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  1. Reach has offered nothing all season
  2. This will be where the gravy train ends. Lets hope DC has learnt his lesson and no more silly daft contracts to abolute wasters, losers and injury prone fading footballers. I want to see a plan and a more prudent sensible approach to the running of SWFC not just a quck fix chuck some money at it in the hope it delivers the Premier League millions. In my opinion were a million miles from that. I read this the other day, when i read something along the same lines but its about SWFC then i'll believe theres a concrete plan to build a club with proper solid foundations https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/yorkshire/deal-proposed-for-new-leeds-united-training-ground
  3. For me It's got to the stage with FF that i really don't care anymore and can't wait for his time with us to come to an end.
  4. Another meaningless season unfolding before our eyes. Time to act DC........that is if you know what to do and how to do it.
  5. No he didn’t, and yes the game passed him by. Only time I saw effort/application was to win a free kick towards the end. Lad needs a time machine, it’s never ever going to happen for him here.
  6. Just don’t want to lose, if there was a game in August that I thought we could probably lose this was the one, but after last week and the August fixtures we were given I’d hate to lose 2, I’d take a point now.
  7. Stood on it regularly in the 80's it was never the away end, apart from Man Utd in 85 i think. Plans were drawn up in the mid 90's to take the curve of the North around to the Leppings Lane end, the clubs Engineers drew up the plans, but we ended up potless so it never commenced. All that end wants demolishing and should have been in 1990.
  8. Heard he walked in the South Stand with DC make of that what you will
  9. Some of the comments on here are laughable. He did his job, no more and nothing out of the ordinary. His second half performance was much better then the first, his first touch puts him into trouble every time, his reading of the game at this level is poor and his distribution not great either. When his contracts up he’ll leave to go to a league one club or possibly a promoted side from that division. Never ever been a top half Championship left back or ever will be.
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