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  1. wiltonowl

    Stoke City V Joao

    Played all over park,covering every blade of grass. Looked confident and more assured than any other game i have seen him play. Just play him as a stricker tho
  2. wiltonowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Reach and Lucas getting grief on here and i dont understand it,except its Owlstalk. Reach being asked to play down middle as a forward,only one man understands that.I thought he got stuck in today and showed his right position when switched to the left late in the game. Lucas,well at times he was our best right back,then left back and excelled on the wing,but is he not supposed to be a stricker? Bannan gets mom just for his goal,love his enthusiam,attitude but during week could he have a word with a few others to share his workload out evenenly.
  3. How far backwards in terms of competing with other sizeable clubs have we gone. Nothing wrong with playing a few young uns ,but to rely on them to get us through this mess,someone above needs to face the paying hoardes. Ah well lets get behind the lads,cos we the fans are the only ones,that know this is Our Team whoever plays. C'mon Wednesday
  4. Lower end of table Dour football Fans bickering amongst themselves DC loooking for new ways to fleece the fans Local teams saying what a rust bucket we play in I will be teaching our new 5 year old season ticket holder on the kop that no matter what,we will be there ,to cheer and applaud every enjoyable moment that comes our way.
  5. £15 for adult seems fair enough,think people are a little surprised at the cost of anyone under 16. I take a four year old with me,he loves his footy and went to every game at home that ko before 7pm last season. He as got a season ticket for this season because the price was right. An under 5 potg price was £5 bought in advance for him last season. My point is i do believe they could have done an u11s ticket at £5 for this game,and encouraged a few more parents to take there young uns. Will be attending this game tho,as iits only one apart from cup games i need to pay for
  6. Highlight was watching one of young uns volleying ball out of the playing area,straight onto a blokes hand and is pint going everywhere. The look on blokes face was the start of an excellent afternoons entertainment.
  7. wiltonowl

    Safe standing

    Someone sat at the play off final ????? And the end of the arguement is A)if allowed safe standing,those that wish to stand and enjoy the experience can do B)those that wish to remain seated and enjoy there experience can , Me i refuse to sit at a football match unless im bored or tired BRING BACK STANDING
  8. Butterfield must sit in changing room and be thinking,please please boss dont pick me Must be hard for a player knowing that he is going to to get abuse no matter how he plays. That is a poor line up but hey ho ,its what we have got to watch.
  9. Why o why Loovens? Apart from that its the team chosen,its our team and they are the boys chosen to do battle for the masses C'mon Wednesday through the bad and the good times
  10. Finish a 12 hour shift in 7 mins, Hillsboro or sky ? Was defo Hillsboro till i saw that line up Decision to make ??????
  11. Big Dave on bench ready to replace Loovens the snail when he gets red carded. The dropping of Hooper wouldn't happen at any other football club. Anyway hope the 11 picked by Carlos give the travelling fans something to cheer about
  12. Sure does And I don't believe other keepers take as long as Westwood for goal kicks Just watch him next game and see how slow he is. Apart from that he is a top keeper.
  13. That's his secret to keeping clean sheets. Spends those 2 mins every goal kick every game ,therefore only as 60 of the 90 minutes to worry about conceding. That's if he needs to take 15 goal kicks
  14. wiltonowl

    Tuesday night

    Got a Halloween party with the 2 youngest between 4-7. Will look at the team at 7 and if there's no change in midfield or up front that's 2 that will not be going. Season ticket and one pay on gate. Hope he changes it around though
  15. Young buck Lucas to come of bench and score 94th minute winner Get in