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  1. You can't blame Sky if you watch it/pay for it. Totally hypocritical.
  2. Id imagine they're scared of getting sued and have maybe being warned.
  3. Still don't think we've recovered from Bruce [email protected]!*ng us over.
  4. I can't watch as I'm not on Twitter. What happens?
  5. Let's just face it. We've got a skillful but past it team. In the same way Wednesday always have when it comes to winning the teams we should we never do and that's how we never achieve. We cave in when we're under any kind of pressure but can get results when we're not expected to. The team are skilled but past it, lacking in the desire to win promotion and also the energy to make it happen. Will always fail when it comes to it. Changes need to happen. Same story for about 3 seasons. We're doing well but we will fail agail at the last hurdle due to our inadequacies.
  6. I don't think this is true. Neil Lennon came to the pub to watch Huddersfield play off game (in Edinburgh) and was talking about Rhodes. He was telling me he thinks Rhodes is an extremely overrated player and he really doesn't rate him at all. In fact I'd go as far to say he doesn't like him as a player. Can't see it being true.
  7. All this nonsense is going to lead to something bad happening and we all know whose fault it will be.
  8. Maybe offer FF and Hutchinson one, even if it's just to sell for a bit of cash the following season.
  9. I'd say just Nuhiu and Lee (if stays fit). Nuhiu might be controversial but he's a handy, effective sub/squad player. Squad needs a clean swep and a new start. Obviously see if anything can be achieved this season though.
  10. This does worry me. Its unforgivable really if he has made his own club pay more money to give some extra cash to a dodgy agent. If true. It's worrying because of our recent history with Doyen/dodgy agents.
  11. Although this thread is a complete over reaction to Carlos' tweet. He put us in a dire financial position (after we had just got a good financial standing), didn't actually achieve anything and left us with an aging and unfit team which has lead to where we are now. Can't blame CC totally, DC let it happen. Any manager who doesn't believe in fitness training without a ball in this league has no idea. If we had someone of Bruce's ilk (and not a chancer like CC) at that time, with that money and positively around the club we would have been up. Great opportunity and loads of cash wasted. May now hold us back for years to come. But yeah Carlos should be looked back upon very fondly.
  12. Anywhere we can watch the press conference Live?
  13. Maybe Westwood is a bit of a wee wee tail (not saying he is but maybe) Before you all slate me...... If you don't carry out your Managers orders and think you're bigger then that is a sackable offence in a normal job but let's face it football isnt normal. Still... I have heard lots about Westwood not willing to train properly, not helping the youth keepers, I guess now not following orders. At the end of the day he is/was a class keeper but I think you have to draw the line somewhere if someone thinks they have more power than the boss. That's when things fall apart. Someone has to lead and everyone who are not the manager has to follow the managers rules. If they don't the whole philosophy falls apart. If someone thinks they are better than that philosophy it comes at a cost to team performance and results. Just going by what I hear on here BTW.
  14. Good letter that. I'd say only think missing is that (I've not been to Hillsborough this season) people have said the prohibition notice is causing bigger problem at the Penistone Road end. Congestion. And overspill onto Penistone Road caused by the notice doesn't really get a mention. Apart from that it's well worded and asks some important questions.
  15. If he wasnt interested the first time we came calling we definitely shouldn't go back a second time. Need someone who really wants it and will be passionate about it.
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