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  1. we then went onto spend ridiculous amounts on players who never played for us in the late 90's like donnelly, o'connell etc... I remember my dad saying back then his mate was a celtic fan (into scottish football) and they were sick notes so couldn't work it out... Also booth wasn't a Wednesday player either as he was literally a 1950's old school centre forward/ target man.... IMO we should've let TF have time to change the team rather than spend ridiculous amounts on crappy players who were obviously not up to standard or unlikely to play more than a few games, as they were know to be injured
  2. We've never been smart when it comes to money... Didn't Howard Wilkinson leave because the board wouldn't sanction Mark Wright (liverpool/ England) and then he went to Leeds and won the last 1st division after signing Cantona on prolonged trial with us - SWFC 3rd placed that year.... Who he then sold to Man Utd who then won the league after more than 25yrs drought every year he played albeit the year he kung foo kicked a crystal palace fan and blackburn won on the last day with infinite spending....
  3. David Hirst says that he regrets not moving to Man Utd, but also says that back then it was no different from playing for us... However he didn't realise that the 1st division would become the premiership and Jack Walker would drive up players wages taking over Blackburn... Also Man City, Everton, Chelsea were nothing clubs and teams like Oldham/ Wimbledon were up there... Now the PL is a closed shop due to cash and the difference in standard..
  4. Historically we would've bounced back to the top in the last 25yrs, but football has changed as it's all about money, which has resulted in the demise of pretty much every Yorkshire team as it's a bottomless pit... So for me it's looking like Leeds are going to be the only viable option for any Yorkshire Team to challenge for the premiership, europe and domestic cups..
  5. We hit that over 20yrs ago from a season ticket holder since 93/94... It's also not what I want, but I've 4 kids (3 boys) and aside from a brief spell of good football, which they were slightly to young to appreciate it's pretty tough to sell watching Wednesday, inflict it on them and travel from York...
  6. I know that this is going to a contentious subject, but we have Barnsley, SUFC, Chesterfield and Rotherham all within walking distance of Hillsborough and traditionally this didn't matter, but in todays climate in terms of the prices to watch games etc. the only result I can see from all this is lower league football for us all forever...
  7. I’m not sure that your comment that football has never been so popular is correct, as historically when football teams employed local players for a pittance (so they had other jobs aswell) and the crowds dwarfed those now, as tickets were affordable the crowds were larger for all teams e.g. we had the largest average attendance at Hillsborough in the 1950’s...
  8. A game that was previously played by teams with local players with a passion/ love (short career/ small wages) and also enjoyed as value/cheap family entertainment by the Working Classes on a weekend for well over 100yrs has (since the 90's) been increasingly turned into a corporate Money making machine... The main changes to football were in the early to late 90's, which I think were the catalyst to our current situation such as the introduction of the premier league, Sky TV buying the rights to televise games, Jack Walker spending hand over fist to buy the Premier League title for Blackburn
  9. We haven't had any players for at least about 3 years +....
  10. No worries I couldn't even be bothered to Reach/Bannan it myself after writing it....
  11. And maybe 'Far from Heaven' based solely on the film title....
  12. Then I'd strongly recommend 'A Dogs Journey' as a must watch for you based on being on here and also a DQ fan...
  13. At the moment everyone is focused on the game tomorrow, but what happens next, as either way we will lose the majority of our players and are then facing the EFL FFP restrictions whatever division we are in next year... So IMO next year we will either be struggling to stay in the championship (again) or most likely just a mediocre league 1 team/ maybe (also) fighting relegation to stay in league 1... I know that most people blame Chansiri for our current situation, but IMO the EFL/ PL and money/greed that have hit/ effected EFL clubs like us, Notts Forest, Derby and Middlesbrough etc. All thes
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