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  1. evaD


    Didn't know this. Slightly worrying Transfermarkt has him listed as under 'KIN', and only Lucas Joao as Doyen. Probably incorrect though
  2. evaD

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    He's had a good game thus far
  3. There are two players in this team that are head and shoulders above the rest. One is Bannan, the other is Reach. The latter probably being our most consistent performer last season and this. You don't just drop these players after one quiet game.
  4. He's had one off game in around 40 starts. Who exactly are you wanting to come in to replace him? Owlstalk at its finest
  5. evaD


    You can't let the ball do the work when you don't have it. Based on this performance I wouldn't say he looks particularly assured in possession either. But we shall see, it's only his first game
  6. Onomah doesn't even look interested. Poor in possession too. Thorniley carries the ball forward with more confidence
  7. Strange article. Shouldn't this have been written at the start of last season? Sounds like Noel Whelan has very little knowledge of our situation, and just spoke about the only thing he knew
  8. evaD


    He'll be back in when Matias has a bad game. And Matias is playing like he knows it. Today he was excellent
  9. evaD

    Man of the match & scores

    So you're saying Nuhiu and Bannan were "meh"? I'm not sure what more you're expecting from them
  10. evaD

    Man of the match & scores

    Dawson - 8 Penney - 8 Thorniley - 8 Lees - 7 Palmer - 7 Pelupessey - 7 Bannan - 9 Matias - 9 Reach - 9 Nuhiu - 9 Joao - 9 The front 4 were fantastic today.
  11. evaD

    Streams for today

    Joao is gonna be a superstar this season
  12. evaD

    Streams for today

    Just missed the goal now. FFS
  13. evaD

    Streams for today

    You're fine. You'd have to click an ad and then click to download something
  14. evaD

    Streams for today

    What a beautiful goal that was.