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  1. If they confiscate anything, ask if you can collect them after the match and ask for a receipt
  2. I had one of them, couldn't walk right for a week!
  3. It says click here, I clicked there, it doesn't mention anything about Balloons or Inflatables
  4. All are overpriced, some are ok, some are very grim. At the American Hand-Egg last year, there were some on the south side of the ground, it was meant to be Chicken and Chips, still no idea what it actually was... not sure I want to to be honest.
  5. 528 upping the stakes quite a bit now, good work fella! Poundland at Kilner Way still had quite a few inflatables left yesterday afternoon.
  6. Not quite as big - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Intex-42-Jumbo-Beach-Ball/dp/B0084MLJV0
  7. I dare someone! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011R6ZM08?psc=1
  8. Block 542 - 100 x Blue Balloons, 100 x White Balloons, 10 x Blue and White Beach Balls, Large Beach Ball, Pink Flamingo, Killer Whale, Gherkin, 5ft Blue Alien, Banana(n) If we're doing the alternate colours thing half the balloons will be going to the rest of our group in 241 Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bRxFVwIvSTdRn1AcbdDt9Y2uLKUglZifDXxsy1K5fFc/edit#gid=0
  9. The wording suggests you may be able to get more than 1 "should send their name, address, client ID and daytime telephone number, together with respective requirements," Just state any extra IDs you are buying for in the respective requirements
  10. SWFC Ticket Office ‏@swfcTICKETS 14m14 minutes ago Play Off Ballot: A very limited amount of tickets have been made available. Info & application process at http://swfc.co.uk soon #swfc
  11. The way they bill you is basically this: When you first "Tap in" it bills you the maximum daily fare. When you "Tap out" it credits you the difference between what you've paid and what the journey cost. When you next Tap In, it bills you the difference between what you've already paid and the maximum daily fare. When you "Tap out" it credits you the difference between what you've paid and what the journey cost. And so on. What it means is that if you forget to Tap out, you don't get the difference credited back and pay the full fare. 11-16 Photocard Oysters take weeks
  12. I definitely had to register the first time I used a contactless card, but I think that was when they first introduced the system. They must have removed the requirement to register.
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