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  1. No one came out with great credit,very poor all round. Would give everyone bar fox and Fletch a five and those 2 a six. The slating of Joey is laughable,can anyone slating him please let me know how he was worse than; Bannan- Loads of effort,distribution pathetic.please learn to be a team player again. Hector - Been a rock but as someone posted was he pissed today? Reach - Our best player for 2 years but not at it all for 80 mins today. And the new management team taking Mattias and Fletcher of? Ah well bad day all round,never sitting in that South Stand again,
  2. wiltonowl


    Even my 5 year old,who is a kop season ticket holder,said how poor it was today in the South. Missed the vocal chanting and the room he has in his own seat. Like an away game for our player's.
  3. wiltonowl


    People need to take there Bannan goggles off and see what JP actually does. When BB doesnt play Joey looks alot better player ,as if he isnt ordered to give someone else the ball everytime. I dont think Bannan is a bad player,but playing them side by side does nothing for our midfield. Let Joey do the grafting, which he is very good at and let Bannan try and be the creative player he can be.
  4. wiltonowl


    Not many good memories from th Jos era,except the good run of results towatds end of last season. Think the man as been shafted by chairman and certain players,and his time here as ended badly. Hope he gets the chance to say his piece on all the things that we fans have been blindfolded from. All the best to the man. Now lets see who starts tomorrow and get behind the lads that are chosen. Steve Bruce err no thanks, boring ,overpaid ,never won anything as a manager. Dont count promotions unless you sustain the progress.
  5. Getting rid of Jos is only the tip of the problems at s6. In a way I feel sorry for bloke,Think he as been shafted by those above him and hands tied. Then also I feel he hasn't showed the correct passion to manage our team. Unfortunately changing the manager will not heal what is wrong at S6,the problem is at the top with DC,and we the fans are stuck with this mess. Will still go whilst I have a season ticket,but will review this at end of season.
  6. wiltonowl

    JOS OUT!

    If he does go ,I hope he gets the time to speak about what is actually going on at the club. frozen out players funds who as been involved picking the teams. I would like to think it's not all Jos' s fault ,and he as been doing a difficult job under lots of restrictions. ps hope it's not Bruce,disliked him since he scored twice in Fergie time at OT against us
  7. wiltonowl

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    What as Bannan done all season except show a bit of energy when chasing loss causes. Said on another thread that i would like to see him back to a more attacking force,but,he rarely passes forward or gets forward. His passing as been poor in the last few games. I know some believe Joey to be a weak link,but if these two players,were allowed to play there own game, im sure both would show what they can bring to the team. Like a few others i think they are being strangled by poor formations and tactics.
  8. wiltonowl

    Tonight's player ratings

    There we go again Lets all blame Pelupessy,like little black sheep, Take a closer look at Bannan,for a midfielder how many times does he cross the half way line,he may be full of energy but as become very uneffective. 5 goals in 3 seasons,and very poor again tonight. Thought everyone looked uninterested tonight,and just went through the motions of being a footballer. Dawson gets a 7 for doing his job and keeping a clean sheet. Baker 6 actually tried Joey 6 for being Bazzas better half Reach 6 good 40 minutes here and there Lees 6 for scoring Others 5 for turning out except Bannan who can have a 4,for thinking he is better than the rest. I like the lad just want him to be a team player again.
  9. wiltonowl

    Here is how SWFC lineup tonight

    Would'nt have dropped Fessi,but lets hope lads out there get job done. Right finish this last pint,mad dash from Railway,bet theres no ques Come on Wednesday
  10. Just a thought; Bet DC says,"do not call it off till all the potg peeps are in". Then again will there be any potg fans tonight? If it goes ahead looking at the Owls v trotters stats,we are due a win. Head says 3-1 wednesday
  11. wiltonowl

    Realistic view

    Op subject- realistic view Mine is, we are Sheffield Wednesday,for the 45 years i have been watchinh them,this situation comes and bites us every decade . Yes we moan and groan but its football,we have no devine right to be better than anyone else. We all love it when the rollercoaster is on a high and dislike it when its the downward ride. Most fans say things depending on the performance and league position of our team,,but the modern football fan shows more teeth when we are on a low. Cannot understand the price debate,i know its far too much,most agree,but majority still pay it,knowing what to expect. Football as become far too serious now and and is not the enjoyable social event i attended for many years. I go now with my grandson who is 5,he loves his football,he is a season ticket holder and plays/trains for an hour every Saturday. If it wasnt for him going and enjoying the experience i doubt i would attend. So my realistic view is,we deserve better,but not guaranteed it,in the past we would get on with it and maybe laugh. But todays attitude is more serious and it aint going to get any better untill the money in the game vanishes.
  12. wiltonowl

    Man of the match - Derby (H)

    Reach for me, Cannot understand the hate for Fox and Joey on here. Better performance from the team all-round. Could/should have at least scored another 2. So an eight for Reach and a 6 for everyone else. A massive -5 for the idiots that boo one of our players.
  13. wiltonowl


    Christ Do some people actually understand football. He does a job,and actually does it very well. Shouldn't compare him to Hutch,2 totally different styles,one an accident waiting to happen,but a cult figure,other a footballer who gets criticism every game because it's the Wednesday way to latch onto certain players to say there not good enough.
  14. wiltonowl

    Cut Jos Some Slack

    Agree with op, Times are difficult,it's hard to enjoy the match day experience of times gone by. Greed and money are ruining the sport,but,if you can ,go and support Your Team. My opinion is we will not be top 6,we will not make any signings,Jos should remain and steady the ship. I will not slate players,doesn't mean I think some could improve,and I will go to the game with an enthusiastic 5 year old who knows at that tender age we cannot win everygame. Being a Wednesday fan means seeing more lows than highs,so get used to it and get behind the manager and players.
  15. wiltonowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson worries me, that I have seen no improvement after a good run of games.5 Lees ,seems void of confidence and tonight will not help-5 Penney and Lucas were just poor tonight-4 Hector,Joey,Reach,Bannan and Fletch were our better players.7 Others all get a 6. Not downhearted thought we put a lot of effort in against a very physical and more experienced side.