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  1. WadsleyOwl

    Where do you think we'll finish

    Lower mid, haven't felt as unenthusiastic about SWFC or a forth coming season in a long time. Season ticket bought, Wigan tickets bought.......Hoping they prove me wrong. UTO FTP
  2. WadsleyOwl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Another 100 pages
  3. WadsleyOwl

    1st fixtures

    Shocking fixture list, London away games midweek, Boro away on Boxing day, possibly difficult run in.......ah well.
  4. WadsleyOwl

    Carlos is missing us !

    fizz him!
  5. Still is Paris Owls pal, I'll be watching the Panama game with JE on Sunday in some sleazy Parisienne establishment
  6. That’s my mates flag, there with his Mrs
  7. WadsleyOwl

    Danny Rose

    I’d be very surprised at this with his dad being one of LUFC “faces”
  8. WadsleyOwl

    Mel Sterland in the Star

    Was he wearing his LUFC tie while giving the interview
  9. John Barnes for Liverpool late 80’s him and Beardsley absolutely destroyed us, that’s my No1 stand out performance. Owens hat-trick frightening for a 18year old. Cantona in the 3-3 draw / Kanchelskis in the LC Semi.
  10. WadsleyOwl

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    A mate called his daughter Holly Lulu Wednesday. Shes got lovely eyes
  11. WadsleyOwl

    Chansiri at world snooker final

    D Snooker coming soon
  12. WadsleyOwl


    It is pal, he's sat next to Amanda Platell, they both were out on the sauce Friday night can't you tell
  13. Wasn't Fred Hartleys DIY place there, seem to remember going with my dad.
  14. WadsleyOwl

    57 Today - Shirty!

    We probably didn’t realise back in 1993 what a huge miss he would be in the Cup Finals.