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  1. After being tipped for the title by many the start to the 93/94 season was atrocious he should have been gone and replaced by Venables. Big clubs do this, we’re not or ever have had big club mentality.
  2. IIRC Dave Richards approached him and he said something along the lines of how could you expect me to work there after what happened. We should have gone for Bobby Robson after Big Ron left or Venables after losing both cup finals.
  3. You've enjoyed the last 3 seasons then?. Its been an utter shambolic disaster.
  4. David Hirst for me, should have been a Premier League Legend instead of being just a local hero. Steve Bould didn’t help matters but if he’d had half the professionalism and dedication of Shearer his name would be up there. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but looking back we should have accepted the offer from Man United for both club and the players sake.
  5. I could be wrong but I’m sure we sold around 18,000 in the early 90’s it made front page headlines in The Star or have I imagined that
  6. I used to love looking at those in GT Leisure Time in the Hillsborough Arcade back in the early 80’s, eventually owned a pair of Patrick International.
  7. Old Bazza’s been spouting some right drivel lately. I wish he’d shut up.
  8. Not while at Wednesday no, but we got him for £1million, we should have kept him and move Carlton on for the £2.7mill or whatever it was, but we sold them both. Taylor ended up being a Villa legend he was a quality midfielder. nothing to do with takeover but someone brought up selling players on, and how we’re not very good at it. I apologise
  9. too right I am. And I really rated Carlton by the way, he was great for us.
  10. Palmer was sold for £2.7mill, we bought a better player in Ian Taylor but the then manager didn’t know what to do with them both and I think sold them both around the same time. Harkes was sold to fund the Sinton deal
  11. Seriously if I read anymore “if/when we get to the Premier League” I think I’ll spontaneously combust. We’re a million miles away from the Premier league and I honestly think that even thought I’m just south of 50 I doubt I’ll ever see us back there. Credit to the OP though, if I thought the owner was really serious this is exactly where I would have thought he’d start 5 years ago, especially the academy/training ground, but no keep spinning that wheel DC one day it nay land on black
  12. And not interfere. As long as we’re making positive progress and run correctly that should be the aim, but it’s been a clusterfuck since the arrival of the Portuguese
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