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  1. Empty plastic Carling larger bottles were all lined up on the top of the wee wee tray part filled with wee wee, witnessed it with my own eyes, they're a special breed that lot *this was before KO*
  2. I got tickets for Bramall Lane upper tier for the 2-2 game in 2008 (and witnessed the wee wee throwing) off a blade work colleague. I lasted for 75 mins it felt dirty. It happens both ways.
  3. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    I accept i was wrong, I obviously received duff information. Hope he gets well soon. UTO!
  4. We will hammer United

    Derby County, Brentford decent side in a false position. Just saying
  5. 2 Cardiff tickets for sale half price

    Sorry I need two adults. It doesn't matter.
  6. 2 Cardiff tickets for sale half price

    I'll have them please
  7. 2 Cardiff tickets available

    Are they still available?
  8. Fernando Forristieri injury

    1 I don't believe he's injured 2 I doubt we'll see him in in a Wednesday shirt again 3 I'm not reyt bothered
  9. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    They're great figures for 2nd division football to be fair.
  10. #19 for Brentford

    Said after the match he had a very good game, was very composed and movement off the ball was good. They do know how to find gems Brentford.
  11. Only SWFC could balls up its 150 year anniversary. Its not not only an absolute shambles but it's embarrassing for the club and I'm afraid there's only one person to blame. For all the good he's done for our club of which we're all appreciative, Mr Chansiri has to take the whole blame for this one.
  12. It would be harsh to sack a manager that has a 45% win rate with us but my patience is wearing very thin and I think his time is up.
  13. FF to Brighton

    Lonely Fessi
  14. FF to Brighton

    No pics but was on his own at both Sheffield and St Pancras and not really mingling with the squad. Read in to that what you may.