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  1. Heard he walked in the South Stand with DC make of that what you will
  2. Some of the comments on here are laughable. He did his job, no more and nothing out of the ordinary. His second half performance was much better then the first, his first touch puts him into trouble every time, his reading of the game at this level is poor and his distribution not great either. When his contracts up he’ll leave to go to a league one club or possibly a promoted side from that division. Never ever been a top half Championship left back or ever will be.
  3. Just take Fox off and bring anyone on please
  4. There’s enough cheap vacant/derelict land in this tin pot city to build a new stadium within its boundary
  5. Jockey/S6 1SW/Tap/.......depends on the score/weather
  6. My 4 were all bought with 500 plus points so sorry i can't help you there I'd take the official site of 490 as the accurate figure
  7. I got them pal, they came available to buy just after I posted that. Usually it’s bang on the hour.
  8. Whenever is it going to be about the football again. It's been one episode after another ever since Wembley 2016 Supporting Wednesday is bad for your health at times
  9. Has this sold out it's past 2pm and the website is not allowing s/t holders with 480 points to buy
  10. Yes but it’s still poor by other clubs at our level and below.
  11. More work for the new manager of NUFC to deal with https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7260441/Newcastle-footballers-Jonjo-Shelvey-Karl-Darlow-caught-bust-outside-pizza-shop.html
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