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  1. He’s covered under distance selling regulations. Just take it up with the card issuer and make it their problem. They will just refund you. Crappy from Wednesday though from Wednesday if they’ve taken money for something without being able to send it. And doubly so if they’re being difficult and not refunding immediately
  2. F a o swfc merchandising

    I really do like that owl without a crest.
  3. Rhodes and Fletcher. Hooper and Fletcher.
  4. Bannan

    Must play in the opposition half. I reckon thats the difference between good Wednesday and bad Wednesday. When he’s on the centre backs toes we’re rubbish. Get him further up the pitch. No Bannan receiving the first pass from the defenders.
  5. iFollow

    Is the quality always this poor? How do they have the nerve to sell this?
  6. iFollow

    Afraid not.. that looks like it's getting further than it did initially for me. But then failing.. Try Getflix.. that was working 14 day free trial so no real ris. I'm back on my home spun proxy now but it worked from Getflix too.
  7. iFollow

    Looks like it's not liking your proxy.
  8. iFollow

    Try logging in and out.
  9. iFollow

    Now, interesting... It's working.. I added my card details (UK) And then signed out then back in again.. and there it was. Let me buy a match pass Or it could be a 30 minute thing
  10. iFollow

    No, it hasn't. First time trying.
  11. iFollow

    Neither can I. Tried a couple of different VPNs. My own hosted in Germany and Getflix as well.. couple of servers
  12. iFollow

    So if that's unavailable then it means that it thinks you're in the wrong country? Asking for a friend.... ;)
  13. Probably got those sent by air The next 20000 are probably on a boat somewhere between here and China at a guess
  14. iFollow

    Any one know if the cup game will be on? Apologies if already asked earlier.
  15. Pace

    Wouldn't turn down a pact wide player. But they need to be quality. No sense having another JJ What I would say however is that the standard defensive tactic against a team with pace is to drop deep which is what teams are doing against us anyway and that's when we struggle. And every time Westwood gets the ball in his hands he'll kick it long to FF and that seems to work ok with the current team. I'd like to see us playing a more slightly varied style. Invariably it's width from full backs and never from the midfield and then playing in front of the other side. Very rarely do you see the midfielders between the 18 yard box and byline. I'd love to see the pitch maps for the wide players to (dis)prove this. Obviously it's harder than that because teams do try to counter your tactics and don't just let you dictate the game. It's up to Carlos to figure out how to find that balance. Team is generally ok (cover for the defenders non withstanding) but time for Carlos to get it right