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  1. WadsleyOwl

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Neg all you like but Bullen should be 2nd out of S6 1SW afterJos and his crew
  2. WadsleyOwl

    Middlewood Road

    I see you’re easily impressed. Go and have a look at Derby, Boro or BHA and see what a proper training ground/academy looks like.
  3. WadsleyOwl

    Middlewood Road

    When he came on the scene I was hoping a bit more Dior, we’ve ended up with Boots No7
  4. WadsleyOwl

    Middlewood Road

    Cosmetic for a man of his supposed wealth flipping Fleetwood Town got a better set up then SWFC
  5. WadsleyOwl

    Middlewood Road

    It’s a flipping dump, shitty converted shipping containers FFS what’s that all about, that’s certainly going to attract a top manager and players isn’t it This is one area where the SWFC owner could have made a difference, if Middlewood wasn’t big enough (which it probably isn’t) he should have bought land and built a new academy and training ground, then the fan base could have witnessed that there was some sort of plan to grow the club and develop it with youngsters and future talents. A place that would attract future top players and managers. Instead we’ve spunked millions on a load of prem has beens that have been no benefit to SWFC whatsoever and that we’re getting FFP punished for. There’s just been far too many calamitous decisions since he walked through the door and the lack of investment on infrastructure is just one of them.
  6. WadsleyOwl

    Alan wheen

    Sad news RIP.
  7. WadsleyOwl

    Our club is dying

  8. WadsleyOwl

    Our club is dying

    Bloke I work with who sits near Directors Box also witnessed this, it’s genuine.
  9. WadsleyOwl


    I take it you weren’t at the WBA home game then.
  10. WadsleyOwl

    From a player.......

    Was told this a while ago, also Jos rarely talks to the players before or after the games and does all his communication through Bullen and the other Dutch guy. Weird goings on if you ask me.
  11. WadsleyOwl

    Bannan last niight

    The best we’ve played all season is the game he wasn’t involved in.
  12. WadsleyOwl


    League One at best, awful footballer
  13. WadsleyOwl


    Get cheeky monkey OUT!
  14. Where’s fans player of the month