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  1. Any bets on who we are playing for the 1st fixture of 2023? I’m going for Cambridge Utd at home.
  2. Most pleasing thing for me is that this shows we are not offering stupid money
  3. Adeniran was a top player for us until he got injured FDB played a fair chunk of games BPF was first choice Brown was a regular starter until we realized he wasn’t very good Hardly right to say he doesn’t trust younger players
  4. Can’t wait for Kirchner to get back on twitter and rip off his face to reveal he’s really Erik Alonso, who then rips off his face to reveal he’s really Geoff Sheard
  5. For me the contract one is quite simple. Agree a contract by June 30 or shake hands and move on. Don't care if its NML, Luongo or the Dalai Lama
  6. Will be amazed if he gets a #1 in league football
  7. I would feel much more confident of Stockdale and Dawson than Dawson and Wildsmith This is a good signing IMO
  8. Shipston trying the Cadamarteri / Hunt approach to sort the new deal
  9. Not like the Star reporters to get played by agents… Lol
  10. Sounds like Mane is off to Bayern Oh and apparently Haaland’s management team were offered 20-25m to announce his arrival at Man City in the metaverse
  11. The thing is that clubs like West Ham can pay over the odds and hope that he makes it. If he doesnt then he can go on the scrap heap with the rest For us, if we pay over the odds we need to be a sure as possible as we can that he’ll make it …and we don’t even know how he’ll play against pros yet.
  12. Same deals will probably put them in higher earners territory - league wide
  13. They are players who spent nearly their entire career in the league above - they will be expensive Many teams have shown that if you are smart you can get really good value in this league. If they do not represent value for money then we should wave them goodbye and sign someone else And I love them both btw
  14. USA, Iran, Wales What a ******** poor group
  15. Tell me about it, I spent 3.5 weeks camping in a field next to Dortmund airport
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