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  1. I think he's done well and like others said it ensures he doesn't get as forward as much nowadays which is his downfall. I'm hopeful he's purely filling in towards the end of the season and we're using the same scouts that got Borner to acquire a right sided centre back.
  2. The two from Peterborough - McKeever, Billington. Definietly Owen Morrison, peaked at 19 years old.
  3. Definitely taken a page out of Bolton's old chairman and wants a closed shop. Brighton are at risk of dropping and he'd rather take the extra £100m, no brainer . Looking at their results this season they're currently on a rotten run, and of the 6 teams they've beaten - 2 were Norwich and Bournemouth, with the other 4 being teams who were just about to lose their managers (Arsenal, Watford, Everton and Spurs).
  4. What's with our strikers that aren't Fletcher? Wickham looks awful
  5. Overplaying it too much. Obviously as the front 5 haven't played together so to be expected. Surely we can muster something eventually. For monk's sake we need to go in just one down as they'll shut up shot.
  6. Probably only worth tuning in at the 70 minute mark when Fessi and Cruz get thrown on to rescue the game.
  7. We've only picked up 3 points in 4 games since Fletcher got ill. If he misses most of the season and isn't replaced we won't be anywhere near the playoffs.
  8. Prefer for him to stay in the championship and be an agent. Hope we're looking at getting Wickham back.
  9. 24 shots and we get one goal. Forest have 14 and score 4... Sums it up.
  10. Could've had 7 extra points if we'd held onto our away games and took one of our chances against Leeds. We could easily be 3 clear. Anyway, just to state it's fine margins and barring injuries we'll be in the running for top 6.
  11. Pretty obvious. Throughout the mid-late 90s we were both mid-table/relegation threatened teams all be it with Everton having cup success. Then we both turned to an up and coming manager. We failed twice in Wilson and Jewell and they had moderate success with Moyes, and here we are. Being mediocre in the 00s was expenentially more financially beneficial than in the 90s. Still no guarentee of staying in the top division but it certainly helps.
  12. Probably our last true sponsor. Ever since it's been Chairman companys and local businesses.
  13. Maybe he's a stop gap for this season and we get the Cowleys in the summer. Was watching one of their interviews and they said they always like to put their preparations in place during the summer.
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