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  1. I had pretty much had enough of everything before reading this. But this just now confirms it. Someone wake me up when this plonker has left our football club.
  2. Can I sum up that corner for us all. Its like me and the mrs get out the taxi at the corner flag. We can see the swanky restaurant at the goal. We have a nice relaxing walk up to the place but before I set off I stop and pause and time waste for about 50 years putting on my coat and trying my laces. We set off now I'm ready for this experience. Then we stroll towards the door. The bouncer stops me half way and smacks me in the face. Whack. The wife runs off with the waiter and jumps in my taxi and then end up back at my house ie the goal. All within 30 seconds. I feel totally cheated. I cant do this anymore. It's better for us all we break up.
  3. Izzy brown should be ashamed he wasted about a minute of our time taking the corner then put in a corner so poor that no one getting paid to play football should do. Absolueltey criminal to get caught our like that in the last minute. Not just him. The entire team and club are a total disgrace. Top to bottom its rotten. Cant blame Moore first game. But he is clearly here for the promotion bid back to the championship. Feel totally let down tonight and feel totally uninterested in the club I love for the first time ever.
  4. This is utter garbage. I have nothing else to say. There are no words for how bad this game and our situation is. Never felt so disappointed in my club.
  5. Sorry if I've misses this somewhere. When Pulis got the sack - what has happened to this guy? I cant recall seeing him on the sideline - has he gone too?
  6. I found this press conference a little baffling. Regardless of who is in the right of wrong here, to call pulis out like he has publicly for me is really poor. I'm sure anyone half interested in this job will now have second thoughts. Fair enough he accepts he got the appointment wrong but to simply lay all the blame on a man who hasnt had any chance to reply ( probably for fear of contractual and legal issues) for me just isnt right. I'm sure chansiri is doing his best and doing what he feels is right but for a man with his wealth and a businessman at that i really do wonder how on earth he got to where he is. He appears a total maverick. Our club is a total mess. Sad sad times and we can only hope things get better. Happy new year my fellow owls. We all need to remember this is the club we love and will continue to love no matter how bad things are - its within us and deep down never leaves. Once an owl always an owl.
  7. I think there is some mileage in this. EFL have acted shambolically. Appears to me we were found against because of the wrong accounts year which technically is correct. But when the club is given the okay by the EFL to do that then I think this appeal may be a goer. This ones not over in my view. Chansiri might be a few things but he is a businessman and far from stupid. He has a decent legal team and advisors. The decision reasons released lead me to have a lot of optimism.. EFL not fit for purpose.
  8. Doubt it. Only the club involved could really appeal. Even then I'm not sure how they works
  9. I dont think this case is a slam dunk. The EFL appear to have given some sort of indication that what happened was okay. They probably did that wrongly. The Owls are probably trying to argue something along the lines of legitimate expectation. Even if in the wrong the reasoning behind why this was done should go in our favour and reduce the penalty imposed. EFL need this out the way. Understandably those at the bottom will want this sorting with an adverse outcome for us. Keep the faith.
  10. Glad he has gone. Really liked him but hes mugged us all off. Beats us in play off final then takes us on and takes the wee wee out the club, the chairman and the fans by walking out several months later. Decent manager. Total mercenary. Will be sacked by Christmas but he wont care because the money is really what he is interested in. Better that he goes on and continues to shaft others and not us. Onwards and upwards to the next manager. He has gone we move on. I dont wish him well anymore as I feel he has stabbed us all in the back.
  11. Feeling pretty disappointed about this situation. Finally get a decent manager after watching old jos the dross. Bruce gets us up and running. We give him the time he needs away from football and rightly so. He is with us a matter of months before wanting away from the club that gave him a job after his sacking from villa. Really liked this guy and always have. We all have our dream job and I get the connection for him and I dont blame him from having a tricky decision to wrestle over in his mind. But to want away a matter of months into building something with us for me is disappointing. Pretty poor behaviour for me. I wish him well but think he is making a massive mistake with this one. As much I like him however even if it doesn't come off, I dont really want him at the helm of my club waiting for his next better offer and payday. I would be pretty pissed if I had renewed my ST ( I cant this year as it happens). I would be pretty pissed if I had just signed for the club. I would be furious if were the chairman who has been poo on. UtO
  12. People have all sorts of reasons for not going but prices are crazy. I've got a newborn so decided I wont renew next season I will miss it like mad but time with the little one is precious when I work well over 45 hours a week. A mate told me this week his season ticket at the lane costs him 200 a year less than mine. I would happily at that price renew and not mind missing every other game or when I'm needed elsewhere but I cant renew at 555 knowing I cant make all the games which will also no doubt result in at least 3 Saturday games turning into night matches at some point. We are a working city and paying in my eyes middle class prices. I can afford it but I totally get why so many cant. It's a shame.
  13. Disagree mate but your on the right lines. Courts don't have police waiting around to arrest those trying to surrender to warrants. He could try turning up and asking court to rescind warrant but they don't like doing it. Likely would say go and surrender to police. In a case like this though he might have more chance than most of doing that. Some police would literally arrest and walk them to the court though depends who you get!!
  14. Warrants can be out months for those ducking and diving. They know where he lives. They know where he works and trains. He won't be high on the list of priorities however. He's in a tricky position as there is a court Saturday morning but then nothing until Monday. If he surrenders tonight or very early tomorrow this will be cleared up. If he chances it and gets picked up tomorrow he will have a long weekend in a police cell. Hence why I suspect arrangements are in place. If they aren't then he needs to find a decent lawyer because they really should be and I have every confidence they will be.
  15. Yes absolutely. Police have no power to release him until presented before a court. If he gets arrested now he will be held until morning for example.
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