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  1. Wind your kneck in. Not memorable. How many players have you seen at Hillsborough run onto the pitch on his own at the start of the match and receive applause like that. Never forget it.
  2. Owlsincefifties - 1950's or age. Strange, Leache and Marsden might give you a clue. Mittwoch.
  3. To the Irish National Anthem. WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY together standin' tall MASSIVE, MASSIVE we're bigger than them all. Well I'll Sing it anyway.
  4. Ah.Memories are made of this. We've all done it the past. SAVE OUR OWLS!
  5. Great post from Rob Chester. Are we going to wake up before it's too late. Make no mistake the supporters have allowed this to happen.flipping useless.
  6. Asteener, of course I blame the board. The same board we've done nowt to try and shift.
  7. Been going to Hillsborough for over 50 years and this is about as bad as it gets. Would any other supporters of a club as big as ours allow this to happen. Were to blame nobody else.
  8. It's about time this 'best supporters' poo poo was put to bed. Let's face it were pathetic really. '
  9. 3600 shares of 5p each offered to Shareholders Association (mine) Quote':We hope to identify up to 20% of the shareholding in this way to add to the Boards 30% to attract an investor.' Seems like a long time ago. Caused a laugh about me being a pig, still have have nightmares about Billy Punton! Bronco for England!
  10. Supporters to blame for demise of club. All fight and spirit went years ago. They call us Wendies, how apt. Strange ,Leach and Marsden.
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