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  1. Probably have 6 fit players left by then
  2. Best run of form he's had in his time here That little knock got him out of international duty, but didn't seem to affect him tonight. Hopefully Bannan and Palmer are just bench warmers too
  3. If we didn't have to play Leeds and Norwich I'd say maybe. Too many injuries are going to be the reason we fall short. What the flipping hell was Jos doing
  4. Matias playing as we know he is capable, in a supporting front three of Aarons/Matias/Reach, has me excited. But the chances of him 1) starting, and 2) playing well, are slim
  5. Yeah and I'm guessing that's the reason we haven't seen him since. Boyd has been poor, it's a shame Bruce is yet to find another solution Disappointing really. Matias under Bullen looked like the player we saw when he first signed, a few years ago.
  6. Makes you wonder what Matias has done/not done in training.
  7. Not sure which transfers they were previously responsible for other than the player mentioned. But it sounds like great news, and a long time overdue
  8. That's what you have to do as a dog poo Footballer, I guess
  9. See them given Hector was being held as well. And they failed to mention that in any one of the twenty times they watched the replay
  10. Matias needs to get his arse in gear in training. Bruce really doesn't seem to have any confidence in him, but he looked a player with a point to prove under Bullen. Unless there have been fresh injuries I'm not aware of
  11. Yeah https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/steel-city-derby-most-expensive-match-to-police-in-country-according-to-figures-1-9266253
  12. It's the most expensive game to police in the country for a reason... incompetence
  13. Same. But I don't think Bruce trusts him
  14. Came off because he "didn't feel right" Doesn't sound good, unless it's illness
  15. Colossal performance We need to get that man signed up in the summer. But sadly I can't see us winning that one
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