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  1. Mid-table mediocrity

    Outputs against inputs. this season will be a shocking cumulation of wasted transfer funds and wages.
  2. Why hasn’t he sacked him

    Vote with your feet
  3. :-(

    They were clapping Chris Turner on our way to League 2, what hope have you got with them seeing the light with Carlos. He’s enjoyed plenty of time and record investment, but he’s seriously outstayed his welcome.
  4. The season was a write off as soon as he was given another contract. Th money wasted has been eye watering. On wages alone never mind transfers. I fear for us every week DC refuses to do the inevitable
  5. Too poised, could easily shoot up or down the league to write this season off yet.
  6. Stuart Gray sacked

    Mediocraty? We were the quintessential yo yo relegation club. Have you forgotten our seasons in league 1? Not only did Gray save us from Jones’ engineered relegation, he was one of the few managers who actually improved us in his second season, achieving consolidation with a net spend of near zero. Outputs v inputs. It’s no coincidence that our better players were here before Carlos arrived. Im not saying Gray was Mourinio, but we weren’t exactly top 6 material at the time either though, were we?
  7. Stuart Gray sacked

    Which days it all really regarding the joke that is Carlos and Doyen. The football was a means to an end under Gray, what’s Carlos’ excuse.
  8. Promotion

    Look at the table. At the moment we have more chance of going down rather than up.
  9. £27 Million

    Been saying this a while. Its even more galling when you look at the net spend of Carlos’ predecessors...combined!
  10. Enough is enough

    Sack Doyen, then sack CC
  11. Enough is enough

    Already way too late I’m afraid, about three months late.
  12. It was uncharted territory from August, given Carlos’ previous. 5 pts away from the top 6 and the relegation zone..
  13. Fickle Fans

    Keep these articles of denial coming, it means reality has caught you up and youre refusing to accept it.
  14. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Summary: Classic case of the emperor’s new clothes. Who wants to admit they’ve been shafted, naked?! So the emperor denies he’s naked, and ignores the warnings and ridicule and just carries on with his comedy of errors. DC must be a very very proud man. Even though it’s Daddy making all all the money and he spends it.
  15. Put down the Kool-aid, please.

    Another attempt to shut down debate and opinion. These posts are becoming quite frequent which in itself is quite telling. Reality can only be avoided for so long before it catches up with you but accepting it can still challenge many. You don’t ramp up prices and expectation without paying the price when your ruse has been called out. We won’t get promotion under this manager, despite spending over £30 million. Carlos has spent more on one player than all the net spend of his predecessors combined since dropping out of the Premier League. Now when DC took over I was thrilled with the prospect of us simply not being relegation fodder every year and us being financially solvent. Then the manager changed, the money started flying along with promises sorry no demands of promotion in two seasons. I don’t expect us to win every game (especially in this division) hell every derby even. However to lose like we did against Bolton, not once but twice conceding 5 goals when hardly anyone has conceded against them. That was poor, and given the context of our resources is utterly unacceptable. I was gobsmacked Carlos was given yet another season. As much as he has achieved, he was given time and money and failed twice to meet his target. A target not set by the fans but the owner. Theres two quotes from Einstein that ring true regarding Carlos and DC. What ever caused the problem wil never be the solution... and trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome is the definition of madness. I'm sorry but all the criticism on and off field has been brought on themselves. Carlos for refusing to adapt and DC for over inflating his asset yet ducking the decision to get rid after the last play off. I won’t even start with Doyen... Oh and to the OP, from someone who has had multiple family members touched by cancer, you can firmly shove your cancerous remarks up your backside.