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  1. We got what we deserved tonight

    Cannot for the life of me understand this line up . I am struggling to remember any game before where we have started without strikers . Let’s hope it was a experiment we will not do again
  2. Pelupessy

    Never stopped fighting for the ball ⚽️ . Great game from him tonight
  3. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    Never read so much crap in all my life. I know loads of season ticket holders who pay to go to away games also. Pay on the day or season ticket we all want the same thing . A Wednesday win .

    I think in our current situation if we get any points from any of our remaining games we should be happy. It is going to be a hard slog to the finish.
  5. Never wear the shirt again

    I have never booed a player off the pitch or on it . But would do if these are picked again
  6. Been to the game ,will be going to the next one and the next one etc. I just hope Fox and Butterfield never wear the shirt again . Awful footballers should not be allowed on our turf .
  7. It was more cruel on me than Cammy , i had a bet on Wednesday to win 3 nil and Nuhui to score first !! Bugger
  8. Christmas message TO the Chairman

    I would like to thank Chansiri for taking on our club and hope he and us get some success and reward. I would also like to thank him for appointing Carlos ,even though he has lost his way and has now resigned we have had some great performances and memories . A lot more fun than playing Gilliingham away etc. Lets hope the next manager can take us to the promised land Merry Christmas to Mr Chansiri and family
  9. Wednesday ale

    I had a drive over to Bakewell to the brewery and bought some got a couple of there 5% Jaipur also , think it was 2199 for twelve bottles
  10. 21,000

    Just got back , quite enjoyed the game . The fans that I was with in the north gave the team a good cheer on . A lack of pace and leadership cost us tonight . A classic one nil away win for them
  11. Not using ST next Friday

    I have a season ticket also but will be going to vent my disapproval Its time to do so . I think the chairman will only react if we the fans do.
  12. Right, I've cracked

    I think a lot of us have been clinging to the hope he will turn it around. It is not going to happen ,there is no pattern to the team and no grit . We have a few talented players but no pace to hurt even the worst teams in our division. Move him on and we will move up
  13. 4 points be positive

    I apologise for trying to be positive !!
  14. Four points from two tough away games . Lost at burton and drew at Fulham last year . So there's an improvement . Keep positive
  15. Jokanovic

    Carlos is still the manager and I would like to thank him for the last two seasons . I will not criticise him , if he moves on so will we