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  1. Only one thing Paulo thinks about or cares about and that is................Paulo. A great talent though.
  2. Be a very good signing i think. Yes he had a bit of a stop start season but i've seen enough (especially the WBA home game) to think that he could be a good acquisition if managed and coached by the right people.
  3. John Barnes 1988 SWFC 1-5 Liverpool, Beardsley and Johnstone got two each but it was Barnes that ran the show. The best performance I’ve ever seen by an individual apart from Waddle v WHU
  4. I was told this a couple of weeks ago Wilder had let it be known to his inner circle that his dream front two partnership for the Premier League was Forestieri from us and Mitrovic from Fulham. It is true.
  5. Amen, someone that actually sees it like it is. We’re a mediocre mid table championship club that’s a million miles away from the Premier League. Yes we have a top proven manager in this league, but if things aren’t right upstairs he’ll walk make no mistake, he’s done it before and probably doesn’t need the aggro at this stage in his career.
  6. There’s some right testicles been written on this site in the last 24 hours.
  7. WBA at home he was excellent, saw a post last night calling him a League One player, totally laughable statement, he’ll have a better career then a lot of our established players. I’d like to think SB can get him on another season long loan and get him involved from the start with a good pre season under him.
  8. And by the way neg me all you like............he’s poo and has no interest whatsoever of playing for SWFC
  9. If we can get our money back we’ll have swam the Channel.
  10. If we’re going to improve he’s the type of player that needs replacing. Slows play down, very slow in his thought of play, needs an extra few seconds to think about what he’s going to do with the ball before he plays it, either on the floor or from a throw in. Has a decent delivery and that’s about it. Had a decent game tonight but full backs are an important part of today’s game and for me Fox doesn’t have the attributes to be part of a team chasing promotion from this league.
  11. If we get our money back on FF we’ll have done well. Should have sold after the Norwich incident
  12. Lincoln City last week for the Monday night game perhaps
  13. When the ref was pulling his card out Barton was walking towards the tunnel, he knew he'd fouled him, then he showed it to Maghoma............unbelievable
  14. ^^^^^^^ This........as a 12 year old reading the newspapers that your club had beaten Barcelona and Aberdeen (they were a top team back then) to the signature of this young Icelandic Superstar and then it all turned out a bit meh. And your probably right about Souness.
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