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  1. Dawson

    Baffled by that decision. Would think you'd make sure your back up 21 year old keeper was fully focused on game rather then giving interviews on national tv.
  2. Not going tonight

    Not gone either and thankful after seeing that line up. Should be a low crowd. Think a lot of us in same boat this evening.
  3. Keith Andrews

    Thought this too. If he can see how predictable we are so can every manager we play agaisnt.
  4. Dawson

    From what I've seen better than Wildsmith. Also why why is Wildsmith doing an interview on Sky before the game. Had enough. He should be focused on game not giving interviews. He's 21.
  5. JOC--Potter--Miller--Soares

    Because he's just as slow and garbage as the rest
  6. Sheffield Wednesday V Wolves OMDT

    We will get absolutely hammered tonight.
  7. JOC--Potter--Miller--Soares

    Absolutely woeful midfield that. If Lee can't start why have him on bench.
  8. Bannan & Westwood both injured

    Our recruitment team needs their P45

    We have the players to play wing backs and mix it up. Could play Hunt and Readh wing backs. Butterfield holding with Bannan and Lee ahead. Hooper behind two strikers.
  10. Bannan & Westwood both injured

    Let's hope not unless he has a blinder and scores 3. can imagine wolves will be delighted he is starting and once again we have no pace whatsoever in attack - press press press

    I don't understand his mentality. Hes on a 1 year deal so surely he should go out fighting rather then playing this pathetic cagey defensive tripe.
  12. Bannan & Westwood both injured

    Can't wait to watch Rhodes prance about for 90 mins.
  13. Bannan & Westwood both injured

    Disagree. Bannan is one of pair few players that can accelerate with the ball. He's not easy to predict for an opposition player. He's suffered with a lack of movement in front of him. So you would rather have Jones or Butterfield. End of argument with you. Jones is worse then Darren Potter. Slowest player I've ever seen and you say Bannan dwells yet Jones thinks he has all time in world when he gets ball before getting intercepted.

    I don't doubt Abdi is a good player. I've seen him play for Watford and been in awe of his ability. For Wednesday, nothing to suggest he can perform anymore.

    I don't want us to lose. I'd rather us lose 6-0 then 1-0. Then he would go. Believe it or not I'm one of the most optimistic fans going into games but this season and tbh vast amounts of last season I've been bored to death. Sick of our defenders passing around back. Our midfielders sitting on our centre back toes. No width. Slow strikers. I want a manager that can rectify this.