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  1. Oh one last shot, I presume that from your argument you feel that anyone who wasn't born during or before the world wars shouldn't commemorate them either?
  2. No if we weren't playing Cardiff of course not but it's because we are. Do Clubs place banners in support of Hillsborough when they're not playing Liverpool? It's called solidarity and community but you know what? Fark it. Let's not bother, I've had enough of the nimby selfish s0ds on here. I used to think we had a great city and great club with great supporters but obviously we're just another Rotherham or Grimsby only bothered about our patch and arguing we get bigger crowds than United. We don't believe in the wider community just as long as Wensdeh win. I'm done with this forum cos I got better things to do than get spat at by narrow minded people who think that Trump and UKIP have a point. Don't forget to pull the drawbridge up and shut the world out every night fella.
  3. Never had a choice Dad just said that's how it is. Though I had brief flirtation with spurs for a season during which he sulked and slagged them off all season. I asked for a spurs shirt for Christmas aged six. Ripped open wrapping to find bukta's finest blue and white stripes....I never had a chance....
  4. Struggling to find on. Any pointers accepted.
  5. Right I've just got up with my hangover and although a little disappointed with some of the negative comments particularly insinuations I'm some kind of professional grief junkie , I do think some valid points have been made regarding doing something en masse. It's clear that not everyone comfy so I think that Phone lights or minutes applause or silence is out. Firstly for the reasons that have been stated about intruding and secondly because if not everyone on board it will just look poo and just be a bit insulting. so I think that if we can get a banner in time with just a simple message like Aberfan 21.10.66 Not forgotten with a club badge (from both?) either side the date, this would be an understated tribute from those of us who want to do so and doesn't have to involve those who don't plus not making a show or ramming it in Ccfc faces. I've been trying to get on their website to have an ask but still not permission authorised.
  6. Well it seems to be an idea people are getting on board with so well done Wednesdayites. I'm offline for a bit now so I'll let some more ideas come in and look at getting things moving later.
  7. I'll match that but all donations of any size accepted.
  8. Cardiff is nearest unless you count Merthyr Tydvill but most people in the Taff minefield are Cardiff fans, but it was a tragedy felt across South Wales.
  9. That was my initial thought just something simple like Aberfan 50 years with both clubs crest on. Though I like the phone lights and minutes applause at 50 mins too.
  10. Had genuinely forgotten about him. Could be a good option.
  11. I can only imagine how bad the tales were. Hard to look at images of it without getting a lump in the throat.
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