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  1. Away days are great ,apart from the 90 minutes !!
  2. I will be there alongside several others because its our team ,even though we are trash at the moment I have sen a lot worse over the years. UTO
  3. I sit on the North and there was a fair bit of bickering going on. I f people are not happy they have the right to voice there opinion We are all there to support our team and will be there for as long as you want to be. Nobody wants to see us in this mess but i feel the club has abused its fan base with a lack of comminication and i would not blame anybody for not going. I feel we must support the team however bad they are or i fear a return to the dark days of league 1
  4. My first away game . Remember it so well had a great time .
  5. Going to oversee relegation from the premier league for Newcastle . It will be Bruce s fault in Ashleys eyes but their fans like us are treated like fools. The next appointment for us is so important now.
  6. He is keeping himself away from the 50/50 balls ,does not want to get injured and risk his transfer in January
  7. I saw it , he did not like the comment made towards him and gave some back which was well out of order. He was playing crap . He had another go when we scored and came and pointed at them again before putting his hand to the shirt badge Worst centre forward we have had in years
  8. Went to the shop on wednesday to buy a jumper (not a christmas one ) Guess what no pullover /jumper for sale ! Not one and its winter !!!
  9. In Thailand at 2.45 am in a 24 hour sports bar with a bucket of Singha beer to drown the sorrows Or celebrate a massive win !!!
  10. Happy i will be in Thailand on holiday for the pigs game
  11. I think 2000 Wednesday fans there is showing full support. Too many swaps and changes are killing any sense of teamwork dropping Lees tonight was a big mistake
  12. Got to the ground saw the team and thought we’re in for a hiding . But now back home with a beer reflecting on a good game with passion and desire to win . Good on ya Jos and the team , roll on Saturday
  13. Thats what i like about owlstalk , a bit of positive thinking
  14. Cannot for the life of me understand this line up . I am struggling to remember any game before where we have started without strikers . Let’s hope it was a experiment we will not do again
  15. Never stopped fighting for the ball ⚽️ . Great game from him tonight
  16. Never read so much crap in all my life. I know loads of season ticket holders who pay to go to away games also. Pay on the day or season ticket we all want the same thing . A Wednesday win .
  17. I think in our current situation if we get any points from any of our remaining games we should be happy. It is going to be a hard slog to the finish.
  18. I have never booed a player off the pitch or on it . But would do if these are picked again
  19. Been to the game ,will be going to the next one and the next one etc. I just hope Fox and Butterfield never wear the shirt again . Awful footballers should not be allowed on our turf .
  20. It was more cruel on me than Cammy , i had a bet on Wednesday to win 3 nil and Nuhui to score first !! Bugger
  21. I would like to thank Chansiri for taking on our club and hope he and us get some success and reward. I would also like to thank him for appointing Carlos ,even though he has lost his way and has now resigned we have had some great performances and memories . A lot more fun than playing Gilliingham away etc. Lets hope the next manager can take us to the promised land Merry Christmas to Mr Chansiri and family
  22. I had a drive over to Bakewell to the brewery and bought some got a couple of there 5% Jaipur also , think it was 2199 for twelve bottles
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