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  1. Wonder when Paul Warnes name will be thrown in ring,thats time for Rotherham fans to worry.
  2. And he last played a game........!!!!! Hope he proves me wrong,but we have had this kind of signing before,and not turned out well
  3. Just keep lad in the first team set up,training,matchday squad and play him if he proves himself in build up to games. Do not like it when people say he needs to go on loan,to get games under his belt. If you.are good enough ,you are old enough. Far to many of our academy,U21s are sent out on loan and we never see them back in our first team squad. Hope he becomes the first of many to breakthrough and continue his progress.
  4. No Negative appointment Missing matchdays,but maybe unless proven wrong,not unhappy to miss the football that may be on offer.
  5. Yes agree all the best Gary Monk,worse time ever to be The Wednesday manager. Clueless chairman So many underachieving players Points deduction No money to spend on quality signings Then the Joker Chansiri decides after 10 pts in a week its time to sack the manager. Unbelievable Jeff
  6. When we got the 12 point penalty I thought that relegation was a formality. How do you motivate a group of players who have been poor for 2 seasons,to realise the battle ahead. Add to that new players on loan who are only here to get fitness back,and have no desire for our club . The negativity is sourced back to the man in charge,not the manager or players,they are the ones that are shot at but the problem man is never seen or heard from. The perfomances so far have been abject and not what we expected,but I believe we were down before a ball was kicked. Reality is no
  7. No The minus 12pts ,is a huge deficit in this league,with our squad of treatment table experts and no hopers.
  8. Congratulations Offal Deserved win for you,roll on next round when I will prob go out first game. Thanks Whitechapel for taking our minds of other things for a while
  9. With Chansiri we may end up bust!!! Just saying,no proof
  10. Ouch That will teach me to think we collapse when under pressure
  11. Just make a profit out of it At 1-0 I stuck a tenner on them to get 4@20/1,@ half time just stuck some more on for them to get 6@12/1. Dont let me down now you blue and white wizards. Utter digrace,no pride, no passion ,no future.
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