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  1. Yes it obviously a worry but you know what, what really matters to me now, is coming home after a match, knowing we’re playing good exciting football, not feeling it’s a chore to go. tickets are like gold dust now, and it ain’t cheap but he’s brought the love of the fans back for the game. and to be fair monk, was the start of that. What i see in sheff wed, Mirrors a lot like what Leeds was like for years under Bates etc etc. Expensive prices for garbage football. Fan base divided, fans going through the motions, only going through habit. Leeds has been turned round, through the owner, monk and now beilsa. dont ever accept, defensive, playing the percentages football. Football is about the fans, about leaving the daily grind on Saturday, not to be depressed through the likes of Carlos, big Sam and Pulis. Am sure monk will bring some pleasure back
  2. What's your opinion on Bielsa? ————————————- unbelievable coach. Makes you want to waste your life away, because your that desperate for the next game. while results are a massive thing, as a season ticket holder, I’ve realised all I want is to go and enjoy going every week. I’d never ever want a big Sam, Pulis or karanka at my club. They leave a long stench way after they leave. To be fair, monk brought a feel good factor back to Leeds. Forward thinking and at home attacking. You’ll enjoy him
  3. Birmingham was in difficult circumstances but they had some really good players
  4. Monk did very well at Leeds, sadly tailed off towards end of season. Liked to play out of from the back, had good footballing defenders but didn’t over play, like say reading did under stam. Overall a nice style of play, quite attacking was quite good in the transfer market. Pablo has probably been our best pound for pound signing for years. Bartley another great loan signing. Had great backroom staff in Beattie and pep. Wood improved massively under Beattie. Left leeds, because he didn’t really want a director of football. Did feel he’d run his course at Leeds though. Wasn’t a great fan of his personality, abit smarmy, seemed to be all about him at times. Overall, think it’s a very good appointment for you but don’t expect miracles, if your players aren’t good enough, he’s not going to get massive improvement out of them
  5. Leeds fan in peace we had the same, fans defending ken Bates at all costs. this topp bloke is embarrassing, I can not believe what am reading. And you can tell by his responses, as not a clue. whilst I people the chairman does care, he’s running your club very badly.
  6. Spot on Derbyshire and let’s hope it’s a cracking game and people behave themselves, which bar the odd incident, has been the case for the games between the clubs
  7. But Belfast, you were missing the point complete. someone said tickets have been sold without restrictions, that is factually untrue
  8. By buying of a season ticket or member. Excatly same as what happens at Sheffield Wednesday. Leeds have a very clear policy that, You need to take Your membership card to be checked at the away game. ive never been to an away game, where it’s been checked, that’s the home side fault
  9. And yet leedshave been allowed to sell all there tickets with no restrictions at all and we all know how that’s gonna end up. ————————— what are you on about, only season ticket holder and members, are allowed to buy away tickets. And this is what happened for this games same has it has been for 30 years utter nonsense
  10. You didn’t sell 3000 at Birmingham last season you didn’t sell 2000 for Bristol City last season either
  11. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.leedsunited.com/newsmobile/ticket-news/23527/2018-19-away-season-tickets yup they are ripping the fans off think there are around a 1000, plus waiting list
  12. They don’t the tickets would have average over £34 for the club to lose out.
  13. No it’s £780 upfront you don’t pay has the season goes. you get 6 months free payment if you want it
  14. It doesn’t matter pal. I hope you do well, be great too see both clubs in prem. just been listening to talk sport and your ex manager is on at 1, could be something about your club
  15. Here pal you’ve great support but when a couple of your fans start talking nonsense and saying am talking rubbish, feel I’ve got to defend myself. PS i don’t believe there will be much bother next Friday,
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