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  1. I agree (unless there is some FFP jiggery pokery going on...both schemes seem like business suicide unless there's something going on we don't know about)
  2. I don't know, what are the official figures on the 1867 scheme, I'd be interested to know the uptake!
  3. Transaction would have to be at arms length to pass through the accounts / audit and FFP guidelines. Not that my suggestion would get through FFP anyway...i have the feeling there is more to this move than meets the eye. All will be reveled in the accounts for this season int he future!
  4. Long distance observer of OT and occasional poster. To put my comments into context, I live abroad and buy a membership annually: 1. So I can get tickets when at short supply 2. To put some money back into the club despite knowing I will only get to 5-10% matches (max) 3. To follow tradition of always having had a season ticket or membership since the age of 5 years old (unbroken and dictated by where I am based / work commitments etc). The £90 is obviously ridiculous and I would estimate that < 5% of last seasons members will renew. This cannot be a business decision as the revenue stream will almost die and people will not pay the on gate prices for all but the big matches (where a £5 saving is neither here nor there). My thoughts on this are that we risk ostracising junior fans and the pipeline of those who may purchase season tickets in future years but could only afford membership iin previous seasons. This is SUCH as short term measure that something else has to be the driver behind the decision.... My theory is that we will see ~XX thousand (lets say 49,000 per wiki for global employees) new members from Thailand who all receive the memberships as part of their work benefits package...all will end in the email address @thaiunionfoods.com and all will make a bulk payment in the next few weeks to cover the membership fees. This could then generate £4.4m in revenues overnight solving our FFP issues. If something like the above isn't happening then I'll have a bit of whatever Chansiri is smoking as £90 is wild, more so than any other move he has made proportionally (Corporate Boxes excluded).
  5. Or you could try reading again...I'm not defending Rhodes. You're stating he should have stood up and taken the penalty (which I agree with coincidently) but not what I either said or implied.
  6. The Rhodes penalty comments from Carlos were scandalous. Something along the lines of 'our top 5 takers were agreed prior to the match based on performance in training' would have sufficed. The way he is blaming the fans for performances now, and Rhodes in May show at best somebody who isn't willing to stand up and be counted. On the topic of whether he is a nice guy, who cares...he's paid to deliver results and he hasn't been this season. That's all we as fans and the Chairman should care about.
  7. I'm sure we were all booking Wembley tickets based on last seasons' results... I also disagree, performances and the points tally don't have to be mutually exclusive. Especially with the resources we have at our disposal. If playing to finish in the playoffs then the key results to be judged against should be those against Huddersfield where we were sadly lacking. I'd take 6th and a playoff win next season right now rather than 4th and a semi final loss again. A little bravery on Wednesday (or Sunday) and we could all be looking forward to Wembley again.
  8. Having reflected on the season, a couple of trends need addressing IF Carlos remains revolving around 'bravery'. 1. Carlos needs to pick the a system and formation encouraging bravery on the ball and a willingness to push on and make mistakes, even if it means leaving us slightly more open at the back 2. Importantly, to show a lot more bravery in leaving out players who don't fit into system (e.g 442, 433). Round pegs in round holes 3. Carlos needs to identify the spine of the team and then show bravery in sticking with this core 6 players through the middle of the park 4. Carlos needs to be brave and sell players who are not in this core 6/7 to release funds to purchase players who compliment the system (choose Lee or Bannan, Rhodes or Winnall, Hutch or Jones). This will free up funds prior to FFP 5. The general style of football needs to be more like Carlos' first season. Winning games by 2 clear goals as a target rather than holding on for 1-0 performances, bring back some style and the fans will forgive the odd poor result 6. Pick a talisman and build the team around this individuals attributes (Rhodes, FF or Hooper). Look to recoup funds from those who don't fit into this system and may be put out by not being the main man If we continue the way we did this season then we will finish between 8th and 4th. If this is the ambition then the status quo will give us a 50:50 chance of the playoffs and minimal chance of pushing for automatic promotion. I'm not sure why people are thinking top 2 is a realistic proposition based on this seasons performances. On the whole and with 3-4 exceptions the football has been average at best.
  9. 2 tickets for Brentford needed please if there are any going spare, ta
  10. Sat in a bar full of Aussies in Bali...bribed the barmaid to play the match (best £15 I ever spent)
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