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  1. Wilton is open but not untill 2pm on a normal Saturday. Dont think they will be open pre match. Anywhere on Kimberworth Rd,Meadow street,Cross st is fine and only 5/10 min walk,dont park Ferham side of Ferham Park,its a different world.
  2. Anyone coming by car park at Ferham/Kimberworth end. Past viaduct up Meadowbank road use Ferham Road or Kimberworth Road area.S61 post code. 5 min walk to ground and maybe a pint in Midland/New Inn,Masbro. Enjoy your day,I follow for me boo
  3. Wing Hutch Bannan Hope several players prove me wrong, and at end of season they are all worthy of the award.
  4. Adeniran for me, always looking to pressure the opposition and can take a player on. Lots of positives from all the team. Bannan not my favourite player but should be a stand out in this league, just needs to know that Wing can take a decent free kick,as demonstrated for boro and Miller's. If those two can get a football relationship built they will dictate games all season. Great team performance against a team of spoilers.
  5. Lewis Wing by a mile,passing and movement was great to watch,just need other players on same wavelength and we have cracked it. Patterson played well,but he needs someone playing closer to him.
  6. Do you have to be a season ticket holder to obtain a ticket?
  7. Never wanted to play Mansfield again after the shenanigans at there place last time. But to have to play them in this competition is really embarrassing.
  8. Tried buying a season ticket for son and myself on Friday,was told 'sorry they are not on sale unless you had last year'. We didnt have one last season due to work pattern ,so,even tho the pricing is better than expected,no new season ticket are on sale. How will anyone be allowed to potg then?
  9. Any penalty taker/striker who refuses to take a penalty in any game,should have walked out of the club that night. Another disaster of a player who enjoyed his contract but couldnt be arsed. Good riddance and thanks for the one game v Forest.
  10. Rhodes and Windass up front and any other 9,just get it into there feet in and around there 18 yd box
  11. Shouldnt even put Izzy Browns name in.the same paragraph as Kieren Lees. World apart in ability and intelligence. Apologise for doing so
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