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  1. Not great viewing. I've been really impressed with Reach this season, he's playing with a lot more tenacity. Bannan and Hooper have been in great form too, begging the question: just how are we doing so poorly?!
  2. Aye that Westwood is garbage. Adam Reach too - what an awful season he's had!
  3. Hope

    1) He's not a native English speaker 2) That's basically what he said
  4. Black Shorts

    This was my first thought when seeing the highlights tonight. flipping love Black shorts, especially combined with hooped socks
  5. In hindsight...

    You've spent this entire thread arguing that KL is the better option because his goal stats say so. Any opinion you have is being devalued by your excessive use of question mark's. You just seem angry
  6. In hindsight...

    You're comparing two different players that have been asked to play two very different roles, and you're comparing them by their goals scored! Are you for real? How many times have you seen Bannan bursting into the box to get on the end of a cross or through-ball? How many times have you seen KL sitting in front of the back four, collecting the ball and spraying it about the pitch? The stats very often do lie!
  7. In hindsight...

    If you couldn't see that Bannan was [again] by far the best player on the pitch you need to stop posting
  8. Hooper and Joao

    I agree. But more importantly, who is the sexy lady in your avatar?
  9. Wallace.

    Great performance from him today too. Linked up really well with Hunt before he went off, something that was non-existent against the blunts
  10. Hooper's Second Goal

    9 if the officials weren't useless
  11. Lee goal onside

    Shocking decision
  12. FIFA 18

    Smart as in have Origin Access?
  13. Jordan Rhodes

    None of the strikers did anything wrong today.