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  1. Correction. Monk inherited an inbalanced, average squad and made it worse.
  2. I thought we were the dominant team and showed attacking intent against a high flying, good quality squad. Were missing the quality in the final third and the odd other position but don't really know what more people can ask for apart from that. Passing it nicely with some long ball mixed in. You can see the plays but weve not quite all the attacking players we need for it. I think it's more the odd addition, rather than wholesale changes we need to make us into a good team. Certainly not leaking goals, solid defence (Van Aken is prob a weakness though), cutting high
  3. Should be way more than a 3 match ban and to say it was "violent conduct" is also laughable. Should have been a longer ban, fine and he should have been shamed with more accurate terminology. A point should have been made to put him and other players off doing it in the future. No doubt PNE will be pissed off they're losing him for 3 games. Still, it's just a straight red ban though.
  4. Had a great game. Did one weird thing were he stood too long on the ball in our penalty box and it was nearly very costly but he just feigned an injury to cover it up Apart from that he was very good tonight. Bazza was good too.
  5. Great in first half. Defense looked very, very good, with odd decent attack. Just need better attackers. The goal we conceded was the first bit of rubbish defending. Van Aken just gave up after a bit of a chase to let him score. Bannan was good today. Shame about Westwood. Great attacking side who we made look average and non existant in first half. Good performance i thought.
  6. It's so annoying not having the down votes. Censoring people not liking things. Makes the whole rating system pointless.
  7. Do you actually know/have any proof that Pulis is connected to Doyen/Paxo? He a proven, experienced manager. Pretty much exactly what we needed and the opposite to Monk.
  8. I think he might surprise people and be good for us. Dont care if the footy aint amazing to look at if it saves us and possibly brings us some success. Prob means the end of Barry Bannan though.
  9. If he saves us from relegation and gets us promoted within 2 seasons - yes. Dont care if it's not attractive football. If he gets us relegated - no
  10. He shouldn't have backed him in the first place, it should have been a different manager with even a slightly good record. Why was Monk ever employed by us!? Why are we in the mess were in?
  11. Another dreadful stat for Monk's cv. Aswell as Rotherham's biggest ever win against us.
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