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  1. Be surprised if Bruce signs any player this summer that could be considered injury prone Be surprised if Bruce signs any player, too
  2. I'd stick with what's working for now. We've only have one match to judge Lazaar. More concerned about Aarons and Fletcher being fit
  3. Yeah just an odd thing to filter on here. Thanks anyway, will try get in touch with them and see what they say
  4. Why is 'ad-block' without the hyphen a filtered word?! It gets changed to 'owlstalk'. I edited it three times. Thought I was going loopy
  5. Yep. Having similar issues. Removed ad-block all together. Cleared cache and cookies. Nothing works. Did you get a refund? @uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁
  6. I've purchased it on ifollow via vpn but I'm getting the following message despite owlstalk being totally disabled An ad-blocker has been detected, which is preventing playback. Please disable the ad-blocker and refresh the page to try again.
  7. Which library you using? Or is it a paid service
  8. Wow. Half-fit Hooper ahead of Winnall and Nuhiu God I hope it pays off
  9. Probably have 6 fit players left by then
  10. Best run of form he's had in his time here That little knock got him out of international duty, but didn't seem to affect him tonight. Hopefully Bannan and Palmer are just bench warmers too
  11. If we didn't have to play Leeds and Norwich I'd say maybe. Too many injuries are going to be the reason we fall short. What the flipping hell was Jos doing
  12. Matias playing as we know he is capable, in a supporting front three of Aarons/Matias/Reach, has me excited. But the chances of him 1) starting, and 2) playing well, are slim
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