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  1. Some right moaners on here. Been on kop when there's been 12k in ground and when there's been over 40k numerous times. Stood on open kop in some real bad weather,but back then it was about the game not about what to do at half time,if you needed bog you went and came back.None of this must have a pie,pint or whatever is on offer. It's 15 mins of the match day experience,have summat to eat and drink before and after game. Too many of our fan base just want to beat our club up by moaning at problems that are not really there. If you want to be able to go to bog without bumping into a crowd,smokers and anything else that irritates you,watch it at home from your sofa.
  2. My youngest who is 5, will not be attending as his mother who as more sense than me will not allow him to go to midweek nightgames due to school. He even told his teacher today" I'm fed up of sky moving games". He as a season ticket on kop with me and misses quite a few games due to ko times. Can I upgrade his ticket so a fellow adult Owl can have his seat? ps he will be watching 1st half on tv,glad I won't be in to try and get him upstairs at half time
  3. No need to justify anything ,an Owls an Owl doesnt matter where they were born,brought up or live now. All Rotherham Owls welcome to my beer garden Saturday am from 9 onwards. Stevie will be there at 7.30 i bet,just like many years ago on that New Years Day.
  4. World book day at my 5 year old sons school. Straight to online books,there it is,"One day im going to play for Sheffield Wednesday". Win win,book and Owls kit sorted for school. Teacher loved it and got star of the week for imagination
  5. Just throw attackers on and at least have ago. So farNot slating any player just think the near 6k need to be given more entertainment. No one done anything wrong
  6. Leicester early 80s,had a a bit of bova before game in a pub,went in there end(side),there lads from pub spotted us and it kicked off. Got escorted round to away end via edge of pitch,Wednesday won, had a good drink in Ripley on way home. Got home and got a right crack of my father ,who had seen game on match of day and saw me and my mates with bobbies. Did away ends alot in 80s early 90s,when it was standing,but its too uncomfortable when allocated seats now.
  7. No one came out with great credit,very poor all round. Would give everyone bar fox and Fletch a five and those 2 a six. The slating of Joey is laughable,can anyone slating him please let me know how he was worse than; Bannan- Loads of effort,distribution pathetic.please learn to be a team player again. Hector - Been a rock but as someone posted was he pissed today? Reach - Our best player for 2 years but not at it all for 80 mins today. And the new management team taking Mattias and Fletcher of? Ah well bad day all round,never sitting in that South Stand again,
  8. Even my 5 year old,who is a kop season ticket holder,said how poor it was today in the South. Missed the vocal chanting and the room he has in his own seat. Like an away game for our player's.
  9. People need to take there Bannan goggles off and see what JP actually does. When BB doesnt play Joey looks alot better player ,as if he isnt ordered to give someone else the ball everytime. I dont think Bannan is a bad player,but playing them side by side does nothing for our midfield. Let Joey do the grafting, which he is very good at and let Bannan try and be the creative player he can be.
  10. Not many good memories from th Jos era,except the good run of results towatds end of last season. Think the man as been shafted by chairman and certain players,and his time here as ended badly. Hope he gets the chance to say his piece on all the things that we fans have been blindfolded from. All the best to the man. Now lets see who starts tomorrow and get behind the lads that are chosen. Steve Bruce err no thanks, boring ,overpaid ,never won anything as a manager. Dont count promotions unless you sustain the progress.
  11. Getting rid of Jos is only the tip of the problems at s6. In a way I feel sorry for bloke,Think he as been shafted by those above him and hands tied. Then also I feel he hasn't showed the correct passion to manage our team. Unfortunately changing the manager will not heal what is wrong at S6,the problem is at the top with DC,and we the fans are stuck with this mess. Will still go whilst I have a season ticket,but will review this at end of season.
  12. If he does go ,I hope he gets the time to speak about what is actually going on at the club. frozen out players funds who as been involved picking the teams. I would like to think it's not all Jos' s fault ,and he as been doing a difficult job under lots of restrictions. ps hope it's not Bruce,disliked him since he scored twice in Fergie time at OT against us
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