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  1. Dezhan84

    David Pleat

    Who gives a FLYING **** about David Pleat, he’s left the NEST that is Hillsborough, so he can CHIRP on all he wants about other birds but we all know there is only one bird that counts and that’s the mighty OWL!! Sorry I’m really bored when sky decide to move our 3 o’clock kick offs.
  2. Dezhan84

    horse today

    Sums Wednesday up really doesn’t it
  3. Dezhan84


    I get the pungent smell of pig a lovely red n white was the give away nothing red and white is lovely FACT
  4. Paul corry he's gonna boss midfield he started well but faded away wasn't used to full time football now he's in the swing of things he's going to be a top player
  5. Dezhan84


    Forgive me if I'm wrong but I believe JJ tore some derby players new ones in the first game of the season then went on a amazing streak of form but I guess he was poo poo because he had 3/4 of a season to be poo poo the mind boggles with what some of you come out with
  6. Well done grim I knew somebody would get it yes that's right out very own Steve Watson
  7. We had a throw in taker who used to take throw ins like that in his early career can anybody get it?
  8. Dezhan84

    Tweet From Jj

    Amazing yesterday, unplayable at times, we need to rest him tue if he's available (not injured) bring him on for the last half hour to tear beevers a new one. We dont want to burn him out we need him available and on fire for the run in. UTO.
  9. Dezhan84

    Dave Jones

    Made me very happy DJ has I've been telling fellow owls fans at work he will sort it out at the end of the day he's a good manager and he's doing it on a tight budget so happy for him he could have just lost the plot but he's kept plugging away and now it's paying off. Plus reda is the difference in my opinion keep him fit and we're home and hosed
  10. This is the reason that the likes of man city fans are having to fork out £62 for a ticket the FA need to step in now before it gets totally out of control, pricing the working man and long life fans out of the game which is no longer a game but a business I for one have cut back on my visits to hillsborough because of the inflated prices and that's just at swfc I feel for the premiership clubs I really do. Anyway we don't need players on £20,000 a week we have a good group of players that will see us safe in this league I'm more than confident on that let's not go back to the past 10 years trying to buy out of it just believe in everyone at the club and keep going and supporting the lads as much as you can UTO
  11. How many tickets have we sold for the Barnsley game? I've heard it's only 2000