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  1. No mate English name,from Rotherham Big lad,big character,one of most honest humans I have ever met,saved me from a few hidings when we were young and daft.
  2. Give him new contract Start afresh Hope all contracts or sorted asap,efl make a decision asap. Lets kick on from what we have and from where ever we maybe.
  3. Yes he did,became quite a character,even had Cass Penant,stop at his flat after a west ham /blunt game.
  4. Went to Benidorm "84",with my best mate who was a Wednesday fan,hotel had a fair few dark sides in. They told us stories of there up and coming firm,best mate hung his Wednesday shirt up in a bar and became one of them on his return. Had some hilarious moments.in town for a few seasons after when we met his new friends now and again. Never really forgiven him but still after all these years we remain friends and argue that turn around.
  5. Gets slated for too often,in a team full of confidence I believe his footballing skills would show more. There is a decent player in there,Hope lad proves most people wrong. 7/10 for me
  6. Aftet promotion to the 2nd division in 1980,i went to Benidorm on holiday Aug/Sept. My word my friends and i let them all know who we supported,particularly in one bar. Lads behind bar were Chelsea and West Ham lads and ran a football coupon on matchdays with live Radio 5 broadcast in the bar. 2:30 Saturday afternoon the 5 of us all in Wednesday shirts and a huge flag hung behind settled down for san miguel sangria and winnings from backing Wednesday. 16:55 we are the laughing stock of the pub Wednesday 0 Bloody Wrexham 3, We were a bit quieter that evening/night.
  7. Allways enjoyed days out to the Midlands clubs. Lucky that i/we had a mate that would drive to these grounds. Set off early have a few beers in places like Ripley/Loughborough. Park up on side streets nearer ground and meet fellow like minded Owls for pre match fun. The areas around Filbert street and the Baseball ground allways remind of proper days out and proper football fans. Many Thanks JD for the numerous ,often ,fun filled away days.
  8. The big open spaces on the uncovered Kop. Didn't matter if there was a 12k crowd or 30k crowd ,you stood with your mates and certain characters allways meant there was a good to great atmosphere.
  9. For many years it used to be the home of 90per cent of people,that travelled on "The Rotherham Owls Coach". Therefore I name it "Craneys Corner" who allways saved a seat for me for the away days.
  10. Big Owls Banner on that church steeple . Walking from town to game just a sea of blue and white. Stupid Bobby Knutt? before game with his half/half shirt on. Ask me what I did yesterday ,not a damn clue!!!!
  11. Fox as been far better than some of the "people's glory as beens". Who would we get in to improve on his experience, and quality of actually being able to cross a ball. Some people really have blinkered views about this man. If he does move on I hope he gets appreciated for his ability that some at Hillsbro cannot see.
  12. Waddle v West Ham Sat on front of south stand for some reason,could see anguish in Burrows face every time Chrissy got the ball,sat on his arse time and again crying for help. Walking in a Waddle Wonderland
  13. I've backed city on the handicap market -2 -3 -4 if any of them come in I enjoy a profit,if by any chance we win ,I will be one happy Owl -20 quid,
  14. Me and young one,aged 6,are season ticket holders and not attending tonight. Reason- he is 6 and usually in bed for 8,I will make an exception and let him stay up and watch on tv. He is gutted that he cannot go but his sleep and schooling come first. So to me it's not about how much the tickets are,but the FA making the last 16 ,of a once great cup competition,to be played midweek. I am sure there are lot more parents/grandparents who would have attended this game with there young ones,if it had been a weekend game. So I am not laying the entire blame on our club,as I feel the FA have once again showed lack of respect to the Cup and fans.
  15. Dawson -5 ?? keeps a clean sheet ,been nothing wrong with his kicking last 3 games,and did not have to much to command. Give it a rest [email protected]
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