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  1. I hope Osaze comes back from this. He got torn a new one.
  2. Monk got comprehensively out thought and out matched by Tony Mowbray.. Tony Mowbray. Let that sink in.
  3. yes absolutely. We desperately need to clear the decks, It’s just that we could end up with worse as I have no faith in our chairman. Our transfer windows are haphazard at best.
  4. some very good points here. Yet I keep reading and agreeing with the ‘we need a clear out’ mantra, yet are you confident these replacements would arrive? I’m not. We sold Joao in the Summer and even his goals are yet to be replaced. I Can see a situation were half the team are shown the door in May, and we’re struggling to put a team out in September. No one seems to have a clue. The lack of top down competent leadership is shameful.
  5. I had hopes for Monk, but he’s destined to be Jos Mk2. Too many bad days at the office. It’s not all down to him for sure, but he won’t be here in 18 months regardless.
  6. Especially when you think of the outlay in fees & wages thrown at this area of the pitch.. Mathias and Joao simply weren’t replaced either.
  7. the players tend to play where and how the management tells them. If Bannon etc ignores them then they need dropping.
  8. Nope. This has been coming for a while. Enough with the excuses.
  9. I was going to pour another one out tonight for the Bolton fans, who when in the EPL lorded it over us when we had Megson in League 1 and are now themselves bottom of it. I'll wait till this judgement blows over first...
  10. You're better off putting your faith in the rapture.
  11. and this is the crux of it, and begs the question what's the point?
  12. lmao you're just trolling now and you don't even realise it.
  13. You’re also conveniently avoiding point 2, that he left us in a much worse state than when he took over. Everything else is noise.
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