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  1. wakefieldinleed1

    Leeds fan in peace

    True no play offs auto its there if good enough
  2. wakefieldinleed1

    Leeds fan in peace

    I read this forum like I do on numerous other clubs forums just because am interested in all football and what fans thinks I thought tonight was a near perfect away performance by you guys. very impressed am not anti Yorkshire clubs, and hopefully we'll both go up
  3. wakefieldinleed1

    Leeds fan in peace. Good luck next week

    Been to both Cardiff and Wembley and Cardiff was a lot easier than Wembley for atmosphere. Be interesting to see how you find it, bit of a let down for me. Yes old Wembley was full of wee wee in the toilets and views were garbage but there was something magical I got with it compared to the new one
  4. Really glad to see you've found a great owner( totally jealous) And hope you do it Saturday. Always enjoy the smaller clubs getting reward for the fans loyalty Enjoy the match, rooting for you
  5. wakefieldinleed1

    Advance Saver ST

    How much do you want to bet ??? I know am 100% right
  6. wakefieldinleed1

    Advance Saver ST

    Leeds fan in peace If you pay it on a credit card, the club will get it paid over the 3 years not lump sum. Hence why the club won't let you do it, they want the money straight away or within the 10 months
  7. wakefieldinleed1

    Finance Available For Half STs

    It's over 38% Apr for finance for the kop
  8. wakefieldinleed1

    If you'd been asked a year ago...

    The club has spent miles more than the extra income from ticket prices so not sure how your making out the price increases are lowering the loss
  9. wakefieldinleed1


    If you want to see more of the likes of FF then that's the way it's gonna be, simple as that. ---------------------------- Revenue was down for today's game
  10. wakefieldinleed1


    Hardly any was bought after first deadline. Stop tryin to defend raping of fans. Higher prices do not always mean more revenue
  11. wakefieldinleed1


    18k at those prices will have made us more than 22k at last season's. We've got to pay Forestieri's wages somehow! ------------------------ No they wouldn't seeing has if you take away the season tickets which didn't go up by that much, tickets would have been had to be double what they were last year to make the same
  12. Whelan is one of those players you hate as a fan. Was on big wages / lucrative long term contract from back when they were throwing money about. Couldn't get a game in recent seasons because he'd turned crap, and Leeds wanted to move him on to free up his considerable wages. Basically, he decided to just hang around, and carry on picking up silly money for not playing. Then says how fantastic the club he bled dry is. True Leeds legend. Factually so wrong You've just made that up
  13. We can have when your relegated. Got to be good though, because we've already 4 poo poo hot ones in the team
  14. wakefieldinleed1

    Desperate Leeds Fan banter

    Lees was poor for us, glad he's doing well for you because he's a good lad. You do know that players can improve by a change of club ?? It was right for both him and the club, that he left.
  15. Looking toward to relegating you guys in your last home game. Will we get the bottom tier ??? MOT