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  1. Liking the sound of these two. Have we ever had strikers be that prolific at that age group? Could be worth a go at u23s next year and possibly in the first team if we're lucky to have any dead rubber games at the end of the season. Saying that, they'll probably reject full time deals and goto Liverpool or Leeds and we'll get pitiful tribunals out of it...
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if we signed Dunkley just to take up the last space so Westwood can't get in
  3. Wtf is with the throw ins? How has it not been identified we have no idea what to do with them and rectified?! Shambles across the board.
  4. 99% of people know Westwood is the best keeper we have
  5. So we're competing for his signature with a manager renowned for getting one over us and who has also managed him in his best spell of form. Nothing in this....
  6. We haven't had a proper sponsor since Chupa Chups 20 years ago! Sponsors since have either been the current chairman's companies or local businesses.
  7. I've been critical of Monk but he's essentially had to work with a skeleton crew. When he's been allowed to bring his chosen staff in he's overperformed with both Leeds and Birmingham. With Boro they were probably achieving par, in the play offs but it's never easy coming down and having a new management team. Look at other teams who've been looking for a manager and they've settled with internal appointments, must be something in that. The best unemployed options must be asking for ridiculous demands.
  8. 11 of those seasons are in living memory for me. Jesus, why do I bother?
  9. Agreed, get Beattie and Clotet in and I'd be semi confident we'd amount to something next season.
  10. I think he's done well and like others said it ensures he doesn't get as forward as much nowadays which is his downfall. I'm hopeful he's purely filling in towards the end of the season and we're using the same scouts that got Borner to acquire a right sided centre back.
  11. The two from Peterborough - McKeever, Billington. Definietly Owen Morrison, peaked at 19 years old.
  12. Definitely taken a page out of Bolton's old chairman and wants a closed shop. Brighton are at risk of dropping and he'd rather take the extra £100m, no brainer . Looking at their results this season they're currently on a rotten run, and of the 6 teams they've beaten - 2 were Norwich and Bournemouth, with the other 4 being teams who were just about to lose their managers (Arsenal, Watford, Everton and Spurs).
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