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  1. Ah yes Whittingham like Stefanovic, two underrated players who could come in to a variety of systems and positions whilst having that knack for scoring important goals. Wilson had a good team there. He only needed a Target man replacement for Andy Booth and a long-term successor to Des Walker. However, both GW and DS became victims of Wilson "wanting to move the team to another level" and ceremoniously dispensed and replaced with... I don't even want to go there. It took Big Ron just half a season to stablise and knock up a decent team together. It took Wilson a transfer window to knock it all down again. Talk about Richards cutting his nose off to spite his face when giving Atkinson the heave ho.
  2. Weren't they second or first then hit a 'bad' run....?
  3. I honestly think this will be his last gig at Championship level, maybe even League 1. His record suggests that he really should take stock and consider throwing the towel and doing something else. So tired of the excuses, he's just another poor SWFC appointment. I mean apart from Laws and Carlos (who had very short ill-fated tenues at Burnley and Swansea in the EPL) how many of our ex managers who fans defended to the hilt have gone on to bigger & better things? Where's Laws, Turner, Jones, Irvine etc now? Nowhere because they were rubbish. And please save me from the "It's the players fault" or "He's not had enough time" “His hands are tied” rubbish. The exact same nonsense was trotted out to defend Jewell before Shreeves took over and galvanised the team with pretty much the same players. As did Gray when he took over from Jones. "The players are stale" 6 players who started against Brentford are from the post Carlos era, three of which arrived in the Summer or January... so nope not having that either. Sure certain players do need moving on, but you do that at the end of the season. You do not exile senior players mid-deason without adequate replacements. Jos learnt this the hard way. It's the manager’s job to get and make the most of the players at his disposal. Monk clearly isn't doing this, and as highlighted in the OP there's nothing in his history to suggest he's capable of turning the corner when the inevitable dip happens. Nor does it suggest him being a capable hand in rebuilding a team from scratch. Monk is just an awful manger, who's appointment was another symptom of inept Chairmanship. We needed a manager like Big Mick who is used to working with restricted budgets with a knack of unearthing gems from the lower leagues. Or a Stuart Gray who can identify players capable of adapting to positions where the team is short, whilst drilling defences to not give a bean away. DC fired one of those and allowed the other to get away, because of his own delusions of grandeur.
  4. 6 of the starting 11 against Brentford were post Carlos players. 3 of which were brought in this season. Our record recruiting decent players since DC dispensed with his advisors and went full Doyen (as perms or loans) is so so at best. This is why we discuss the same issues season after season. Changing the players is futile until the main issues are rooted out. Especially if at least half of those replacements will inevitablly end up being no better or worse than those who they replace.
  5. Given that most players we sign end up being not good enough and/or crocks, can someone please explain how this summer will be any different?
  6. Nah just that no one at the club knows how to close out a game. Thanks to Dawson playing a blinder and their woeful finishing. Agreed, yet imo this just highlights again the lack of any on or off-field leadership. I know what you mean but this to me highlights just how financially unviable our model is, and how our esteemed chairman will run us into the ground.
  7. Let's be honest. He's a sacking waiting to happen. He really doesn't help himself. I took one look at the line ups and knew we'd get destroyed.
  8. imo... There's still a very good player for a few years in Lee. Yet after those injuries and age I think it's harsh to expect him to be the same box to box monster he once was. I reckon another adaption to say an out and out holding midfielder could prolong his career.
  9. Harkes was a very underrated and important player from that era. His versatility glued the team together. It all started to go wrong when he and Roland left imo. Williams was another underrated player. Shout out to Nigel Jemson, who many predicted big things for, but it never really worked out.
  10. He’s a disaster. Yes it’s not all on Monk and there’s many other factors at play as we’ve all discussed a million times already. Yet he really doesn’t help himself either. We've been woeful for months, and seems to stem from him putting his boot down on senior players. Yet it was November/December not May. You kick players out at the end of the season, not in the middle of it unless they move in the transfer window. If Monk was half the manager he pretends to be, he'd know that Dawson needs dropping, isn't ready and that Westwood is still our best goalkeeper. He'd know that Hutchinson is one of very few leaders and the most versatile player available who can offer tactical flexibility. He’d know that with the absence of Fletcher, his system would have to change and Rhodes plus a partner would still be the best bet of a goal up front. Etc etc You don’t alienate players out without having adequate replacements. FFS Jos tried this not 12-18 months ago. You simply must work with the best you’ve got until you’re in the position to kick the troublemakers out. Not before. Yet Monk knows best.. too stubborn to swallow his pride and do what’s best for the team until the summer. Just six months and then the players can be booted out. Sure tell them to play to earn new deals etc but telling them they're done, midway into a season on their wages?! All he had to do was grin and bear it with them for six months.. Utter braindead idiot. Monk is done imo, dead man walking. He will most probably be sacked, Bullen will take over, Westwood and Hutchinson will be recalled, our form will turn and will hopefully rally in the final quarter to see us through. Tearfully predictable. Should our esteemed chairman persist with this joker, if we don’t go down this season, we will do next.
  11. Dawson again. We're going down with this excuse of a manager.
  12. Monk should enjoy his time at S6 while it lasts, because it will be his last managerial job at this level. Every grifter gets found out eventually.
  13. Half of the team (at least) have been told they're going no matter what. A better manager would wipe the slate clean and tell the players to earn their new deals... Then get rid of most of them anyway.
  14. Said before this really does remind me of the tail end of the Dave Jones reign. Bonkers selections, apathy, no new ideas, a dressing room lost and a manager who doesn't want to be here. Problem is for Monk is that unless he has something else lined up, he's pretty much done for at this level. Half of the squad (at least) won't be given new contracts in the summer, so like the manager don't have any skin in the game. Picking on Hutchinson and Westwood is low hanging (but tempting) fruit. I've no doubt they're causing trouble etc, yet maybe it's for a reason. Maybe they know a bad manager when they see one. Or they're bad eggs. Yet how come Foresteri gets life after life?! Where's Reach gone? (If injured apologies). Then we have the 'Chairman'... There's just so much going on here to pin on one factor. Yet we're in freefall and if Monk won't survive the Summer, why persist? No point keeping faith with a dud.
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