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  1. Watched the game. Utter boring poo , so many handballs and the umpire did NOTHING.
  2. Rugby is a game for fat lads who can't play football.
  3. If we're going retro, which we are, you could get one of these too, and party like it's 1994. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153588853574
  4. I trotted down Vere Road before the match and some of the houses (well, one!) had a poster in the window opposing the restrictions - it affects residents. Nuts!
  5. Can see why he's an Oz international. Superb signing. My favourite player, after Borner.
  6. Apart from, to make it fit the song, it needs "at all" at the end. FFS!
  7. If we ever rebuild Leppings Lane end, we should call it the Nettleship Stand. Would be a fitting tribute to someone who always wanted and did the best for the fans and club.
  8. Someone on the North shouted his name and something along the lines of "run you lazy chap" and Reach turned around and looked up at the top of the North stand to where the fan was. He then played a bit better!
  9. Oh, my letter went in the paper and website, by the way: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/opinion/letter-good-luck-to-wednesday-in-their-legal-battle-to-get-this-ridiculous-situation-overturned-531785
  10. I think he's done pretty well at CB, but last night showed we need a natural CB in there. He should have been shouting at Moses to mark their winger, get things organised, move the defence over to get men marked. Too often we weren't marking down that side (yes, Reach wasn't helping, but some direction from a CB would help 100%). I play CB and do this, so am sure professional ones do too.
  11. I sent Clive my letter to the Star about the restrictions and the nice man has thanked me.
  12. Which is why I've gone back and said I only want it to be published as a letter. Cuts out all the dodgy editing, then!
  13. I haven't as I want to be on the North near the away end as that's the only part of the ground with atmosphere!
  14. You didn't go to Preston then. They were 100% worse.
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