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  1. Leeds fan in peace. one of the reason it was brought in, was teams were starting to cheat with the old rule. they could waste time by deliberately passing it to someone In the box, ref would have to make them retake it. in other words waste time
  2. 450k a season not £3.5m for police £20m a year to run the ground what you been smoking
  3. Club's don't pay the pfa - players do ——————————— wrong most of it come from the premier league. players hardly pay anything to them
  4. This my view as a Leeds fan. Been lucky, that still been working, job looks quite secure and really don’t need the money. But as long as the players are still getting paid in full, I’ll be taking full refund, for games, that I can not go to. And I fully expect, the same for any games, that I can not go to next season.
  5. Leeds have early bird too. Paid a grand for two season tickets in Feb for next season
  6. But FFP doesn’t stop any spending on stadium. to get that so wrong, just kills the article
  7. Werent paid pal but to be fair the club the past two years have put massive money into local charities. have your club done the same
  8. So your saying profits haven’t been inflated in both cases ???
  9. Hirst read what qpr did. Accounting wise it’s legal. Same as sheff wed. league rejected it ( it’s their rules, WHICH ALL CLUBS AGREE TO ABIDE)
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/07/27/queens-park-rangers-handed-transfer-ban-reach-42million-settlement/amp/ read that lads. Very much what you have done (they wrote off loan to try to pass ffp, you pretended to sell ground) they couldn’t get them points because they were in the prem. think they will go down this route with you instead of massive fine
  11. QPR got away with a 42 million pound fine ———————— accepted a £17m fine.
  12. And regarding the chairman been banned does he do anything day to day really ??? shouldnt make any difference to you at all. be very surprised if he is banned ( means he’s done something really dodgy, not just try to cheat a sale date)
  13. Blue and white i can see it, because we had bad owners for years, I’ve seen it. It kills a club, it’s taken 15 years for the fans to come back after huge ticket rises. i really feel for you lot because the owner should have been a great owner. he’s got money and cares but he’s clueless.
  14. Leeds fan in peace looking as an outsider. it looks pretty obvious what’s happened 1 you failed P&L and got an embargo 2 the owner was trying all sorts of creative accounting with all these silly schemes, ie plaques etc etc didnt work 3 you again went way ten limit of £39m 4 you were going to get another embargo and maybe points 5 the chairmen the see derby and villa selling the ground. 6 tries back dating it, basically cheating with the sale date. 7 FL have seen through this and be very surprised if you didn’t get points. youve over spent and then tried to get away with it. The Auditors have behaved badly, not illegally but I’d question there take on the accounts ( certainly the timing) it’s not accounting rules you are getting done for, but the football league rules. youve broken them and will be penalties. shame because the owner isn’t a bad guy. Just can’t run a business
  15. Yes it obviously a worry but you know what, what really matters to me now, is coming home after a match, knowing we’re playing good exciting football, not feeling it’s a chore to go. tickets are like gold dust now, and it ain’t cheap but he’s brought the love of the fans back for the game. and to be fair monk, was the start of that. What i see in sheff wed, Mirrors a lot like what Leeds was like for years under Bates etc etc. Expensive prices for garbage football. Fan base divided, fans going through the motions, only going through habit. Leeds has been turned round, through the owner, monk and now beilsa. dont ever accept, defensive, playing the percentages football. Football is about the fans, about leaving the daily grind on Saturday, not to be depressed through the likes of Carlos, big Sam and Pulis. Am sure monk will bring some pleasure back
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