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  1. Don't care. Were run terribly and I have no optimism left. Some awful decisions last night.
  2. Well at least we have someone in now who's kept teams up and won promotions........ Oh...... Wait...
  3. Ok ok, I take back the incredible bit maybe a bad choice of words but it is a pretty bad run none the less.
  4. Well if he's not a Paxo client/contact that's probably a positive sign
  5. Seeing if there is a Paxo connection is a pretty hot topic at the moment and says a lot about any potential signing/new recruit. Anyway...... We'll see. Enjoy your week.
  6. Probably came to us to avoid being sacked and got a pay rise. Achieved nothing so far and cost us money. Also a month too late to save us. Another weird appointment to the collection. Hope I'm proven wrong and he does well but can't see it. Anyone know if this was a Paxo connection?
  7. Id agree. Everyone seems so happy about this appointment yet he's achieved nothing and was on an incredibly bad run with Donny. You can see why he left, he prob thought he couldn't save the situation. Weird appointment (again) that weve had to pay for and about a month too late. Saying that, I hope he does well. Anyone know if he's connected to Paxo?
  8. Or Donny were on such a bad run he thought it was a good opportunity to go for higher wages?
  9. Well why didnt he make any attempt to save us then FFS!? This guy makes absolutely no sense and is so effing frustrating. Drives me nuts! It's ALL his and his "advisors" fault. Makes me so angry. Nice to see there's also no forward planning for league one. So his plan is to get a manager in for 3 months and then spend the summer deciding what to do. Signing a new manager/players in the first week of the season. Making another shambles of it. Paul Cook is our best option now (if he would even take it). He could rebuild in league one. Weve missed our chance to save us b
  10. Neil Thompson's post-Luton reaction Watch video here Neil Thompson's post-Luton reaction
  11. Neil Thompson's post-Luton reaction Watch video here Neil Thompson's post-Luton reaction
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