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    JT player manager?
  2. O'Grady and Thorniley

    They are just a side chick, he'll be back at a moments notice when we call him again
  3. That's a bargain considering he's English and plays in a position that England are really weak in.
  4. Westwood wanted

    I wonder if we're lining up Bentley from Brentford. He was easily the most impressive keeper we faced last season, and they've signed a highly rated keeper this summer from Scunthorpe who surely will expect to play.
  5. Where is Carlos?

    He clicked the "send assistant" button by mistake.
  6. They've mastered the art of taking the majority of their chances, so game isn't over unless Wolves score again.
  7. Rival watch

    Always so unimpressed by Leeds, aside from parts of the Derby game. Barely create any chances, shaky at the back but always get a body in the way or opposition inexplicably misses the target. Yes, they're physical, well-drilled and have a striker who can do no wrong, but rely on so much luck. Please please please let them get their just desserts in the play offs!
  8. Leeds, Brighton, now Reading - 0 points and with a bit of luck could have had 18...
  9. Bannan corner turned?

    Wish he'd work on his right foot. No excuse for a professional footballer not to devote some time into it. He backed out of the 50/50 for their first goal as he'd have to tackle with his right, and did an awkward left foot cross when there was a shooting opportunity with his right in the second half.
  10. On form striker...

    In hindsight, if it was him coming off the bench for Fletcher, perhaps he'd have scored. We put in 2/3 decent crosses.
  11. Sam Winnall Signs - OFFICIAL

    With Winnall, I see a little Ryan Lowe in him. A player full of confidence in the form of his life who we can pick up cheap, and mostly bring off the bench for plan b. Just a shame for 2 summers in the row kind of, we've made the wrong acquisitions and are having to buy again later in the season.
  12. Might be something in that. Got to be a reason why we kept Semedo on.