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  1. An alternative view to this fiasco: 1) SYP commissioned Professor Keith Still for this report on the Leppings Lane Concourse after there much criticised policing of the SWFC/SUFC game last season. Fact 2) The same Keith Still who was expert witness for them re Hillsborough disaster. Fact 3) The timing of this report is significant, a few days before the first home game, maximum publicity to SYP, maximum disruption to the club and within the legal time frame for submission as evidence in the re-trial of DD/SYP which commences on the 7th October. 4) Opinion - DD/SYP will use this report in the re-trial to deflect blame away from them and back towards the club, i.e. Leppings Lane not fit for purpose etc etc 5) Why ? if the jury accept this, DD/SYP are Not Guilty - therefore all walk free, no Compensation Payments from SYP, they are completely vindicated, club are to blame. 6) There abysmal policing at the derby match is also deflected back to the fans of both clubs and SWFC. 7) I am a Wednesday fan for over 55 years, used both North/South Stands to enter and exit via the Leppings Lane on countless occasions without any fears for my/others safety. 8) This is a blatant and disgraceful attempt by SYP to cover up there own shortcomings yet again. 9) Its time we stood up to these bureaucrats who in there opinion consider it safe to allow 25,000 home fans to exit via 2 routes only onto Penistone Road/Over the Bridge, tomorrow afternoon - utter madness !
  2. My first away game, we took thousands, fans sat on the pitch all around the ground. We won 3.1 and went to Chelsea in the 1/4 final But cannot find the attendance at Carrow Road that day, does anyone know. Thanks
  3. Did anyone else notice that the referee yesterday should have been Geoff Eltringham ( ref at Villa ) but was changed to David Coote without explanation ? Strange that the only decent ref we've had for ages was dropped from our game !
  4. Met Chris in Thailand a couple of years ago with a good crew of Stocksbridge Owls, nice fella.
  5. I bought one or so I thought ! Just received an e mail saying that they oversold by mistake ........... Its taken a week for them to tell me I havent got one. Very unhappy
  6. What a great day and Xmas, lived at Malin Bridge. Worked at Woodhouse & Rixson, MD was David Hall, a blunt, he had my spare ticket ( sorry, should never had done it ) any way his face at 4.0 was a picture. Went to the BEEHIVE at the top of Wadsley Lane after, great afternoon and then Boxing Night in town, bloody brilliant, Wednesday celebrating everywhere. BIG thanks to Bridget Kelly, Julie Butcher, Sally, Jill, Malcolm Frost, Andy Mauger for the best ever. WAWAW
  7. If we get Fulham in the semi's they have allocated blocks 5, 6, & 7 in the Putney End, which I think is 1800 tickets ( anyone know ) no neutral zone
  8. Anyone remember this game when we won 2-0 and thousands of Wednesday fans went and made it like a home game, be great to do it again next Saturday, tickets still available from Ipswich ( without a purchase history )
  9. Tickets can be bought in all parts of the ground ( including Cobbold Stand ) direct from Ipswich website. You have to register ( its free ) and tickets can be printed at home or posted to you.
  10. Tickets can be bought in all parts of the ground ( including Cobbold Stand ) direct from Ipswich website. You will have to register ( its free ) and tickets can be printed at home or posted to you.
  11. Tickets can be bought direct from villa website, just register ( no charge ) and then buy tickets, they will be posted.
  12. Tickets can be bought direct from Villa website, just register ( no charge ) and they will be posted out.
  13. EM Trains do special deals for us in London on match days, phone sales team, Donna and Natalie are very helpful on 01332 867000 £46 return if they haven't sold out
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