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  1. The Croatian antics were ludicrous, but compared to Tunisia/Panama/Colombia well within what would be expected imo. watching us v Belgium and the tactical naivety of Southgate is glaringly obvious. It served us well 5-1-2-2, a great plan for the World Cup. Problem is that seems to be the only plan. If Southgate persists and refuses to change it, I fear he won’t last. Expectations have been dialled up.
  2. pussface

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    Yeah but they’ve played Champ Manager 3, so of course they know everything...
  3. pussface

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    This is 100% correct. It’s also another reason why Bosman signings attract higher signing on payments. Thats the other variable. Player/agent may be prepared to waive or compromise the selling club’s obligations if signing fee is part of that. Often used by buying clubs to sweeten the deal. However if player wants a double pay day, and the club are desperate to sell.... it’s all about leverage. so paying up the contract might be part of the deal. Only if buying club agrees. Often compromise is reached.
  4. So.. three players down. No sign of replacements for Hunt or Fred With many rivals strengthening, we’ll be a much weaker proposition this coming season. Sure we could do a Cardiff/Huddersfield but this is Wednesday, injures are inevitable and we get more than our fair share. Hope I’m wrong, but it’s going to be a tough season ahead, especially when those old injury prone bodies start breaking down.
  5. So.. this transfer window.. Seems to be going as well as the previous one, and the one before that etc #itsonlyjune #itsonlyseptember
  6. well that’s everyone outside the EPL scrapping their academies then..
  7. Nothing to do with Jos, it’s all about the coin. I suspect another long underwhelming transfer window.
  8. That’s quite impressive that Hull are 21st, given that they didn’t have any players..
  9. pussface

    The future of Joao

    Two things stand in Rhodes favour: 1- He can’t get any worse 2- He wasn’t one of our crocks Hooper and Fletcher on the other hand... As good as Hooper is, any fan hoping for 35+ games from him next season is .. hopeful to say the least. If any strikers are to be moved on, it’s these two. At first I read @cookeh post as a long winded list of excuses why Jordan was cr4p. After rereading I take it back and must say they make sense. It’s going to be difficult. Yet I would like us going into next season with the same front Three we finished with. I just don’t think we can rely on Hooper or Fletcher to contribute enough throughout the season, and in getting older they’re break downs will get worse and even more frequent. Rhodes will wait his chance, but he must take it.
  10. Imo England’s problems: Too many good players constantly injured (Owen, King, Hargreaves etc) Too many players picked due to their name or the money their image rights generate. Too many overhyped players Too many up and coming players injured or not having the right attitude. A surfeit of players in one position but a deficit in others. Players shoehorned into a system not the other way round. You want to fit Scholes, Rooney, Joe Cole, Gerrard and Lampard into the same first 11? No mate. Deluded fans Players deployed out of position instead of being dropped. Out last decent team was imo 96-98 before if imploaded under Hoddle. Yet despite having an inferior team, our best chance of winning the World Cup came and went in Japan 02. If the team heading to Russia avoid injuries, I think we might surprise a few people. Quarters I reckon, which would be a good result.
  11. pussface

    Westwood Going

    A great signing, but in simple terms despite how challenging last season was, we didn’t really miss him. Let Dawson/Wildsmith compete and bring in acheap but experienced back up to help their development further.
  12. Yes the question was rhetorical
  13. Rhodes needs a run in the team. So who out of Dave, Joao, FF or Hooper gives way...
  14. pussface


    Indeed, we’d have hardly any players left. Hopefully the root cause is long gone.
  15. pussface


    Part of me agrees with this. Yet versatile committed players are worth their weight in gold. Top defender but a liability fitness wise. Another thing in his favour is experience without being ancient. We still need a few of these around with the much needed influx of youngsters.