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  1. Three youngsters all rallied round to serve me in the North before half time. Was incredibly painful, made less so by the fact they gave me my can of Jaipur unopened, without a cup, so I could keep it in my coat and sup it at half time. But three people to serve me a beer??? WTF?!
  2. Nuhui is one of the few players that we have dealt with correctly. He was rewarded for performances and goals with a contract, rather than automatically given one.
  3. 2,000 might not seem much to the club, but that's 2,000 fans who can't make all games who all of a sudden can. Can only be a good thing to get more in - although £30 is too high.
  4. Here's an idea. Next season, £25 on the gate for adults, all stands. Season tickets priced accordingly so ST holders pay less per game. Nah, I'll never make a football club chairman.
  5. Sorry for the two-footed tackle from behind Johnny, when we played Mel Sterland's All Stars a few years ago. Rush of blood to the head on my part. Fair play for jumping right up and calling me a cheeky monkey!
  6. Apostrophe has fallen off the title of this thread, too.
  7. Well, if anyone is wondering about whether to get a ST. I am not renewing, due to financial and "family" pressure, so we are guaranteed to have a brilliant season.
  8. They should get ex players to pull the pints. Not the class of 93 though, as they'd drink the lot.
  9. Problem is, in the North Stand near the front, you can't hear what the announcer says half the time, so sometimes you have no idea who is on the pitch.
  10. When they say flares, do they actually mean smoke bombs, as the two are completely different.
  11. On the credits of Hawley's last album, in the list of instruments used, it says "SWFC keyring". Nice.
  12. Why do people video themselves? The bit at the start, with the two of them, thinking they are on that terrible bit of The Championship on Channel 5, when they get twats to film their boring summary. fizz off!
  13. I phoned for a cab from D Taxis in October, they replied it's coming soon. Still not turned up.
  14. Must be due to policing bill. At least the few coppers who will be on duty will be kept on their toes by 500 Owls in the home end...
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