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  1. They're getting £100m, all we're asking for is a tenth of that. Prrrrofit!
  2. I'm hoping with the game being fairly meaningless to the players they thought it'd be better to go for another one than time waste. Also the foul was committed at 94:30 so we weren't robbed as such, but as mentioned there were not 5 mins of stoppages to add on.
  3. Maybe I'm overreacting as seeing Dawson, Onomah and pessy in the team is giving me flashbacks. But still feel Norwich had many great opportunities due to us not picking up men. I feel if we were 1 down it'd be quite toxic in here. Let's see how we do second half..
  4. We're playing Josball again. Dawson making tonnes of saves, defence all at sea, the odd good move that amounts to nothing, but then a 30 yarder to get us out of trouble.
  5. Leeds are a high press team and we haven't been able to cope with teams like that for the last few seasons. Hopefully Bruce gets us some quick and technical players in the summer.
  6. Indeed, can't see any teams consistently breaking into the top 6 for at least a decade. Or until they wee wee off to a European super league. Still think the games will be tasty, and with man utd sticking with ogs over the summer, they most likely will have a dodgy start next season.
  7. Not exactly true, everyone hates Leeds and if they go up this season and like any similar sized "sleeping giant" (us, forest, villa) they wouldn't be too unjustified targeting 7th/8th. Yes, it's a big step but there's a lot of dross in the prem from 7th downward, and that'd then only put them 1 or 2 places short of man utd.
  8. The annoying thing is we didn't contest the drop ball. Could have maybe earned a corner and stop them going the other end and earning their penalty.
  9. I get the transfer strategy of buying players who've got promoted, but we've literally gone for the water carriers of these teams.
  10. Was it? Think he had the 3, certainly nothing vast.
  11. Just interested if we genuinely only have Jos, his assistant, Bullen and Weaver as a coaching team? Watching Leeds and can't help but be envious of how they're set up (yes, I know it'll all unravel again). But they've splashed the cash on a decent manager and a hoard of a backroom team, and not exactly spent loads on players. While we've picked 2 relative unknowns as managers, barely given Jos a backteam, and have such a big squad I dread to think what we're paying the players who don't even make the bench.
  12. Think we may as well blood more of the youngsters, and I believe Jos has this in mind, as he's gradually bringing them into the first team rather than all at once. Be good to see Penney and Preston get a run out against the mackems.
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