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  1. According to Google he played as a central midfielder? And no netting in sight
  2. All those on here saying it was a red
  3. In fairness to Harris, he's a right-footer playing on the left. For whatever reason Monk prefers him cutting inside. I'd like to see him play on the right more, personally
  4. First time I'd seen this video. Before watching I thought we'd signed a solid championship squad player - didn't realise we'd signed our own Ferland Mendy! A bit rough around the edges, maybe, but did Wimbledon really let a lad with this ability leave? Can play left/right/centre. Strong in the tackle. Quick. Physical. Very good technically. Not getting carried away at all...
  5. Good post. Be interesting to see how that compares to other teams in the league
  6. Is he any good at lumping the ball into the box?
  7. Reach for Murphy and I'd be happier but always nice to see us with two up top
  8. Odubajo is a liability. Not close to being good enough defensively and in attack he offers little. Palmer is better in both areas I think he was a poor signing
  9. Hate on his character or begrudge the way he left Hillsborough all you want. But he is the most talented footballer I have seen in a Wednesday shirt, and created some of our most memorable moments of the last two decades.
  10. I remember when someone on here tried to claim Bannan was poor based purely on his assist/goals tally
  11. Shame he's edited out the pass that Palmer played straight after. Every bit as good
  12. This the same lot from yesterday? I thought we would've got a bigger initial allocation. Was hoping they'd make general sale so I could get a ticket
  13. Offloading him in January is an absolute must. Then bring in a replacement. With pace. Then replace Murphy with Aarons. Then bring in a left-back. Then bring in a creative central midfielder. Then get promoted.
  14. Never. Never listen to anyone on Owlstalk
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