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  1. English Man

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Article in Scottish Metro.......
  2. English Man


    Villa he played 30+ games in a more attacking role that he wasnt as comfortable with. Generally he's more defensive but sometimes seen as an attacker due to his pace.
  3. I agree it's probably counter-productive but it's so frustrating that we were so close. It was such a good opportunity with a new squad and now it's looking like we're gonna have to rebuild and do it all over again.... if we can afford it. The recklessness and silly signings that followed have now led to a situation were we are under an embargo and maybe in financial doodah again. Could realistically mean another 5years plus in the champ if not worse. I think a winge and a question about that, followed by "what's the plan" to get us out of this mess? Would suffice☺
  4. English Man

    Positive Thread alert

    At least Rhodes didn't score.
  5. That's exactly right, all we needed. Then spunked loads of money on pointless signings and created a totally unbalanced over crowded squad. Someone needs to mention this on Monday night. Ask him why we then went on to spunk all that money on signings we didn't need and have still never strengthened the areas we needed to, to make the next step. Everyone could see it apart from those in charge.
  6. English Man

    Where do you think we'll finish

    Dont think we will get relegated but dont think we will be fightimg for promotion. Think it's gonna be an average/boring season. We will be ok, although the weakening of our defence/no strengthening is concerning.
  7. English Man

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Still have to pay £60 though, not much better really.
  8. English Man

    #SWFC Carving from Holland

    You guys are so negative. It looks good.
  9. English Man

    Tribal Owls T-shirt

    I’d wear it. If it ever goes on sale let me know.
  10. English Man

    Just moved up to Edinburgh

    I think he was referring to a Owlstalk user mate.
  11. English Man

    Just moved up to Edinburgh

    Hey, I’m an owl in Edinburgh. Live pretty central. There’s a Scottish Owls group on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/scottishowls/ I’m an admin on that and I also organise meet ups in Edinburgh sometimes for games on tv. There’s quite a few of us up here you will be happy to know. Although we’re not as active as we were now. There’s also been a few times we organised bus trips to games but last one we did was playoff final. Theres also a whats app chat group. Can add you to that if you like?
  12. English Man

    SWFC graffiti

    This was on a wall at a venue up in Inverness that my band @hybridtheHybridtheorytributeband (Linkin Park tribute) were playing at. Looks like some Blades had got to it too. Sorry for the shameful plug :)
  13. Let's just hope we don't get battered and he beccomes an instant villain. It's a tough game for him to start with especially in the current situation with so many injuries and lacklustre players on the books. I just hope people keep this in mind If we lose. Hoping for the win though obviously and what a great way it would be for him to start his tenure. Wonder if he would prefer a low key game or the Derby to begin with? Also wonder if there will be a new face or not in the team by Friday?
  14. English Man

    He's still here!

    "Carlos is destroying our club and has wasted a ridiculous amount of money on signings." You could also say the same about DC.