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  1. Meh. It’s ok. I guess. It’s just disappointing that we haven’t taken the opportunity to be aggressive away from home and play like we did against Hull second half. We’re going for the tippy tappy ‘looks great on the possession and passing stats’ again. We’ll get nowhere with that.
  2. Is his stock high enough right now? He was amazing two seasons ago but he’s struggled with form and had a serious injury since. He’s a good player no doubt. And everyone will want him he’s a bargain. But I’d be shocked if we were selling him for bargain prices.
  3. Well Done Atdhe

    Play Warnock-ball like second half and start him at Norwich. But if we’re going to do the tippy tappy rubbish in our own half then there’s no point. Rhodes scored bucket loads of goals playing with Gestede. Time for simple football. It’s good enough for most of this division. We’re trying to be Barcelona and we’re ending up like a rubbish Swansea.
  4. Theres a lot to be said for keeping it tight away from home and trying to nick a goal. But we seem just to be trying to keep it tight and not bothering with the nick a goal bit. It also depends on insanely good home form. Which ain’t exactly happening. Whatever the plan is it’s not working very well. It wont get anyone sacked. But it’s never going to win anything
  5. 29 pages of OMDT if you’re interested chap.
  6. Balance = Promotion

    You think? I’m not so sure. I think he’s better in the middle. And more importantly I reckon the team is far far better when he’s in the middle. Yesterday he ran the game. I don’t think he can do that from the left. And if he’s on the left Reach isn’t. And that’s crazy because he needs to be there. I certainly think he can do a job on the left. But I wouldn’t put him there by choice.
  7. Balance = Promotion

    Reach should never play left back. Pudil, Fox and even someone like Palmer are a better option than taking one of our best players and forcing him to play 30 yards back down the pitch. And that’s before all the knock on effects to the midfield with Bannan being out of position and having absolutely no threat down the sides
  8. I agree with that about Barnsley and I certainly hope not Lee. Every time we do this with 3 central players and/or Reach or Wallace it’s rubbish. It doesn’t work. It’s never worked. If Wallace isn’t fit after the international break keep Palmer in the side. No to central midfielders like that ever again!
  9. Wallace a winger ?

    Won’t make much difference. Carlos style is to check back and recycle the ball to midfield. It’s not to take people on directly and risk losing the ball.
  10. Gone a bit flat. Today changes little. Today aside where circumstances have been unfortunate we’ve got ourselves into a poor situation and at the moment I can’t see much changing. We’ll win a few. Lose a few and draw a few. It’s not going to be good enough for the playoffs on current showing this season
  11. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-live-streaming Might need to use theirs.
  12. Wait until about 15 mins before kick off. Per match does not appear until then. Or it might be Derby being annoying... but either way it won't be available yet.
  13. He’s covered under distance selling regulations. Just take it up with the card issuer and make it their problem. They will just refund you. Crappy from Wednesday though from Wednesday if they’ve taken money for something without being able to send it. And doubly so if they’re being difficult and not refunding immediately