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  1. Did every single Leeds fan in existence join in with the chants? Because Dave Jones said that all Leeds fans are animals with no exceptions, shouldn't he apologise to those who didn't join in for branding them such?
  2. Seen and what? More than some of your posters judging by the spelling on here.
  3. Why? Because it suits your agenda? Your fans hit him multiple times and yet that is somehow better?
  4. Couldn't you write a sternly worded letter? Most of us can read.
  5. They'll get the same punishment as we did when our fans attacked Clint Hill.
  6. Ignore the other bit I suppose.... You know... that little bit where your fans did the exact same thing.... Oh lets sweep that under the carpet
  7. You'll find Leeds fans are taking over this thread because you guys are overreacting MASSIVEly with regards to club punishment, you all seem to want to beat us with a baseball bat but completely forget you did this yourselves and went unpunished.... Actually that was about 6 or 7 guys attacking Clint Hill, does that make you 7 times more scum than us?
  8. With away fans it always sounds like a majority, only takes a few hundred and the sound is intense. Go to Elland Road and you won't even hear em.
  9. Didn't we already do that yesterday?
  10. The points we robbed off you will cause you to be relegated. Which will mentally damage you.
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