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  1. Yeah he's getting a lot of grief. Not the best player in the world but bleeds to the last drop. Seems like he's getting grief from the same people who were getting on Nuhiu's back and in my opinion we really miss Nuhiu in the squad.
  2. I'd love us to win this. Be great to win a new bit of silverware and play a final. Who wouldn't want to win a trophy and celebrate a bit of success?
  3. That's a pretty far fetched/nonsense conclusion.
  4. West is very complimentary about Steve Bruce. Sure we would have got promoted with Bruce according to him.
  5. Based on what? What makes you think he can manage? Just curious.
  6. It just makes total common sense. So what's happened? Don't get it.
  7. Either way he left and didn't stay. At least the appointments of Bruce and Pulis were understandable ones. Jos, Monk and Moore I don't get at all. Massive gambles that totally haven't paid off. Don't know what Chansiri was thinking. It's like he wants to throw his money away.
  8. I think career wise Bruce is a much better manager than CC but obviously wasn't here that long and left us in the poo. If only Newcastle hadn't come calling, everything would be different now I think.
  9. Thought I'd make a table of the managers from best to worst in the reign of Chansiri: 1. Carvalhal 2. Bruce 3. Pulis 4. Luhukay 5. Monk/Moore (both equally poo and both odd appointments) Not included interim managers.
  10. Thought their commentary was alright. They performed better than Wednesday that's for sure.
  11. Be too late to save our season soon. Take action now........ think we all know it won't happen though. At least we have a cringey post-match interview to look forward to.
  12. FFS!!!! Get out Moore!! I was just thinking Moore is alucky man today with his crazy "tactics" and then the inevitable happens....... again. Get him out and get someone who can responsibly manage this squad.
  13. Liking the look of Corbeanu ....... even in an un-natural position for him. Needs to start games.
  14. Not a single player showed frustration or anger afterwards. No rush to get the ball back to kick off and make amends. Just nothing. I think were gonna be fighting relegation again unless something changes dramatically.
  15. There's at least 4 Wednesday players just stood still like statues. Gormless.
  16. Another mind - boggling appointment. Didn't understand that one either.
  17. Peacock is gonna cost us again. Two mess ups on the trot now.
  18. Our keeper nearly messed up again there. Lucky to get away with that.
  19. Still don't understand why we employed him anyway. Don't get it, he'd done nothing. Also don't get while a lot of fans were excited about him initially. It's quite a basic thing to employ a manager with a good record who's achieved in the game and has a clear vision. We were unlucky with Bruce, I'll give Chansiri that.
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