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  1. It was an unforgettable afternoon for me, along with all Owls fans, but I lived in that poo hole for 25 years and hated every minute, especially when Leeds were doing well. Taunting their fans at the end was magic. Monk 3 Bielsa 0 I draw. MOM Fox for me but Nuihu a close 2nd. Loads moaning when he came on but an assist and a goal shut them up. Plus he put himself about (booked) which Winnall didn't. The new lad must be in 7th heaven?.
  2. A game to forget against Southampton was the 4-0 drubbing we got at the Dell the season we were relegated 69/70. We were 4-0 down at half-time. Ron Davies hat trick. SUT set off from Pond St at 23.00hrs Friday. Arrived Southampton for breakfast.
  3. By the way, Jack Whitam is a Burnley lad. He told me that is family were at the Burnley 7-0 game and he was naturally disappointed he didn't get a hat-trick. He made up for it when we beat that great Man Utd side 5-4 which must rank as one of the greatest games seen at Hillsborough. Jack definitely got his hat-trick and some say he got 4 but some also say Stiles own goal.
  4. Another great game I remember was Stoke City at the Victoria Ground November 1963. It was raining cats and dogs and we were 4-1 down with about 20 minutes to play. John Ritchie had scored a hat trick. It finished 4-4. Pancho Pearson and Bronco Layne 2 each! Bronco, Bronco tearing across the Hillsborough plains! Sung to the Rawhide theme music. Boxing Day 1970 I saw us throw a 4-1 lead away late on at Boothferry Park. Hull came back to make it 4-4!
  5. . 2 games mentioned above. That 6-1 thrashing of Chelsea witnessed John Ritchie opening his goal scoring account with us. That cup win at Leeds is unforgettable. I was living in Leeds at the time so loved going to work the next day. The best part of that match was near the end when we got a free kick in a good position and Eustace kicked it out of the ground. Now that was taking the wee wee.
  6. I remember the weather also that day Lincs Owl. On our way to the match we heard on radio that several games were postponed in Lancashire and the game at Turf Moor only went ahead after a 2.30 pitch inspection. If you'd have asked today's players to turn out on that pitch they would have got straight back on the coach!!
  7. Bobby Craig was a fabulous signing by Catterick. I saw his debut at Leeds. We won 3-1. Keith Ellis was fed by Craig and he ran from half way line to put it past Ted Burgin for one of the goals.
  8. Dorian Gray may be surprised to learn that Eric Taylor was not in favour of Derek Dooley being appointed as team manager. Why? Because he knew it would end in heartache at some time. Another decision he got right and led to a club legend turning his back on his beloved club. It took approx. 30 years for Derek to visit Hillsborough again. I think if Eric knew that Derek had become chairman of Sheffield United he would have turned in his grave.
  9. I think you will find it was Tommy McAnearney who scored penalty at Old Trafford in 1-0 victory. The following year we beat Man Utd again in a cup replay at Old Trafford 7-2 !!!!
  10. Feb 11th 1961 4-3 win at Burnley against reigning champions. Tommy McAnearney penalty sealed the win.
  11. Loved Charlie Buchan's Football Monthlies. I've still got a few. My favourite is one with Ron Springett and Peter Swan on front cover in their England kit. Never forget going to see Jackie Sewell at his house when I was researching for my book. I took him up to Hillsborough for a Wise Old Owls lunch. He got a great welcome. Won all his England caps as an Owl. Got to agree with torryowl. The 50s & 60s were a great time to be a supporter. Yes, it was a level playing field. Winning the FA Cup meant something also. Perhaps it would be interesting if oldies like myself could recall some of their favourite games seen in that period. My all time favourite is a 4-3 victory at Turf Moor. Burnley were reigning Div 1 champions. Tommy Mac sealed the win with a late penalty on a swamp of a pitch.
  12. Referring to Barnwood Owl1s comment, I remember those dark days of the 70s all too well. I didn't see as many matches then as I do now as I was still playing but there were many games that stand out. Halifax away Tuesday evening March 2nd 1976, 0-0. Our supporters outnumbered Halifax in 5,000 plus crowd. Halifax manager, Alan Ball senior, full of praise for our support next day in the press. Comments earlier blame Eric for the decline in fortunes but it wasn't Eric who sacked Derek Dooley and appointed Steve Burtenshaw. Looking forward to the release of that book.
  13. Are you getting mixed up with Ray Wilson. He went into family undertaking business after retiring. Wilf Smith was a very good full back. Very pacy.
  14. I think Buxtongent's comments are spot on. Thankfully, I also remember the time before segregation. I've been on Hillsborough in a semi final crowd of 65,000. NO TROUBLE! 65,000 was the capacity for many semis in the 60s. My father was at the match which set the all time record attendance of just over 72,000! Looking back at comments I read where Eric got abuse after Dooley was sacked on Christmas Eve 1972. Eric had had his accident then and the chairman was Sheppard. Dorian Gray kept calling Eric chairman. NOT TRUE, he never was. I knew my book would prove controversial and I'm really glad that it has given fans chance to air their opinions. For those of us who remember Eric it is no surprise to hear the comments about him putting ground before team. The book should be on sale at the next home game (Stoke City) WAWAW !
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