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  1. Shame to lose a Yorkshire man, but it's a good fee and let's be honest, he won't be good enough for the Premier league next year
  2. Was this an official match though? Seen 2 Websites have it down as being postponed? https://uk.soccerway.com/national/england/professional-u18-development-league-2/20172018/regular-season/r41259/?ICID=SN_01_62 http://www.betstudy.com/soccer-stats/c/england/u18-professional-development-league-2/
  3. TomBee


    He's got zero confidence and loses almost every battle. We played a ball up to him and they had a high line, the Rhodes of old would have knocked it on and been through on goal, but instead he headed it back. We really should just cut losses and play Hirst and hope we make back the money on him that we've lost on Rhodes.
  4. Had Mcgugan signed for anyone yet?
  5. TomBee

    Booth to Tottenham

    Signed him for a lot of money, almost £3m for someone only proven at the 2nd tier. Another expensive gamble for a striker that didn't work out, file him next to Jeffers, Kuqi, De Bilde and sadly Rhodes unless there's a big turnaround. We've cried out for money for the past 15 years yet we have a terrible record of spending wisely, especially on strikers. Even hooper and fessi are starting to turn into issues.
  6. They must know Megson will have the reins soon
  7. TomBee


    JT player manager?
  8. TomBee

    O'Grady and Thorniley

    They are just a side chick, he'll be back at a moments notice when we call him again
  9. That's a bargain considering he's English and plays in a position that England are really weak in.
  10. TomBee

    Westwood wanted

    I wonder if we're lining up Bentley from Brentford. He was easily the most impressive keeper we faced last season, and they've signed a highly rated keeper this summer from Scunthorpe who surely will expect to play.
  11. TomBee

    Where is Carlos?

    He clicked the "send assistant" button by mistake.
  12. They've mastered the art of taking the majority of their chances, so game isn't over unless Wolves score again.
  13. TomBee

    Rival watch

    Always so unimpressed by Leeds, aside from parts of the Derby game. Barely create any chances, shaky at the back but always get a body in the way or opposition inexplicably misses the target. Yes, they're physical, well-drilled and have a striker who can do no wrong, but rely on so much luck. Please please please let them get their just desserts in the play offs!
  14. Leeds, Brighton, now Reading - 0 points and with a bit of luck could have had 18...