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  1. Rhodes and Windass up front and any other 9,just get it into there feet in and around there 18 yd box
  2. Shouldnt even put Izzy Browns name in.the same paragraph as Kieren Lees. World apart in ability and intelligence. Apologise for doing so
  3. Plain and simple get rid of the glass back. He is not as good as some on here make out,disrupts team with his constant crying off at last minute in warm ups. Just pick a keeper that wants to play and give 100%.
  4. Reach to score,assisted by Joey 1-0 win up yours all the haters Wednesday will win tonight,only prolongs the inevitable tho! Cannot have to much positivity in one post.
  5. Prob strongest team.we can put out,will need everyone to put 100% effort in today. Nowich are a very good side and I fear the worse,but,we will find out shortly. Ps hope Westwood survives the warm up
  6. So so many My First ever semi final v Brighton,tho we lost,I could see a new begining for us Owls Atmosphere wise Burmley 1/4 final at hillsbro Chelsea semi final Chelsea 4-4 Waddles game v Hammers Anytime we beat the dark side of the city Blackburn away for certain promotion,mellors game Newcastle away,gary shelton Then the obvious ones Dink Play off final at Cardiff Wycombe And european games at hillsbro Hopefully next one will be 3-0 win v Rochdale to win promotion next season
  7. Son went with me a few times when he was 4,won both games and he was demanding to go again. Got him a season ticket with me on kop at 5,the lads ,gents I stand ,sorry sit with,got on great with him and on how he understood and talked alot of sense on what he saw. As the winter months came,he complained of the cold and would want to leave earlier and earlier,missed plenty of goals on our walk up Herries road. Never allowed him to take is tablet or ds with him,and the only thing he wanted apart from the football was his chips in the ground. Glad I took him at that age because
  8. Lets face it we are f...ked, So just hope DM picks a team to attack,and gives them the instructions to go out and prove to themselves that they are pro footballers. Give it there all for 90 mins ,and win lose or draw,come of the field knowing they have given there all for our club and us fans. Lot to expect but the least they should do.
  9. Playing Wednesday is the be all and end all for 99% of all Rotherham fans. How they rejoice when they beat us and how quickly they disappear when we beat them. No one as actually got a rivarly with them so they make us there rival,(donny/barnsley,Owls/blunts). Hoping at end of season we both stay up,but its looking unlikely at this time. Ps Alan,we have been enjoying our energy drinks,local taxis,expensive shirts and expensive seats for every game for years,so do enjoy your once in a while experience.
  10. Not really,young man is very clever,he realised it would be very difficult for us to turn round a 12 pt deficit,looking at the way the club was going. He enjoys playing against the bookies,and only bets occasionally,and realised that this was a good challenge. He as all ways said that he would accept the loss if we stayed up,as its only money he would have spent on watching the Owls anyway. Ps come on,we all must have backed against our team in the past.
  11. Season ticket holder,and follows them allover. Its what he would have payed for his season ticket,and said it would pay for next few seasons when we do return to grounds.
  12. Know someone who has 500 on us to get relegated at 7/2,had it at begining of season. He was gutted when we got 6pts back,but is now pretty relaxed seeing how poor our team is.
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