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  1. wiltonowl


    Christ Do some people actually understand football. He does a job,and actually does it very well. Shouldn't compare him to Hutch,2 totally different styles,one an accident waiting to happen,but a cult figure,other a footballer who gets criticism every game because it's the Wednesday way to latch onto certain players to say there not good enough.
  2. wiltonowl

    Cut Jos Some Slack

    Agree with op, Times are difficult,it's hard to enjoy the match day experience of times gone by. Greed and money are ruining the sport,but,if you can ,go and support Your Team. My opinion is we will not be top 6,we will not make any signings,Jos should remain and steady the ship. I will not slate players,doesn't mean I think some could improve,and I will go to the game with an enthusiastic 5 year old who knows at that tender age we cannot win everygame. Being a Wednesday fan means seeing more lows than highs,so get used to it and get behind the manager and players.
  3. wiltonowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson worries me, that I have seen no improvement after a good run of games.5 Lees ,seems void of confidence and tonight will not help-5 Penney and Lucas were just poor tonight-4 Hector,Joey,Reach,Bannan and Fletch were our better players.7 Others all get a 6. Not downhearted thought we put a lot of effort in against a very physical and more experienced side.
  4. Gerald Sibon, Another who split the fan base,had you swearing most of game,then jumping around in celebration with a goal. I'm a fan of both past and present
  5. wiltonowl

    Joey p

    Poor JP 1st goal ,he did hid best to get to the man that Lees lost track off 2nd goal,yes he could have brought Barnes down early,but there were 3 more defenders to stop that run,maybe he thought one of those was experienced enough to stop the run? Good all round performance last night by the starting 11,we just or not confident,strong enough to handle pressure of a more experienced team. No critiscim of players from me,im enjoying the fresh approach. And No, i dont expect us to get promoted.
  6. wiltonowl

    Joey p

    Dissapointing result after all the good work. In hindsight yes JP could have brought him down,but there was 3 covering defenders. JP played well tonight and so did most of team,came away feeling gutted but would have taken point before game
  7. wiltonowl

    Time to turn up

    Couple of teenagers= extra £30 Young un an extra fiver if bought in advance. A mix of age group extra 20,then there is the add ons,i.e. pop,pie,programme ,sweets etc,all part of matchday experience. Theres no arguement,its just plain expensive to be a potg fan/supporter.
  8. wiltonowl

    Time to turn up

    Stupid prices for this game and it will continue. Just want to put across to the people saying excuses or made for not paying the £39 +. In many cases its not just the £39,many people would like to take family to these games,so a parent with one or more young uns,who have started showing an interest in going to games.Look at the pricing and think 'hold on yhats going to cost me£70 and beyond', For most people thats a no brainer when its on tv. I will be there with my youngest age 5,who thankfully,as his mums permission to attend his first night game,with no school next morning. Luckily both season ticket holders or it would be tv for us. UTO
  9. wiltonowl


    15/8 for top half finish is decent and only bet that anyone who likes there money should look at. Just my opinion but promotion or top 6 maybe out of reach for us this season. That top half finish should keep anyone interested untill end of season and maybe even have the luxury of enjoying the last 5/6 games.
  10. wiltonowl

    What do you expect?

    Excellent OP We are what we are and therefore where we are,at this present time. Most have got to admit that following Wednesday is never easy and we have hit this financial problem to often in the past. I dont enjoy the off field activities in football anymore,money as spoilt the game full stop. But as a fan/supporter of the club,i go and enjoy the match day experience,as much as i can,without the feeling that we should win every game. My only hopes for this season is that who ever wears our shirt gives 100% ,and we do not get embroiled in a relagation fright.yes fright! No way will we be a top 6 team,but i hope we can finish nearer 6th than 14th. I support my team not the board or whoever pulls the purse strings,remind me of politicians,want your vote but dont care after. Uto
  11. wiltonowl

    Stoke City V Joao

    Played all over park,covering every blade of grass. Looked confident and more assured than any other game i have seen him play. Just play him as a stricker tho
  12. wiltonowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Reach and Lucas getting grief on here and i dont understand it,except its Owlstalk. Reach being asked to play down middle as a forward,only one man understands that.I thought he got stuck in today and showed his right position when switched to the left late in the game. Lucas,well at times he was our best right back,then left back and excelled on the wing,but is he not supposed to be a stricker? Bannan gets mom just for his goal,love his enthusiam,attitude but during week could he have a word with a few others to share his workload out evenenly.
  13. How far backwards in terms of competing with other sizeable clubs have we gone. Nothing wrong with playing a few young uns ,but to rely on them to get us through this mess,someone above needs to face the paying hoardes. Ah well lets get behind the lads,cos we the fans are the only ones,that know this is Our Team whoever plays. C'mon Wednesday
  14. Lower end of table Dour football Fans bickering amongst themselves DC loooking for new ways to fleece the fans Local teams saying what a rust bucket we play in I will be teaching our new 5 year old season ticket holder on the kop that no matter what,we will be there ,to cheer and applaud every enjoyable moment that comes our way.