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  1. Winnall should've done better from a Rhodes knock down about 25 yards out, but by no means an easy chance. Again Winnall had another chance when Reach slid him in, although the pass was slightly over hit and caused Winnall to have to stretch for it. Wallace had a great chance to just side foot it in to the corner but went for power. Three good chances (in addition to the disallowed goal) first half to get our nose in front and we simply didn't do enough with them. They took their chance first half and we found ourselves a goal down against the run of play. Second half was was a struggle after the red card, but again we created a couple of decent chances. Winnall again should've done better but just poked it wide and Rhodes should have worked the keeper from Fletcher's flick on. We created enough in the game to win it and on another day would've taken one of those early chances and it'd have been a different game. Things weren't working and when you look at the bench we had Fletcher, Nuhiu and Buckley as attacking options - hardly game changers. We need our key men back quickly before we lose too much ground.
  2. Daz / Kivo give me a shout with dates and I can probably get a side out so long as it's on a weekend. If it's midweek again it might be more of a struggle though.
  3. Jim - I'll have it please. In NYC at the moment but could meet you next week if you don't mind holding it?
  4. Are you happy to work away or are you looking for something closer to home? Ever considered debt collection..?
  5. In all honesty, at the prices quoted, it's probably both. First and foremost the businesses need to be making very healthy profits to spend £40k on an exec box. When you look at the demographic of the box holders currently, it's small(ish) independent local businesses that have SWFC fans as owners. It's already been alluded to, but I'd be amazed if many box holders actually use it for entertaining clients, as there's very little appetite for it. There's a number of boxes where they're made up of individuals buying a seat each, but again at circa £4k per seat, it's a very expensive hobby. Your point on service/offering obviously helps to make it more appealing and offsets part of that. Ultimately, it will always be an expensive way to watch football, but allowances are made if the offering is deemed worthwhile. I think the corporate world will be similar to your average fan, who considers the price increase to be a significant 'buy in' to the Chansiri era - it'd be much easier to swallow having just signed Rhodes & Wickham for example. There's such a long way to go in terms of service matching the price paid, that it's a big leap of faith required for people to anticipate such a large improvement overnight. The staff serving are very young, with no real customer service experience. They're often covering multiple boxes and that has a detrimental impact on the service that can be provided. Often menu choices run out, waitresses leave at half time and I can only see it getting worse if people begin to eat in their boxes, as it will live or die by how attentive the hosting skills are. Given the number of boxes that remained empty thoughout the previous season(s) and the number of living social etc deals required to attempt to fill them, I can't help but feel that the equilibrium has been miscalculated here.
  6. It's been a real struggle to justify the cost for the past 7 or so seasons that we've had one. With that kind of increase it'd just be impossible, especially when realistically, you're paying that to take your mates for a knees up. The little touches have massively let it down from a commercial/advertising perspective - I've said for years that it's quite frankly scandalous how little exposure/publicity the box holders get to the wider fanbase, considering how much they spend. Most fans can't name you more than a couple of box holders, so there's barely any brand awareness or commercial benefit to having one. Add in to it the 'frozen' bar allowance that barely covers anything given the year on year drinks price increases, the lack of investment in the box/surroundings and the quite honestly insulting 'service' of the 15 year old waitresses (no blame attached to them) then I'd be amazed if this isn't a step too far for just about all.
  7. You'll all be massively disappointed. I'd be amazed if anyone has even heard of them..
  8. It's not the one you're thinking of, Saxondale. But he does have the same name. Another defensive midfielder I'm afraid.
  9. I have to say, the main reason this will either be a success or failure will be down to the waitress service. It's absolutely nothing against the staff, who given their age, lack of experience and pay do a great job. However, often the service (given the price) is embarrassing and will be further highlighted when you're sat in your box waiting for someone to take your drinks order or to serve your food.
  10. Wednesday have (finally, thanks to the new COO) realised that the law only prevents you from consuming alcohol whilst in view of the pitch. Therefore, the blinds that are fixed to the window of each box are now drawn 15 minutes prior to kick off to allow box holders to continue to drink throughout the game. You still can't drink and watch the game, but I'd say that's an advantage these days..!
  11. Let me know if anyone is interested. http://www.jobsite.co.uk/job/systems-analyst-952170445
  12. Let me know if anyone is interested. http://www.jobsite.co.uk/job/systems-analyst-952170445
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