans. Here's Tom in Covent Garden as Hootie mentioned:
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