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  1. Why are people obsessed with experimenting with players out of position? We had it with people wanting to play Kieran Lee at right back, we’ve had it with iorfa either in midfield or even more bizarrely upfront lately! If we need another option in midfield, here’s a thought... buy a midfielder.
  2. All the good players were desperate to come to us though weren’t they. Open your eyes. Smell the coffee. The mess at the club is not Monks fault. He did little to help I’ll admit, but we were in a mess when he arrived and we will continue to be a mess now he’s gone
  3. No the strikers aren’t as good as the ones we’ve let go. However at a guess I’d say we’ve almost halved the wage bill which is something we’ve had to do because we had no structure in place before and overspent. Not monks fault. We tried to keep Fletcher and he didn’t want to stay. The others weren’t really contributing or good enough were they. I’d love for you to provide an example of a manager that has improved the squad whilst halving the wage bill, losing his top three goal scorers, having no money to spend and trying to attract new players on -12 points.
  4. I agree it should happen more often and also agree the football is dreadful. But it never happens for Rhodes! He’s useless.
  5. Who hired the recruitment team? We can’t keep blaming managers, players, physios, recruitment teams etc. At the end of the day chansiri is responsible for running the club. He should put the foundations in place in order that we can be successful. He hasn’t put any foundations in place other than a dodgey advisor
  6. As bad as he was he had our only real efforts today
  7. Just a few games ago windass got on the end of one and won a penalty. He’s got on a few this season. Fletcher regularly got on the end of bannan’s balls as well. Rhodes simply ain’t good enough
  8. How doesn’t it make sense? How can he make a mess of something that was already a mess when he arrived? How can he improve it when he’s not had any money to spend? Or when we start the season on -12 and no one decent wanted to come? You say he signed these players which is factually correct. But the alternative was play the under 23’s because we hardly had any players. This mess isn’t monks doing. He’s not blameless but why can’t people see the problem is the man at the top. Its clear as day. You’re either not very clever or you’re thick.
  9. Correction. Monk inherited a mess and had his hands tied and couldn’t improve the squad. BIG difference.
  10. Got to be careful what you wish for when we have an idiot making the decisions. You lot hounded monk out, completely oblivious to the real problem. If you thought the football was bad under monk, I’ve just watched us play Stoke (not Barcelona) and have a meagre 5 shots with 0 on target. We get rid of one manager and replace him with worse! Awful awful game.
  11. Don’t care if he looked gutted. I’m gutted that we are paying him £30k a week to amble around doing nothing. He never gets on the end of anything. It happens every time he plays. Balls over the top that look like ‘nearly’ balls but other plays seem to get on the end of them. He’s abysmal. Get him fooked off
  12. It’s getting ridiculous now. There are certain posters who have such entrenched views that if we lost every game and Westwood conceded loads of goals they would still find a way to praise Westwood. Time to let go of the past and start looking forward to hopefully better times. Let’s face it they can’t get any worse than 2020 has been
  13. Haven’t got mine. I think it’s absolutely appalling from the club at the best of times, never mind in the current climate where many fans may have either lost their job or are worried about losing their jobs.
  14. Yes I do think he blindly adopts this philosophy. He must have been in management over 20 years and has always played long ball. It’s not like I’m basing this assumption off one season is it. His championship sides have scored pretty much the same as us. Yeh and look where that has got us the last three seasons. Mid table. His championship sides that have included the likes of Patrick Bamford, Britt Assombalonga and Cameron Jerome. Strikers we could only dream of having. He was at Stoke 7 years ago and he did a good job but football has changed. He’s been crap since and t
  15. I don’t care what other clubs think about us but I think this is a woeful appointment. He’s a dinosaur of the game and his long ball tactics won’t work when we don’t have a target man. His teams generally don’t score many. I say generally - they never do. This team already struggles for goals without someone coming in and trying to shut up shop from the first whistle. I hope to god he proves me wrong but I’m not holding my breath. Whilst I don’t care what other teams think, it’s often a telling sign when they are all laughing at you.
  16. Do you think we played him at centre back through choice? Because the way you wrote that sounded like we had a choice... We had the following people injured/suspended in the first 10 games: Lees Flint Iorfa Van Aken Dunkley Palmer Shaw Everyone knows he’s not a centre back. Anyone playing out of position at centre back is likely to make the odd mistake. I think he’s done a decent job filling in considering he’s 9th choice centre back behind the list above and Borner. I also think he’s shown a first class attitude this last ye
  17. I get what you’re saying but we can’t keep looking short term. Next year there will be another excuse to look short term. And the year after and the year after that. Start today. Make a plan. Stick to it
  18. There’s a bigger problem than monk. It’s the man making the decisions. Imagine you’ve got a leak right. There’s a hole with a tiny bit of water coming out and there’s a bigger one gushing with water. Sacking monk would be like patching up the tiny hole. You’ve still got a massive leak further up the pipe and patching up the little one was pointless. Open your eyes man!
  19. I know it’s easier. Not the point I’m making. The problems at this club won’t be fixed by rectifying the easier problems.
  20. I’m not. Sacking monk won’t make a difference but the majority of people on here can’t see it
  21. Nothing comes easy. If we want change and change for the better it’s chansiri that needs to go. We keep changing manager and players and nothing gets better, only worse.
  22. I don’t think he’s doing a good job but do you seriously think changing manager will help? Are you so blind that you can’t see the problem is chansiri? We have been mismanaged since the play off final and it’s caught up with us. Not selling players when we have the chance, binning off his committee that was so successful in bringing in players in year 1, poor managerial appointments, not pulling the trigger soon enough, handing out big contracts to ageing players, charging the highest prices in the division, selling the ground, taking a loan out on the groun
  23. I believe points 1-11 have all contributed. Point 12 is the root cause
  24. The problems at the club run far deeper than monk. I’m not saying he’s the messiah but I’m not sure many managers would fare any better. Until Chansiri sells up we will only get worse
  25. Yeh because monk told Cameron Dawson to gift them three goals didn’t he
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