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  1. Unless you got off at the traffic lights 15 mins from the ground thinking Mr F,knew a short cut to the ground. Only to find out his bladder was bursting,ended up having a few more beers and eventually got in ground at 3:30. Can recall Rotherham new years day 2003 ,when i believe all and sundry were drinking in my house before game,class day. And my eldest lad gained a great education of football away days with you people.
  2. Used to go with these lads and lass many years ago. Many characters on coach and allways a good laugh. Never expect any trip home or away to be the same. Once spent 3 hours drinking in the old hq ,Foljambe,before setting off to Hudds,only to break down at the Drawbridge. Funny thing about that i lived 10 mins walk from Drawbridge couldhave gone straight there. Know a lot that still travel with this motley Crewe and would highly recommend them for a day out if you get chance.
  3. Don't we usually play these at home on a Friday night, cos Saturday 3pm is deemed unsuitable for a localish derby. Also let them have a full allocation on the West stand.
  4. Totally agree with you,let lads and lasses at primary school age enjoy and develop at there own pace. See so many over the top coaches and parents at the age group I watch. Young one loves his football and as made 13 new friends through it. City spoke to me about him and I said come back in 4 years.
  5. My lad plays for Millmoor jnrs U7s,whilst watching I have seen some very talented individuals,but,the only scouts that seem to be around are from Man City academy and United. Saw a lad play in goal for Hillsbro Pumas, who was way ahead of anyone else I have ever seen for his age. Spoke to his parents after game,who said no one from any academy had ever watched him. Bloke from Man City just wants to take big athletic lads,and not interested in ones with a football knowledge and positional,passing game. Never seen anyone from SWFC academy.
  6. Got 3 season tickets in our family ,2x adults, 1 x U10 ,all been unused for past 3 games. Youngest after 3 years doesn't want to go any more,I only got one so I could take young one,3rd member used to go with his potg mates but all stopped going now. Offered all 3 for every game to fans that used to go,and no one wanted them because they said the whole Hillsboro football experience as put them off. Some of these people had held season tickets for up to 20 years until the last few years.
  7. How many of that 23k actually enjoy the match day experience and atmosphere? I and my son are two of that 23k and have not attended the last two games because we decided to do other things on the day. He is 6 years old now and been going for 3 years,the only reason I bought season tickets is because I wanted to enjoy match day experience with my son . It was the only way I could ensure having a seat for each game,as if I had to rely on having a " spare " 45 pound every other week then I know it would not happen. Anyway ,the fact is ,he enjoys the drive and walk to the ground,his pre match chips and drink and then the game starts. He used to stand on his seat and clap and sing,but even he said after the Wigan game,"dad,why is no one singing and cheering,it's rubbish can we go home." I know that if it wasn't for my son I wouldn't have bought season tickets and doubt if I would have attended any games this season,and I've had a season ticket for many years. It's not just the atmosphere and pricing that is wrong it's the product,"football",that is in decline . ps my son loves football,he plays for an U7s team ,watches it on tv and plays FIFA,just doesn't like going to Hillsboro anymore.
  8. Remember the day well Living in Rotherham meant going drinking (under age),with the foe before game in Royal Standard,they would serve anyone. Went on Tivoli with said friends and lets say its was the first time i made friends amongst the EBRA,to save my own skin. So terrified of them i walked back to the station with them,got on the slow train to Sheffield,pretending i lived there,daring not to mention i was from Rotherham. Got a train later back to Rotherham ,met my Rotherham supporting friends after a wash and change,in the Turf and low and behold went to the Windmill nightclub just above the scenes of carnage 6/7 hours earlier.
  9. Westwood,Borner , Bannan,Luongo 8s Rest of team 7s Ground out a result against a poor footballing side best they could. See the Reach haters are out ,worked allover pitch today and someone gives him 1.
  10. Short and to the point,get rid of Winnall and Rhodes in Jan,get a Quick young goalscorer in asap. Other teams find them sure our scouts can too. We are not a bad side just lack that mobile goalscorer to play with Fletch.
  11. Only got Swansea at home in November with a Saturday 3pm ko. I take my six year old and sit on kop ,don't think you can get north stand seats easily now. Try the grandstand family stand fairly priced for the view you get. We park near the forty foot,have a drink there and 10 min walk to ground . Don't know where you are travelling from but bloke and his son who sit infront of us,from Derby,use Meadowhall, park and ride,get of at Rawsons have something to eat and drink in there,around 12:30,does get busy after that. Hope that helps,onto ground now c'mon Wednesday.
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