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  1. and yet he was managing in league 1. Curious….
  2. Neil got found out big time in the championship, he will again.
  3. Yep. There’s quite a few loans and injury prones in that team. Hopefully we can keep a few of them, but it’s quite worrying.
  4. Everything wrong with modern football deployed by the plastic Geordies this game. Yet they get away with it so who can can blame them.
  5. Think we got away with that. We were there for the taking and I think Sunderland will rue those wasted chances.
  6. My only hope is that they haven’t taken advantage and gone more ahead yet..
  7. Johnson is having a mare. May as well get Mendez Laing on now.
  8. We need changes and quick, this isn’t working and we’re getting our butts kicked.
  9. They had a good half. We didn’t and can show more. They need more than 1 goal advantage and know it.
  10. Remember when we were offered £2m for this lad and our joke of a chairman turned it down?
  11. This all started when Ian Knight got taken out.
  12. Time to give some of the kids a go.
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