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  1. ^^^^^^^ This........as a 12 year old reading the newspapers that your club had beaten Barcelona and Aberdeen (they were a top team back then) to the signature of this young Icelandic Superstar and then it all turned out a bit meh. And your probably right about Souness.
  2. You just have to see where all the players Carlos signed on loan are plying there trade now......Mcmanaman, Buckley, Butterfield, and all the foreign crap. Not one has gone on to better things, an absolute shocking waste of resources.
  3. WadsleyOwl

    Good odds?

    I had it at 100/1 last week with Sky Bet, can’t see it happening, but at those odds had to have a dabble.
  4. A quality signing for a Championship club that is.
  5. WadsleyOwl

    In the home end

    Not at the game I’m on about, he definitely scored first minute, Leeds won with two Hasselbaink goals 2-1.
  6. 4 arrived today Shed Upper row 10
  7. WadsleyOwl

    In the home end

    I was on Leeds Revie Stand for that and had Booth for first scorer, very difficult keeping quiet. Done the Lane twice on their end, South Stand for the 1991 0-2 defeat, a shame we didn’t score as there were loads of “faces” sat behind me at the kop end. Also did the 2-2 when Beattie equalised, sat upper BL end and witnessed the bottles of wee wee lined up in the toilets. Been on Villas end, QPR end when we’ve played them.
  8. WadsleyOwl

    Chelsea Allocation

    They gave Forest 3000 and they sold the lot. It was the weekend 8000 Birmingham, 2500 Leeds, 3000 Forest and 250 Hull were all in the Capital so the Met had their hands full keeping that lot apart.
  9. WadsleyOwl

    Chelsea Away

    5 or 6 Chelsea lads in the North Stand, that made themselves known very loudly when they scored (Craig Burley IIRC) , nothing really happened and they got chucked out, a Wednesday fan got a bloodied nose and that was it, I was sat just behind it. Seems like I’ve a lifetime ago
  10. WadsleyOwl

    Can’t wait

    Anyone can go for me, needs a total clear out and overhaul. The only decent thing about today was the Hull Pie, brisket and beer delicious.
  11. WadsleyOwl

    On Telly If ....

    I know we may not even be involved in the tie, but this after the Monday night derby just stinks
  12. WadsleyOwl

    Ground Sold !

    Will we have sufficient funds to be able to make a concrete bid for Rasiak in the January window
  13. WadsleyOwl

    Sad picture

    fizz him
  14. WadsleyOwl

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Hhhmmm the last Friday at work before Christmas when everyone’s in the pub and less inclined to attend
  15. WadsleyOwl

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Neg all you like but Bullen should be 2nd out of S6 1SW afterJos and his crew