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  1. Colin's Comments

    "Wednesday looked like they sat back after getting the goal, but if they'd had a go at us we were vulnerable, so I was delighted to get to half-time at 1-0. "They'll have the measure of most sides between the boxes, but they didn't test Neil Etheridge." The guy is a grade A Bell but he is a genius with the mind games. Alludes to our negative tactics and Carlos' zero balls to kill off teams even though we are more than equipped. Also second point sums up perfectly what our current set-up/tactics results in = boss midfield but toothless up top. He summed us up PERFECTLY. Basically saying what everyone but Carlos knows in this division. Maybe Carlos knows it but scared to change/risk it.
  2. ABSOLUTE LOL. Way beyond pathetic
  3. Kit Pre-Orders

    Anyone know the official release date of the kit ??
  4. Kit Pre-Orders

    What is the official release date of the kit ??
  5. So, a red card?!

    JUST. GET. RID. Getting very bored of him now being a very annoying and distracting side-show. #FERNANDOOUT
  6. Forestieri not in the squad

    Good riddance. Hasn't performed nowhere near potential for last few months of last season. He wants out. Get rid asap and get some hungry youth in
  7. Carlos's Contract

    WHO GIVES A flip ABOUT HIS CONTRACT DETAIL RIGHT NOW !! Ignore and concentrate on task in hand. Will someone just delete this negative pigswill thread and stop fuelling un-necessary drivel. Going to be loads of pigs on here stirring now they have got p1ssed on a bus with the pub cup. They have nothing better to do, no job, ugly wives etc... Blunts will be loving this. Idiots falling for it and adding fuel rather than ignoring. Lets fuel the positive promotion fire, not pour pigs Magnet laced wee wee on it at such a crucial point and damage momentum
  8. AG is a fat pig and is true classy pig style is trying to unsettle things at a crucial moment. Needs a big slap. Scummy, fat, ugly, thick pig
  9. Prepped for Colin?

    I remember when some folk on here GENUINELY wanted him to be our manager. UN-PIGGING-BELIEVABLE
  10. Let's make a list

    Likewise, we cannot teleport out of this league. Horses for courses. We can worry about playing like Barcelona every week when we meet them in the Champs League. Until then, we have to deal with WIGAN....away
  11. Let's make a list

    I have lots of ideas. The main one being to stay out of your way. You must expend and emit a lot of negative energy being very angry and poisonous about a lot of pointless things. 3 points in the bag. Hope you enjoy your weekend :-)
  12. Let's make a list

    Hahaha I have no idea where to even begin with this. Look for the positives = wanting to glass someone ??
  13. Let's make a list

    4 points from two banana skin away games....in 4 days. Results are all that matter away from home. Some folk on here are truly unbelievable