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  1. Sean Clare

    It’s amazing that he wasn’t involved from the start of the season. He looks every bit the modern midfield player. Such a contrast to predictable and pedestrian players we’ve seen for the last 18 months.
  2. Not massively impressed. The quality is pretty poor. I can watch MLB network in 1080p. This is something like 480p (SD). I get that it’s new but it’s pretty rubbish to be transmitting in that quality in 2017. We do an in-house stream at work for in house events to everyone’s computer. It’s 1080p and if we wanted to it would be 4K (nobody has a 4K monitor) On the service as a whole we’re playing Derby tonight. They do their own. I watched theirs for the away game. It’s much better. Commentary. Replays and pre, half and full time analysis. They’re making a proper job of it. And it’s £1 cheaper per game. If we’re serious we should bring it in house. This iFollow off the shelf thing is average at very best.
  3. But they can’t. I realise this. He’d get marked down by his assessor. Ridiculous system
  4. Yes. It was farcical. Everyone in the stadium was waiting for the game to be ended.
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team with 11 players in the box defending a corner against 9 man team. That last 15 minutes was embarrassing for everyone. And then that clown of a ref insisted on playing the full 3 minutes of stoppage time.
  6. So-called goal

    Thought it was about as much of a foul as the one that Jones (was it?) committed about 2-3 minutes earlier. Both on the soft side. But the game was stopped and the Cardiff player passed it in because that’s what you do in that situation because it’s fun to try and put it in the top corner under no pressure
  7. Fitness

    I thought they looked fizzed in the last 10. But they had reason to this time because they played at 100mph for the first 80. So I’ll forgive it. The 95 minute fitness will take time
  8. Where Are They Now?

    I saw Luke Boden playing for Orlando City in the MLS a couple of years back. Playing in the same team as Kaka no less!
  9. Reality Check

    I don’t agree the squad lacks quality. It’s a very talented squad. But it does/did lack application and the aggression that all good teams have as well. Put what we saw on Friday with the quality that’s coming back and we might just be onto something pretty good.
  10. Pre-Season Training

    For ‘commercial’ reasons. We ain’t going to sell many shirts unless we’re playing Premier League Keep them in Europe - Austria, Germany, etc.. and get them ready for a demanding championship season. No long haul jollys are needed
  11. Length of Jos's contract

    A guess. But 1-year-rolling is what I’d expect
  12. Jos interview

    Sounds a like a sensible pragmatic type of guy. Nothing to dislike. Personally i don’t buy this ‘all the players are past it and need replacing en-mass’. A bit of structure and they’ll do just fine (with a few additions/sales here and there) He’ll be judged on results. Like everyone else.
  13. Oddschecker

    And get shorter odds than Megson has.
  14. 0.00145

    You forgot to include VAT Please redo.