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  1. Under Mandaric the club was for sale at a reasonable price for a good sized Championship club. Chansiri would want his money back for what he paid MM plus he would want out what he’s put in via loan notes at the very least. I expect that would make us look very poor value. Throw in the potential FFP complications on the horizon and I don’t think the club could be sold right now.
  2. The phrase ‘Chansiri out’ is complete nonsense. He owns the club - he can’t leave. He is either bought out or the club ceases trading and no longer exists. Unless I’ve missed something nobody is queuing up to buy us, so it’s a total impossibility at present. Any prospective replacement for DC would have to meet his valuation of the club AND repay all debts owed to Chansiri i.e. funds injected via loan notes. Can’t see that happening any time soon. Not defending DC himself as he’s making clear making bad choices but to turn on him is a mistake. If he chose to cut his losses we wouldn’t have a football club.
  3. I self installed Tado - if you’re not fussed about controlling hot water then you just stick the heating on constant on your old programmer and let the thermostat do the work. I did get the hot water control thing but it literally slotted straight onto the existing back plate from my old one - 5 minute job.
  4. Had Tado 2 years now - works perfectly. Unlike Nest which ‘learns’ your habits and guesses when the heating needs to be on, Tado actually tracks your distance from home via your phone - so it gets it right all the time. Go on holiday and don’t even have to think about it - heating stays off whilst your away, comes on when it sees you nearing home. If I go out after work rather than coming home, heating stays off - perfect!
  5. Get this app before you go - works offline and makes it a total breeze to find your way from A to B on the U and S Bahn.
  6. Oxspring bank. Think there were 4-5 cars in total. Luckily not my turn to drive tonight but ours got done.
  7. All good thanks mate, got the bug back after that season and had one ever since!
  8. Bloody hell ParkerOwl you don't have much look with these Season Tickets do you? I remember buying one off you about 4 years ago for the same reason! For anyone considering this - can confirm I drove down to meet ParkerOwl and bought a Season Ticket from him without getting bummed / mugged.
  9. Bought a 20800mAh Anker for Glasto last year and it pretty much kept 4 iPhones charged for the entire festival - beast!
  10. Just having a quick poo in S65 before lift arrives
  11. History says 3rd place wins the playoffs 35% of the time. Next best is 5th, then 6th then finally 4th (17%)
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