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  1. Got these for all the new grounds we’re going too. Keep the faith
  2. More testicles from him . We could all write that . Need someone to run the club that is here all the time. Will he give me some money back for my season ticket I rolled over . Let’s see if he has any money left to get us out of the mess he created
  3. Chesterfield at home , a night match 1979 I think A friends Dad took us , cannot remember the score just the atmosphere stood on the Leppings lane end . Hooked for life from that night
  4. Yes was there , got on through the gate which was broken or opened . Massive crush but a great time
  5. Shame on them , we are down without a fight . No pride in the shirt they wear
  6. Does not seem to able to run ! Which is not a good thing for a footballer
  7. Not giving up just yet , a win against Udders may give us hope . Mr Moore will be the man in league one if we do go down .
  8. Cannot believe what I saw . Can you imagine Pearson or Lyons doing that . He should not put in a blue and white shirt again
  9. Doing the Christmas cards today was more exciting than this
  10. Chesterfield at home .It was a night match 1979 .My first ever Wednesday game .Walking up to the floodlit Mecca is a memory i will never forget.
  11. Walking down Penistone Road to see Jack Charltons aces R.I.P.
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