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  1. Hooper and Joao

    I agree. But more importantly, who is the sexy lady in your avatar?
  2. Wallace.

    Great performance from him today too. Linked up really well with Hunt before he went off, something that was non-existent against the blunts
  3. Hooper's Second Goal

    9 if the officials weren't useless
  4. Lee goal onside

    Shocking decision
  5. FIFA 18

    Smart as in have Origin Access?
  6. Jordan Rhodes

    None of the strikers did anything wrong today.
  7. Unreal

    First time I've heard Joao described as a lump. How anyone can be critical of Joao is beyond me. He turned the game around when he came on and scored a great goal. Unfortunately we still had no one taking charge at the back and let them get back in front embarrassingly quickly. Paid for a very nervous start and comical defending.
  8. Annoyed.

    How ruddy dare they!
  9. Why would the club want to 'bobbar on hirst'? Clem did a great job. Very professional
  10. Last night...

    There was a video of Shez on stage on Dom Howson's twitter but he deleted it shortly after. He was wasted. Couldn't really speak and seemed pretty annoyed at being up there. Must be an angry drunk Hope he's alright in all seriousness.
  11. Carlos Incident Video

    Steward on a power trip. Nothing new there. Carlos should've nutted him
  12. Joao

    Assume his goals from yesterday for the U23's have been posted somewhere although I can't see them in here so I'll add them
  13. Joao

    I realise I'm probably in the minority here but I think Joao would be very useful to have in the squad. We don't have another striker that can offer what he does. It's madness to think we have Fletcher/Winnall/Rhodes/Nuhiu/Forestieri [and Joao] all competing for one spot in Carlos' preferred 4-4-2. Slightly questionable recruitment considering we're so short in other areas of the pitch.
  14. Happiness and Joy

    This thread needs more negativity. That shirt is bloody awful
  15. I get your point but Oxlade Chamberlain is a very bad example.