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  1. evaD


    If only we hadn't dropped 4 points in the last two games, things would've been looking very different
  2. Would be a very good signing. But unfortunately there will be a lot of competition for his signature, and I don't think we're in a position to compete. Really is hard to fathom why Jos played him in midfield. He must've had a real dislike for Hutchinson
  3. evaD

    Sky Highlights: PNE

    Another day it would've been 3 or 4
  4. evaD

    Live Stream

    Thanks. Hopefully it'll get at least to half time before being taken down
  5. evaD

    Live stream ?

    Not charging £50 a ticket for mid-table second tier football would be a start
  6. Hopefully they don't mark him out the game like Leeds did
  7. Last time we played Onomah instead of Pelupessy our midfield was non-existent. Onomah better turn up today Also, Hector doesn't seem good enough a footballer to play in midfield in my opinion
  8. evaD

    Barry Baninio

    Hero. Thanks @NYowl Good read. The media are starting to take notice since now he's adding goals to his game. Pleased for him, I hope his form continues.
  9. evaD

    Barry Baninio

    Anyone got a link to the article, or able to scan it in?
  10. evaD


    Didn't know this. Slightly worrying Transfermarkt has him listed as under 'KIN', and only Lucas Joao as Doyen. Probably incorrect though
  11. evaD

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    He's had a good game thus far
  12. There are two players in this team that are head and shoulders above the rest. One is Bannan, the other is Reach. The latter probably being our most consistent performer last season and this. You don't just drop these players after one quiet game.
  13. He's had one off game in around 40 starts. Who exactly are you wanting to come in to replace him? Owlstalk at its finest