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  1. Spoke to a good few of my mates who are ST holders and they all responded with “What?! Never heard that “ am a season ticket holder there was also candy floss wrists biscuit wrists popadom wrists crisps wrists
  2. Leeds fan in peace. I never rated him, but for some reason, when a youth player comes through at Leeds, we can get a premium for them, did same with Jack clarke. likeable lad but he wasn’t nicknamed rubber wrist for nothing, had a real problem, I think on his right side, couldn’t keep anything out. But I think there a bigger picture here Whilst I think he’s not very good, on paper it’s an ambitious signing and gives out the right signals, which I think is massive for you at this time. Plus he’s better than them two you’ve got
  3. There barely been a penny spent, and people think £3m- £5m for a ageing 31 year old in League one. really !!!! be lucky to get a £1m
  4. NI is being paid,on the non footballing side,look at the amounts its minimal........no football salary s are listed under the Employment section in the accounts ———————————- it was £4m That’s not for non footballing side
  5. Lead me by the hand than,i cant see players under employees in our accounts...looked twice —————————————— yes non playing staff are getting £36.5m
  6. it’s paid through paye Not getting it are you?....what if said i will pay you 5000 a Year for playing football through the payroll,and 750,000 through your limited company for cleaning my windows....any simpler? —————————————— but that’s is not happening. you can clearly see in the accounts, that’s the players are getting all their wages paid through paye. it’s black and white
  7. also gave an example where specific footballers were being looked at in relation to 'loans' presumably from the Ltd Companys set up for their football wages,and income ————————-/ but players don’t get paid their wages through limited companies. it’s paid through paye
  8. But your wrong sheff Wednesday are paying the players through PAYE
  9. Mate footballers can be paid as ltd companies,and take a Monthly/yearly dividend,take the majority of their wages as 'directors loans. —————- do you know that’s true or just made it up.
  10. He could potetially sell Sheffield 3 - the value of which is the piece of paper it holds guaranteeing it to receive the rent of £80m - Ive no idea how much but lets guess at £65m —————————————- but they haven’t paid for the stadium yet, so that would need to come off your calculations
  11. The old myth that tv destroyed football it saved it. I remember the 80s half empty stadiums, even the massive clubs barely sold out, even though they were half size they are now. the death trap stadiums barely any kids or women went the football was garbage, donkeys playing on ploughed fields you barely got to see goals on tv, never mind watching a full match. it was utter terrible and football was slowly dying. It’s far from prefect now, but people look back with rose tinted glasses.
  12. I’m still not buying it..what’s the point in goin into admin if you still have to pay the players every penny of there contracts?? So you go into admin to save on the wages of the minimum wage mob ————————- they are 100% protected and if you don’t pay them, you will not be relegated but kicked out of the whole league
  13. Leeds fan in peace. one of the reason it was brought in, was teams were starting to cheat with the old rule. they could waste time by deliberately passing it to someone In the box, ref would have to make them retake it. in other words waste time
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