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  1. Its also offering blind faith in us having a half decent transfer window..
  2. Fred on loan. You heard it here first..
  3. I doubt anyone is going to 'buy' him. It's another multimillion DC write off to get him off the wage bill I'm afraid. Very silly to refuse Norwich's offer imo.
  4. Hope I'm wrong. But the odd inevitable but fleeting moments of brief brilliance aside, I think the best of Foresteri came and went three seasons ago.
  5. He gets stuck in, can press and is a major assist contributor. I think he's one of our most important players, but just looks more ineffective than he actually is when it doesn't come off or gets nullified by the opposition. Constantly shifting positions hasn't helped. Banging those goals in last season painted a target on his back imo. Opposing teams are now increasingly trying to manage him out of the games.
  6. Hutchinson covers the many defensive shortfalls, whilst Bannon is the catalyst for goals scored by others. I'd like Lee and Luongo (especially) get more game time, but can see why the other two are often prefered.
  7. We don't have one good enough to go up top on their own either.
  8. It only really worked when it did because of Fred imo. Even then as you say Lees was way too uncomfortable. We simply don't have the players to play 3 at the back. It's a rotation of 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 as required for me.
  9. He wasn’t the only one. This is why Hutchinson is such an important player, he can cover the channels left open by our defence. Which is what he’s been doing since he joined us.
  10. Horses for courses. Saturday Reach was exactly the right option, but imo Murphy should have started this one. we looked a tad flat formation wise at times Yet imo the game plan was still spot on, we just didn’t take our chances. Would have won easy otherwise despite so many players being meh. i don’t care what we get for them, two out of Foresteri, Winnall and Rhodes needs to go in January, replaced by a much more prolific forward. We’ve got players providing the crosses and the chances now, so no more excuses for them. Oh and hurry back Hutchinson.
  11. Indeed. You buy before their peak, not at or after then wonder why you can’t get rid. Rhodes should have been allowed to leave for a negligible fee. His signing in the first place though is and always will be the greatest sign post of the DC era. Terrible nonsensical signing.
  12. To be fair the top championship side don’t suffer the same inadequacies Hutchinson papers over. He plays a vital role, but shouldn’t be in the team as those shortfalls shouldn’t be there.
  13. I'd set up for the counter, and expect us to win 1-0 with <40% possession.
  14. Hmm a bit of a poor man’s Theo Walcott, obviously relies on instinct rather than pondering options.
  15. Looked much more balanced imo. Anyone else beginning to think that Murphy is going to turn out as another false dawn?
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