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  1. Yes I’d very much like Arteta who reportedly turned Arsenal down. As much chance of Rafa turning up to troll Ashley.
  2. That would be a truly shocking appointment.
  3. Don't google it, don't..... aaarrrggghhh!!
  4. $hit poster. 
    This is a Ryan Jones stan account.

  5. I'm suprised no one who had a house repossessed in the 90s have come back to you on this..
  6. How about a thread for you Chansiri stans?!
  7. Rememeber when we bought Shefti Kuqi for approx £750k? Then gave him away for nothing during his best purple patch, and how Chris Turner insisted this was great business for Sheffield Wednesday?!
  8. If Bruce was given the job under false pretences and then an EPL team come knocking, then really I wouldn’t blame him. However, I don't think the Newcastle job with the club under its current predicaments really would be the best option. It’s got short termism written all over it.
  9. So glad this summer's preseason isn't dissappointing me farce wise..
  10. Half of me thinks the delay in these signing announcements is just an exercise in box ticking. The other half expects me to read them completing moves to rivals on the BBC Transfer page..
  11. His form this season has been way under par though.
  12. This maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think we need better than Lees if we want to be a top 6 side. All depends on budget as you say.
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