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  1. Why don’t we all get a bit more passive and let this pr1ck completely ruin the club.
  2. Looks forward all week to switching on the radio at 3pm to listen to his lifelong love as he can no longer physically get to games. He eats a sandwich and drinks a pot of tea lovingly prepared by his wife as he settles in his favourite chair. She potters in the garden and smiles to herself as her husband of 50 years cheers a goal for the second love of his life. Conjure that beatiful image in your head. Then just thoughtlessly bin it for the sake of a couple of quid. Share me your images and hopefully Mr C will u-turn on this selfish travesty. Lorry driver ? On holiday ? BBQ in the garden ? Night game in the car on way home from work ? Sad times.
  3. 100% stripes are back. 100% ITK Get ready to get happy again ⚽️
  4. “We had problems from the start”.... Yes, you selected Morgan Fox pal. Game was over before it started
  5. CC froze him out of the setup. Made it perfectly clear to JR he wasn’t in his plans. DC signed him. JR has been rotting in training with no chance of first team unless desperate. He he just needs some love and WD40 on that firing pin and he will be back on fire. JR saga will be yet another skeleton exposed out of the slimeball CC’s closet. They just keep coming.....
  6. Yes, sell him for 5p just as a new manger comes in who actually wants him involved and gets him firing again. Brain dead
  7. My apologies, I meant Guardiola. Forgot we can just go and get whoever we fancy.
  8. DC needs to be driving to Stoke now. Hughes will get bullet tonight Go get him in. He will sort this circus club and all the fat clowns out.
  9. Winnal and his agent will do all they can to ensure he doesn’t come back to this circus. Potential Premiership with Derby or midtable with a fat pub team ? :-)
  10. Players are as frustrated as the fans with the turgid tactics and the fact that the club has been treading water for 18 months but now slowing sinking Carlos has brainwashed DC and is just doing all he can to save his own skin. The likes of Lee, Hooper, Bannan, Rhodes, Westwood etc will be looking to get out of this circus in January. They have careers to think of and don’t want to be stuck in a huge rut. Best players start to leave, squad disillusioned then REAL problems start. Carlos needs to go now or we will end up back in League 1, no fans, garbage players. Someone needs to explain to DC that his investment is about to blow up in his face unless he changes staff immediately.
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