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  1. RocketOwl

    Lees and Loovens

    Loovens is not as past as you lot think. Mark my words. Lees and Loovens with Hunt and Pudil by their side will keep us up. Anyine who doubts that? F um
  2. RocketOwl

    Lees and Loovens

    Well we may have won today
  3. RocketOwl

    Lees and Loovens

    Me too pal. I predict Lees and Loovens both fully fit will see us over line.
  4. Once Lees is fit and Loovens is 100% I'd revert back to a back four. Hunt. Lees Loovens Pudil. tried and tested
  5. RocketOwl

    Jos hoping to welcome back

    Loovens will prove people wrong. I still have faith in him. Loovens and Lees back soon.
  6. RocketOwl

    Does Jos know?

    Because Boyd was good last season
  7. RocketOwl

    Does Jos know?

    Pudil still better than Fox. Boyd hasn't had a chance yet.
  8. RocketOwl

    Carlos not the problem?

    I'm not tbh. Not sure it was Carlos signing
  9. RocketOwl

    This will cheer you up

    The job he turned down after the playoff defeat to Hull? Im sure his decision had nothing to do with the vile abuse he received. Wake up
  10. RocketOwl

    Carlos not the problem?

    Rhodes is the main issue
  11. RocketOwl

    Carlos not the problem?

    Bristol City and Forest games?
  12. RocketOwl

    Does Jos know?

    I've seen enough Of George Boyd in his career to trust him in the side over Fox
  13. RocketOwl

    Does Jos know?

    Agreed. Looks like a school caretaker
  14. RocketOwl

    Carlos not the problem?

    Wasn't it last season we came back from 2-0 down at home to Bristol City to win 3-2? Then scored plenty of other last minute winners? Forest and Rotherham at home.