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  1. They were 100/1 until yesterday. My mate and his lad (both pork) had a fiver on it.
  2. Gillingham struggled to put a side out, your talking absolute nonsense
  3. You obviously do because you keep replying. Still think we’ll win it??
  4. This game should have been over after 30mins and if we don’t win it I’m blaming Bannan 100%
  5. Totally irrelevant someone else can put corners in just as good if not better, he should be stood on the edge of the box ready for any loose ball.
  6. Was in the bar before they scored. Can’t watch this poo. Bannan wants pulling off every set piece going, corners, pens, free kicks the lot.
  7. Where Sheffield steel meets Italian style
  8. You don’t know Wadsley very well if you believe Upper Winn Gardens to be the posh part.
  9. I’ll be absolutely devastated If Tom Lees turns out in a Sheffield Wednesday shirt next season. He’s a bang average championship centre back that’s had the club/chairman/fans pants down for the last 4 years. Should have been moved on when his stock was high and was easily replaceable at half of the £25k a week he’s cheating the club for at present.
  10. Lees Bannan Reach Hutchinson Westwood Palmer They’re the first I’d get rid of as they’re the ones that don’t give a poo
  11. I must be out of touch then because that’s exactly what I’d offer a 19/20 year old kid thats just broke into the first team, maybe stretch to £2500. Not many had heard his name until last few months, and if there’s a kid in the under 23’s tearing it up week in week out you get to hear about it. If the lad keeps up his progress and develops into a proper first team player then he’ll be paid to reflect that. £10k a week 4 year deal now is just stupid.
  12. Aberdeen Standard sold The Moor quite a while ago and I don’t think the Debenhams building was ever under their ownership, I think it’s owned by British Land.
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