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  1. A new face is needed

    TBH was playing devils advocat. Firmly believe Carlos has bottled the big games too and it's inexcusable. Especially the Huddersfield games.
  2. Butterfield

    Has he got away with his absurd decision to take a corner with his weaker foot? Rocket spotted it as ever.
  3. joao

    I don't think we play to his strengths
  4. Jordan Rhodes

    It's not Rhodes fault whatsoever but Carlos continually bringing him on for Fletcher and thinking if will change anytging is the frustrating thing. Would have been muxh better off bringing Nuhiu on in that game or have a different type of attaxker on like Mathias.
  5. Hooper's on Fire

    He's doing well considering we create no chances.
  6. A new face is needed

    Conveniently leaving out the Brighton playoff game and Cardiff showdown from your bias pitch.
  7. Carlos probably doesn't expect our fans to all be on their periods. These things happen in football. People forget these players came back from 2-0 down to get back to 2-2 with the ground rocking. That 3rd goal for them would have knocked the stuffin out of any team. Om reflection im positive with that comeback and Joao could offer us the pace and unpredictability we so obviously need. Carlos not realising we needed that earlier on if not from the off is what concerns me, in fact Joao wasn't even on the bench at Cardiff.
  8. Hooper & Joao

    Joao just needs a run of 5-6 games like we afforded Rhodes. Joao has come on and for a confidence player he has at last shown some signs of character and fight. He deserves a start. Hes been playing well for the U23s all season out of his skin in fact. Yet our fans call for Hirst??!? When Joao is head and shoulders above Hirst on current ability.
  9. Could all be forgotten...

    It's a slight exaggeration and I think you're being a tad melodramatic. You could argue the players showed good character coming back from 2-0 down to level at 2-2. When Joao scored and the ground was rocking not one of our fans didn't think we would go on and win. That second goal was exceptional football. What killed them was conceding straight away. The more I think about that game the more I'm starting to think Westwood cost us. The free kick cost us and put us 1-0 down immediately and he's beaten at his near post just as we are back in the game. Ive had time to reflect and at 2-2 I wasn't saying the players didn't care. The problems in that game were Westwood and Carlos once again starting defensively.
  10. Could all be forgotten...

    Who honestly cares. Would rather go up and lose both games to them rather then win and not go up.
  11. Hooper & Joao

    Other than Hooper could not see any of our other strikers taking Joao chance as well as he did. Such confidence, assurdness. Other strikers we have would have snatched at that at the moment. Has to start next 5-10 games and let's see him go. Even when he first came here and looked immense he was always taken out the team, Give him the chance others have been given!!!!!
  12. Do we have to keep you?
  13. Hooper & Joao

  14. Dave Jones

    Yeah looking forward to watching Sam hold hands with the centre backs.
  15. Hooper & Joao

    Joao impact was not surprising to me.