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  1. evaD

    I just watched! #swfc

    Is that your youtube account? They literally recorded themselves watching a video on youtube and then re-uploaded it Original here:
  2. "Dave" 4 years on and people still can't spell Atdhe or Nuhiu
  3. evaD

    Venâncio celebration

    Love you too Fred What a guy, and what a good photo that is
  4. evaD

    Barry Bannan

    Where are those muppets that don't rate him because he doesn't score a goal every other game?
  5. evaD

    Shirt sale

    Website is down...
  6. Did you even look at the OP, or are you suffering with Owlstalk tourettes?
  7. Makes a change from people calling the players fat
  8. Looking forward to seeing FF back and linking up with the "new" Joao. These two up front could be very dangerous I just hope he is really raring to go like he says
  9. Bring back the neg button!
  10. evaD

    Adam Reach

    Top rant, and I totally agree.
  11. evaD

    Adam Reach

    Owlstalk never ceases to amaze
  12. He was never injured