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  1. Gossip

    It is pal, he's sat next to Amanda Platell, they both were out on the sauce Friday night can't you tell
  2. Wasn't Fred Hartleys DIY place there, seem to remember going with my dad.
  3. 57 Today - Shirty!

    We probably didn’t realise back in 1993 what a huge miss he would be in the Cup Finals.
  4. Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Me albeit begrudgingly, because if i didnt buy one i wouldnt go, I couldnt bring myself to shell out £35-£40 a game
  5. If he'd refused to get on the coach to Norwich under Megson he'd have never played for Wednesday again, in fact he'd have ended up in the River Don, instead he got a pay rise.
  6. Match Day Pies

    Never mind the pies, what’s happened to the peas
  7. Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    Did he once own the Launderette in Eastenders
  8. Deadline Extended

    I had the same feeling, cursing every step of the way and really begrudge giving them £640 after what’s gone on this season.
  9. He was never the same after injuring his ankle, IIRC against Wimbledon in the FA Cup Q/F
  10. Stadium location?

    And I’ve no doubt they’d have an outlet in any new development, be it inside or outside the stadium.
  11. Apart from my season ticket that i suppose i'll have to purchase this weekend i ain't spending another penny on Wednesday this season.

    Clueless need to get rid ASAP
  13. Tell you who we miss

    I’ll tell you who we do miss.......Jose Semedo he had more influence then you realise regarding discipline within the squad.
  14. Do these people get paid to talk absolute drivel. Even a game between the two fairest of teams wouldn’t end in such balance.