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  1. If I was Fessi,I would consider leaving club and country asap. I like the lad and feel he is the only player over past 4 years that could put you on edge of seat,unpredictable but that moment was allways in there,somewhere. This episode is a joke and think he may well think fluff this I'm off. All the best Nando
  2. Everton allways travel well,a chance for us to see a premiership side at Hillsbro,good pricing ,hopefully a full stadium like v Arsenal other year. All down to syp/sag now to see what restrictions they impose.
  3. Fox,Fletcher and Hutch actually looked like footballers,the rest just not interested. Bannan needs to be dropped,lucky not be given a 2nd yellow yesterday,if his passing was as good as is back chat to refs then we would have 2017 Bannan back. Westwood goalkeeping is top draw but is slowing down of the game is irritating. Just very poor for the squad we have. mom mmmm Fox just to upset his haters
  4. Bit of topic but relevant to stewards at Hillsboro. Mentioned as we entered the kop,why the need for 2 showtec ?stewards on each turnstile,and regular SWFC stewards stood on road monitoring them. Stopping kids taking bottles in then watching them inside ground, taking similar bottles out of there jackets to drink themselves. With the restrictions on ticket sales,ground capacity why do we need so many stewards, whose sole purpose seems to be to annoy regular supporters. ps don't know what Tango did,but after all the years of watching The Owls,maybe sag have decided he is too enthusiastic to continue is Matchday rituals.
  5. Away at Everton,80s,when that dirty barsteward Reid snapped Marwoods leg. Stayed over at a couple's flat we had met on holiday in Benidorm,nice place called South Kirby. Had plenty to drink in there fine boozers,got to there flat ,the lad fell asleep and the wonderful girl shared her scouse hospitality with some of the fellow Owls. Classy
  6. Just missed your coach from Wilton to Reach last night,hope your side's are ok. Going to enjoy my pint in bragi club this dinner,Just going to sit and smile at the bugas
  7. Just a pint with a few Miller's in kimmy,they are glad Fessi isn't starting and believe they will have to much energy and physical stuff for us to beat them. Glad I didn't stop for 2 pints I'm sure they would have gone on to say it's there year for the cup. My call 2-1 Owls after going 1 down.
  8. One that got me so angry over 40 years of watching The Owls is the Burton game other Xmas period. My brother came over from the State's with his 2 daughters and son ,aged between 17 -21. Asked me to get tickets on kop so he could show them were he used to shout the team on from before he left the UK in 93. Few pints in Railway,a penalty save then all downhill,freezing cold lost 3-0 and my nieces and nephew wondering what all the hype was about and I should go with them to a NFL game.
  9. Well done Dipps Did you change into full kit like JT on final whistle to do your speech?
  10. need to be at them from ko, They will be too physical if we try and play slow football. Fletch must wonder if he will ever play with a strike partner. Nay mind get behind the lads and hope for a win.
  11. no problem with Fox did nothing wrong 2nd half of last season. Surprised Fletch starting upfront on his own again, c'mon Wednesday 4-1
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