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  1. Almost none? Do you need help counting?
  2. Good point, didn’t think of that. Probably is the case.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/transfers
  4. Keep seeing this. There’s been loads of signings announced where the player has been out of contract at another club. Why would ours be any different?
  5. 3 of the 4 names you mentioned got promoted to the Premier League. How is that not better?
  6. Brentford fans gutted about losing him so doesn’t seem as though the injury has ruined him. Still only 25 as well!
  7. And me. There was a couple times just before he came off if Adthe had an extra yard of pace he’d have been clean through.
  8. Dont underestimate how much a good communicator and organiser can improve a back 4. It’s not just about making saves. We’ve been all over the place defensively all season.
  9. Wigan have started like a train? The only game they’ve won is against us.
  10. Was only a few years ago O’Hara was playing for Blackpool in a league fixture at Hillsborough. What a simpleton.
  11. Barrow in 2004 We won 9-0 and Chris Adamson (I think) went in nets for the them after their keeer got injured
  12. Westwood played 43 out of 46 games last season and in his first year with 34 in 2015/16. Fletcher played 38 last season. However it’s a good point about Hooper.. in his two full seasons here he’s played 23 and 24 games out of 46 yet doesn’t cop half as much stick as Hutch.
  13. I can’t see it. Posh always get a big fee for their top players and we won’t be spending much with FFP being tight. I don’t think he’d get in over Fernando, Hooper, Joao and Fletcher either. Or winnall if he stays.
  14. Wouldn’t be arsed if he left tbh. Yes he’s in a good bit of form and yes he gives us something different, but let’s not forget bar a couple of cup games, he’d been useless right up until the Leeds away game
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