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  1. My predictions for next season's loans: At least one highly rated London based wonderkid who everyone raves about, and ends up not being very good. At least one player no one has ever heard of, who no one understands their signing, who doesn't play for the first third of the season but actually ends up being pretty decent. Nailed on.
  2. Which if true backs the OP's main point, being the imporatance of keeping the squad fresh and current. As a side question, do you tihnk FF is playing to his full ability, but is now simply not up to Championship standard?
  3. That was meant to be the type of game the likes of Fletcher and Reach make the difference. Woeful. However we'd be losing these games under Jos/Carlos. You start building foundations from the back and work your way forward. Bruce is doing this. When the loans are up to speed, it will click in. Who knows maybe even Foresteri will treat us to another end of season cameo...
  4. Sorry, but I'm not really sure what meritted his original inclusion. FF's form is a place on the bench at best for me atm.
  5. It's like when the contestents lose the final on Bullseye: "Look at what you could have won (signed)"
  6. Is that a luxury we can afford, given the wages of some of these fringe players?
  7. Why do we have these transfer rumour threads when we always have little to no transfer activity?!?
  8. 1. Fool us for offering inflated contracts in the first place. 2. How much of this was down to lack of takers as opposed to the chairman’s refusal to sell? Or refusal to subside loan wages? You don’t turn down £2m offers for even reserve players, never mind youth team strikers when you’re heading towards embargo.
  9. There is a difference between even attempting to off load surplus players and a fire sale.
  10. Two questions: If you were the chairman of a club entering financial difficulty and a transfer embargo... and another team offered you £2m for an unproven youth striker who you don't think is worth their demanded £xk per week contract,.. Wouldn't you just sell him?! If you were the chairman of a club entering financial difficulty and a transfer embargo... and you have players on substantial contracts not getting game time,,, Wouldn't you sanction their sales or loans?! I'm sure there are reasons to say 'No' to both, but I'm struggling to think of any right now.
  11. Yes Cardiff weren’t as thrifty as many thought when it came to wages and sign ons for example. Yet it won’t be difficult to attain that you don’t need to break the bank to finish 13th, as this ridiculous statement from our esteemed Chairman claims.
  12. Amazing isn't it? So what is DC saying? That according to their own sustainabilty rules, just to compete in the Championship..is not....(drum roll) financially viable? I can hear unclutched straws hitting the boardroom floor.
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