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  1. It seems that the manager is under pressure to play the likes of Foden and Mount, who despite their obvious talents tend to fail to deliver and at the cost of other players almost too good to ignore.. Part of the problem is figuring out what their roles are. Clearly neither are number 8s on last night’s viewing, and there’s better options wide or inside forward. It isn’t a coincidence that England played better in the Euros when both got dropped/injured. They need to nail down a position, or will be destined to be two more wasted drifting talents. Smith Rowe of Arsenal doesn’t get half as much smoke blown up him, yet is a guaranteed starter for Arsenal and getting games to develop into that 8 position nicely. Wouldn’t surprise me if he overtakes both to be honest. England seem to have produced a glut of number 10s just when football has decided not to use them. Southgate was right to revert to one DM last night, he just picked the wrong players in front of Rice.
  2. I’ve kept quiet as I really really wanted Moore to work, but it’s quite clear to me he’s winging it IMO. We always seem to end up with managers with plan As (in varying degrees of fortitude) who have little to no answer when inevitably, plan A gets worked out or the Target man gets injured. I was never convinced Moore even had a plan A. It’s never a good sign when the manager resorts to throwing around the brown stuff to see what sticks, especially a quarter of the way into a season. I really fear he isn’t the answer, yet I dread his replacement more. The main issue still sits in the boardroom. Blinkered, stubborn and going nowhere anytime soon.
  3. I’m old enough to remember Wiley posting antisemitism behind an anonymous alt Twitter account…
  4. Players sign a contract. They’re entitled to wages (or a settlement) for the entire contract length regardless of when they leave unless they submit a transfer request.
  5. It’s a weird one, yet as soon as France hit another gear they went out. Netherlands ripped teams apart, and are out. Germany hit 4 v Portugal, out. I can see the merits in holding off and not revealing your entire hand straight away, but it’s frustrating for sure. Do you start with Grealish and risk your game changer getting marked/kicked out of the game, or do you bring him on and force the other team to completely change their approach? Fine margins. Had Muller not fluffed that open goal we might have gone out and lambasting the manager’s lack of adventure.
  6. Scott Carson/Iain Turner Frank Simek Madjid Bougerra Tom Lees (first two seasons) Pudil Michail Antonio Glenn Whelan Kieron Lee Chris Brunt Gerald Sibon Gary Hooper
  7. Why are Millwall bidding £1 million for a player who will be walking away for free soon?
  8. They will all be leaving for nothing soon…
  9. Tbf the failure and consequences of the ‘up in two seasons or bust’ strategy was already filtering down to the team by then IMO. The expectation would have been braking up the team and selling players like FF to help balance the books. They didn’t reckon on Chansiri though, who doesn’t do selling. It isn’t unreasonable to think Carlos etc knew what was coming.
  10. Carlos should have took us up automatically with the teams he had. Also enjoyed two bites of the cherry, and choked it twice. However I think the records of the teams after he leaves have more to do with the despots who run/ran them. There’s a scary number of idiots running football clubs.
  11. most if not all those players will be leaving. IMO
  12. They’re not debt financed though, so didn’t need the Euro Super League cash cow to sustain themselves. Nor PSG. The rest on the other hand... it’s why that little debacle is far from dead. IMO.
  13. 1. Someone invents time machine 2. Go back in time 3. Sabotage Chansiri’s takeover 4. Return to present time line 5. Discover to my horror Mandaric sold us to Erik Alonso instead. Go to 1
  14. Been saying this for months. They're effectively free agents.
  15. I very much doubt this is the case, and even if it was the legalities of such a cynical audacious move would surely result in yet more sanctions.
  16. Hope you’ve still got ya boots handy Jim, you could be leading the line in a couple of months.
  17. I jested when I said contracts will be declared void and what players are left entitled to walk out and sign for other clubs as free agents. Looking like this could become reality. We’re not talking about points deductions here, we’re talking full fat kicking out of the league and the full winding up of one of the oldest clubs in English football. I was worried before but now I’m coming to the realisation that we’re done.
  18. False promises, same which were given to Pulis no doubt. everyone hears stories about nutty chairmen which get taken with pinches of salt. Then you start working for them and reality hits.
  19. Going to be a struggle without a pot to pee in. Any player still under contract will be out of the door should any offer come in. Any more failures to pay wages and it will get to the point we’re contracts are void and players can walk away for nothing. waiting for the trust fund to wire over every month is no way to run a football club.
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