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  1. Seriously? Conceeding 10 goals in three games shouldn't be acceptable for a bottom 3 team, nevermind a mid-table one. Sure we're not top 6 material, but come on...
  2. 10 goals in three games.... DEFENSIVE SAFETY FIRST COACH....
  3. pussface

    Adam reach

    I'm hoping FF and Westwood are flogged off before we look to cash in on Reach and/or Bannon. There's also the small matter of Rhodes.. If £15m came for him, then we can't turn that down. The mismanagement of our club has been scandalous to say the least.
  4. pussface

    Mick McCarthy

    DC is waiting Agree. We need a steely manager for the next few seasons to come. Despite the play offs our net progress since Gray has left has been zero, spending money we didn't have like the 90s never happened.
  5. pussface

    Mick McCarthy

    I remember us holding on to Jones for too long and losing out on Mick way back. Thought that was a mistake, and think it would be a mistake to persist with Jos now. It's the wrong fit, I'm 100% convinced the good games under him are despite not because of him, and some good goal keeping. I don't think it's a coincidence that we get thumped when Dawson/Wildsmith run out of heroics. Then again, the club is being run into the ground by a chairman who shoots for the moon and misses. Even those bozos at QPR had a four year plan, our chairman wanted us up in two… The writing is on the wall for me. The only logic in waiting is to benefit from any kneejerk dismissals from EPL clubs, but that’s giving our chairman far too much credit.
  6. pussface

    I feel sorry for jos

    No more apologies. He was never the right choice. Time for Jos to go. Here’s to the next clown DC appoints..
  7. pussface

    Jos you've failed.

    Always said Jos wasn’t for me. Thing is every time I write him off, we go on a run before international breaks destroy our momentum. Hope he proves me wrong again, but that defence is a shambles. Lees is a commanding no nonsense centre half, he isn’t John Stones. We don’t have the players to play it out from the back now Fred has gone.
  8. pussface

    No wonder we're fooked

    More binary thinking. How about giving Gray more time with some money to spend, but not as much required by Carlos?
  9. pussface

    Reach to Wolves ?

    Only if a stupid offer comes in for me. FF can be the sacrificial FFP sale IMHO.
  10. Can see Westwood & Hooper going in Jan, possibly Fox too. Matias & Palmer offered deals and the rest released/retired.
  11. pussface

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Lee is done imo.
  12. I love inflation calculatiors. Digress off topic: If you want a ‘laugh’, go to the Bank of England inflation calculator site. Put in the average house price in 1979 (£26k) and look at what prices should be today, if house prices tracked general inflation... Then do the same for football transfers. Barmy.
  13. Depends if Chelsea suffer a swfc level injury crisis..
  14. With Fred, we got away with playing out from the back, we don’t have enough players comfortable playing this system imo. I never thought Jos was the answer, but can we even afford to sack him?