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  1. Def shouldn't have put Dunkley in at the deep end for a game like this after been out. Would have preferred Uroghide but outcome may have been the same. Just so ridiculously frustrating that just as Cardiff equalise Wednesday concede. FFS!
  2. Why is there never a middle option? Always yes or no, black or white etc. I'm not sure.
  3. Most fall for corporate pr statements. Its pathetic.
  4. Another poo manager/management team. Awful line up and tactics today. Team are awful, management are awful and our chairman is disgraceful.
  5. So frustrating to watch. Don't think ive ever said FFS so much in one game.
  6. Don't understand why were not starting Rhodes?
  7. I guess we will see. Knowing our luck they will become the next Man City.
  8. Why we playing out from the back? Weve nearly lost it 3 times. Not food enough at the back for that.
  9. Not really.......... We don't own the ground. In reality weve lost a scoreboard.
  10. I do think it would have been nice (although very idealistic) if Shaw could have shown a little loyalty and signed an extension just to get a bit of a fee for us. In an ideal world that would have been a real sign of respect for the club and us as fans. Fully knowing Celtic would have have paid a bit more and that he was still going to go but he would have left on more favourable terms that way. Totally understand why he would leave us for Celtic (especially atm, don't blame him for that) but would have been nice if he helped us get a half decent fee. Oh well it is what it is.
  11. I don't understand this mentality of getting relegated "could be good for us" , "we can reset" . It's a complete backwards step. We will have to rebuild for league one survival, then improve to get out of the league (again), then once were back (if we manage it and don't drop again) we have to rebuild again for the champ. Can't believe weve become a Champ/league one yoyo club. Were basically and embarrassingly now on a par with Rotherham as a club. I thought we'd left this behind after MM and C taking over but now were staring at L1 again FFS. Were arguably in a worse
  12. Agreed. Another terrible appointment and decision by Chansiri. Followed by 4 other bad decisions.
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