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  1. What about the blunts? Who have they got who've experienced a big derby?
  2. iFollow

    When I complained about the many failings of the app they told be to stop using it and try Chrome on a PC. Thanks an effing lot!
  3. U23s v QPR

    HIRST !! FFS
  4. Hooper

    Any relation?
  5. Alexa

    Send it back. It's broken.
  6. Which opposition player ...

    Isn't he injured?
  7. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    I'd rather not have to think about them to be honest.
  8. All that will say is "Pashun!"
  9. iFollow

    I don't believe that people asking about VPNs has alerted them to anything they didn't already know but what do people expect them to say?
  10. Work. A temporary distraction.....

    Stay off OT
  11. iFollow

    This seems to be a bit cutting nose off to spite the face as they will lose legitimate holiday makers or business travelers who want to buy individual matches when they are out of the country. Yet there will still be some who will circumvent the preventative measure to watch in the UK. The best way for them to move forward is to focus on identifying VPN servers. IMHO
  12. U23s v QPR

    It is not an age thing. Wildsmith and Dawson get chances when they are the best available or it's the cup. There are nearly always strikers ahead of GH for Championship matches.
  13. Honest opinion on the derby

    I believe we will win.