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  1. Bannan’s impact

    When I saw his name on the team sheet I knew we’d be alright.
  2. Made my mind up

    This. A defensive manager who’s team regularly ships over 2 goals a game...
  3. I’m here and

    Two problems. This was an away game Our players don’t seem flexible enough to allow us to switch systems at will. Getting used to playing 5 at the back and then 4 isn’t easy. Jos fell for the old CC mistake of trying to squeeze certain players in and changing systems to accommodate them. Any balance the team had went to hell.
  4. I’m here and

    Let’s not forget, Jos is no up and coming green manager. He should have learned from these mistakes years ago, not making them. I genuinely fear the worst if he stays on past the summer.
  5. End of the road for Rhodes?

    Nope a baffling signing, especially given the already top heavy imbalance of the team.
  6. He just doesn’t get the space the better players at Man City can create for him. Too many players in the team based on their reputation at club level. Ali is another one. A monster at Spurs but seemingly a bust flush for England as everyone knows to just crowd him out. At least you can play him a bit deeper and attack the penalty area from further back. Sterling. Can’t score, cross or execute a killer pass. It was Lingaard’s quick thinking which created the goal. Sure he can unsettle defences, but so can Andy fecking Carroll.
  7. Mainly thanks to Henderson coming on and killing England’s attaching flair and impetus
  8. Because at international level he offers nothing. Hasn’t scored in 18 games. Can’t pass cross but good at falling over. Club records mean nothing, as per the Italians who despite boasting players from top clubs couldn’t qualify for the World Cup. The only thing Sterling brings to the England team is canned laughter.
  9. Henderson, Wiltshire, Sterling and Oxlade Chamberlin shouldn’t be any where near the England team. I can guarantee all four will be picked.
  10. Indeed. Decline set in once Nilsson and Harkes left imo
  11. I can name dozens hounded out by Owlstalk before the internets..
  12. Pretty much the same as mine. Although I’d Swap: Pearson for Thome Harkes for Di Canio
  13. Extremely poor fitness and conditioning pre and post season start is squarely to blame for both the decline in firm as the season progressed and the mounting injury crisis. Its extremely bad management and leadership from all concerned to allow this to happen.
  14. Dross Jos

    Never was convinced tbh. Wildsmith was the one responsible for those impressive draws, not Jos. Another disaster appointment.
  15. Fine but why ban him from the first team? If he impresses the bigger the tribunal fee would be.