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  1. Somehow managed to turn the badge into an optical illusion.
  2. Why have we been so wreckless with money on players we didn't need/never used who have no resale value after that first season? Why have the positions that needed improving to turn us into an auto-promotion team never materialised and instead we bloated the team with expensive, ageing squad players we will never use? The team has not improved since Wembley, It's deteriorated but wage budget has jumped up significantly.
  3. The main problems don't lie with the manager, it's the shiiiittttyy advisors/agents Chansiri has been using.
  4. Maybe the chant should be "Doyen and Paxo out, experienced football men with Wednesday in their heart in". Think it'll catch on? That's where the real problems lie. Joss is just the face of it, another manager will face same problems.
  5. At the moment I wouldn't want him to do it, it would end in tears and his rep would be tarnished. Awful job to take on really and it would take someone special to succeed. No money, useless chairman, were in freefall, no new players coming in and best players all leaving. Incredibly difficult and unnapealling job to take on at the moment unfortunately. But we don't even have enough money to fire Joss anyway. We're screwed basically and need a calm/experienced head to help us.
  6. Because if he does well and they don't get promoted someone else could come in for him and get him at at a much reduced price.
  7. Be careful with this thread/poll. If he sees a large online consensus voting out. He could walk and leave us in the poo.
  8. Villa he played 30+ games in a more attacking role that he wasnt as comfortable with. Generally he's more defensive but sometimes seen as an attacker due to his pace.
  9. I agree it's probably counter-productive but it's so frustrating that we were so close. It was such a good opportunity with a new squad and now it's looking like we're gonna have to rebuild and do it all over again.... if we can afford it. The recklessness and silly signings that followed have now led to a situation were we are under an embargo and maybe in financial doodah again. Could realistically mean another 5years plus in the champ if not worse. I think a winge and a question about that, followed by "what's the plan" to get us out of this mess? Would suffice☺
  10. That's exactly right, all we needed. Then spunked loads of money on pointless signings and created a totally unbalanced over crowded squad. Someone needs to mention this on Monday night. Ask him why we then went on to spunk all that money on signings we didn't need and have still never strengthened the areas we needed to, to make the next step. Everyone could see it apart from those in charge.
  11. Dont think we will get relegated but dont think we will be fightimg for promotion. Think it's gonna be an average/boring season. We will be ok, although the weakening of our defence/no strengthening is concerning.
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