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  1. This had been covered so many times, redeveloping would be so expensive and would it achieve what’s required in a modern age stadium. There’s plenty of land around north Sheffield without moving out to somewhere like Meadowhall or the old airport that would be a big no from me but I’d support a move, I think it would benefit the club in the long run.
  2. Turning point of the game...

    Let's hope he's learnt from his awful substitution last week at home to Barnsley.
  3. So far this season it's been one step forward two steps back, until we can comfortably win against teams from the lower end of the table that roll their sleeves up and battle I'm afraid it's crisis still on.
  4. Tonight’s performance

    Looked like a battle between two mid table teams of which we were the better of the two and came out on top. Nothing to get excited about but I'll take the 3 points.
  5. They'll all make a miraculous recovery once CC has gone.
  6. On a plus side for him the weave seems to be working
  7. My first game was Jack Charltons first home game 1977, so 40 years.
  8. And had them on a Saturday at 3pm
  9. Phil parkinson

    How we set up against the pigs I've said a few times it was if he'd not watched them.
  10. Not bothered

    Got totally slagged off, negged and told to find another sport after saying that I couldn't enjoy the Leeds result two weeks ago. The same people this weekend are slagging the club off and wanting Carlos out. flipping Owlstalk and those mightier then thou posters roger em

    Please Carlos just flip off.
  12. Leeds autopsy

    I meant at home
  13. Leeds autopsy

    Leeds were worse then Forest in my opinion
  14. Look Leeds

    Silly little tattoo on the back of his calf?