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  1. He’s gone from mega money to pittance. I would actually love to know what forest green are paying him…
  2. Thought this might be of interest to a few, in my home town of Worksop. Such a lovely place.
  3. Why are we so obsessed with ex players. Move on. And while I’m at it fvk him.
  4. I can’t find an email for the megastore, do you know what it is?
  5. Has anybody ever actually managed to get through to somebody on the phone in there? Been trying for a couple of days now with no luck. Wondered why the home shirt hasn’t turned up yet and on my order history there’s no house number
  6. Cheers that’s good news, glad they aren’t injured
  7. Apologies if I missed this but did Moore say what the problem was last night?
  8. I had the away shirt in medium and it was pretty fitted. I’ve ordered a medium this morning as well
  9. Got myself one and a baby kit for the little one
  10. Does anybody actually know if these will be available without the sponsor? Be such a shame if they aren’t
  11. I spoke to someone in the megastore today on the phone and they confirmed we are having new kits
  12. The guy in the Meadowhall store couldn’t of been less interested. I said when are you getting more stock and he just shrugged his shoulders and that was the end of that one pretty much.
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