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  1. We need a plan and for 5 years now in just about every department in the club there hasn’t been one and sadly I can’t see it changing.
  2. Luongo is more of the future then Bannan
  3. The first member of the squad I’d sell, take £3 million for him in a heartbeat, the sooner he’s away from our midfield the better, neg away but I want a team not every movement going through one man.
  4. ^^^^^ Bang on the money, a squad with a losing mentality sick to the back teeth of seeing the same old players, they’re poo , utter poo .
  5. I was told they’d be announcements today
  6. Especially as I've been told the pacey left winger we had last season is at S6 1SW today too
  7. Possible announcements today, and i don't think we'll be doing cartwheels down the aisles
  8. Have you noticed all our players move on to bigger and better things, and clubs were queuing at the door to offer deals to the ones we released in the summer. Absolute shambolic recruitment its been the last 4-5 years.
  9. I said at the time of the Norwich saga we should sell him, I can remember being furious when some random bloke with Derby connections informed us that he wouldn't be in the squad for that game and he wasn't. In any line of business a £10-£12million return on a £3million investment over 12 months is tremendous, we could have gone out and got 3 top Championship players with that.
  10. I love the guy and Kieron Lee too, and what they’ve done for SWFC, but it’s time to move on and stop being sentimental. And just because Nuhiu is the cub joker and a great guy to have around the club just doesn’t cut it anymore. Their times up.
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