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  1. pussface

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Lee is done imo.
  2. I love inflation calculatiors. Digress off topic: If you want a ‘laugh’, go to the Bank of England inflation calculator site. Put in the average house price in 1979 (£26k) and look at what prices should be today, if house prices tracked general inflation... Then do the same for football transfers. Barmy.
  3. Depends if Chelsea suffer a swfc level injury crisis..
  4. With Fred, we got away with playing out from the back, we don’t have enough players comfortable playing this system imo. I never thought Jos was the answer, but can we even afford to sack him?
  5. Conjecture. Besides, whouldh’t DC have disclosed this if it was the case?
  6. Then that’s all on Hirst and his advisors. Meanwhile DC perfectly demonstrates he was being reasonable. Instead he gets spiteful and shows himself up (again) in negative light. Id say comedy of errors, but this $hit isn’t funny.
  7. Which makes it worse for DC If you’re correct (which I think you are) then DC allowed himself to be out leveraged. If your boss offered you a 1% pay rise, knowing you had a job offer giving you 8%, would you feel inclined to stay?
  8. Hirst wanted £x k a week DC refused, considered him not worth it, despite turning down £2m + bids for him. Hirst refuses offer (as he’s entitled to do) However this is where compromise sets in. Where a shrewd Chairman with half a brain would say ok, prove to us you’re worth this £x k a week by breaking into the team and banging the goals. Then we will work to meet you halfway. This shows willing to compromise from the club, and adds insentive to the player. But no instead our chairman bans him from selection and training for the reminder of his contract. Sorry, but this is DC, again. Not only this but at a time of an impending transfer embargo, he refuses to sell him... I’m gutted Hirst won’t be playing for us, and angry with Snr for being just as stubborn and pig headed as DC. They certainly must share a portion of the blame for this fiasco. Yet this is another example of DC displaying his rank amateurism to everyone. I hope he is learning from his mistakes, as last season he had a right mare.
  9. pussface

    Clare joins Swansea

    Ffs it’s a market. we offered him what we thought he was worth, someone offered him a package he thought was better.
  10. pussface

    How long for Jos

    Jos isn’t learning from last season, and got it terribly wrong again. why did he break up the front three who finished on fire last season? The failure to sign Fred was laid bare for all to see. That said He hasn’t been allowed to bring any players in (just £500k on JP) against the millions spunked by his predecessor. Van Aken is a walking wardrobe, and needs to go out on loan until he learns to cope with English football. Too early to call, but he needs a win as soon as, or the hounds will be baying. At least Fletcher will get a few games now Dave is suspended..
  11. pussface

    van Aken

    Don’t care how much he cost, a shocking waste of money.
  12. That’s Frank Lampard’s Derby I’ll have you know... i presume that’s their new name, as that’s what the MSM keep referring to them as.
  13. Or you’re not as smart as you think you are.. alas
  14. I’m guessing the joke went over a few heads.
  15. DC is Peter Ridsdale in disguise...