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  1. Was around the same time and in the same bars.......I bet you knew Judy.......everybody knew Judy
  2. I was in the Nursery Tavern the Saturday afternoon when the same 3 walked in, Gazza on crutches, was told they were in town the same night and weren’t left alone. The days before camera phones and Instagram.
  3. i was in once one Saturday evening and Palmer was in with Sinton and others, Palmer still had his boots on
  4. Isn’t that where Alan Quinn bought a house with the hairdresser from Hillsborough, don’t think they lasted long. A family that lived around the corner from where I grew up sold their business and bought on there when they were first built.
  5. MM wanted SWFC to go into admin so he could pick it up for even less then what he got it for, but there were other interested parties so he had to do the deal The blokes a ******** and didn’t give a fizz it was all about profit make no mistake
  6. I listened to Tony Pulis’s full post appointment interview on YouTube, I think it was nearly an hour long and I thought he talked quite a lot of sense and is obviously a very experienced footballing man that knows how a club needs to be ran to be successful. I’ve never been a fan from his Stoke days, and he wasn’t my choice but was prepared to back him and genuinely thought he’d guide us to safety. After I’d watched the vid I text a few of the lads saying Pulis wouldn’t last two months as there’s no way he’ll be able to work with our crazy owner. we’re just going round in circles no
  7. I’m still trying to remember playing Bournemouth in the 80’s
  8. London is the greatest city in the world full stop. it has everything and I love the place. Paris is an amazing and beautiful place, been quite a few times, and depends what you’re after but I think it’s a great place Been to both Barcelona and Madrid but on stag doo’s, enjoyed them both but would need to go back to be able to give a proper assessment. Marseille is worth a visit, the port area has had millions spent on it, also coincide it with a few days in Cassis a 20 min train ride away. Rome........It’s alright but I’m in no rush to go back.
  9. Most of those had at least 4 points from their first 8 games too.
  10. Was all over the training ground walls too apparently.
  11. You’re not a big club if you’ve been out of the top league for 20 years I’m afraid The problem with a lot of our fan base is that they’re stuck in the mid 90’s and when you enter Hillsborough it’s like being stuck in mid 90’s too But.....with football it can turn around very quickly, but you need good management from the boardroom to the training ground, we’ve had neither for 25 years.
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