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  1. Bigger Guns

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, and I apologise if I am... but sounds like a little dig at mental health. Mental health isn’t a laughing matter
  2. If anyone read this story about anyone else in the newspaper they would be saying lock him up. Why is it any different because he used to play for us. Threatening someone with a sword is a criminal offence and should be treated as such. Not funny in the slightest
  3. Bigger Guns

    Kieran lee

    Kieran Lee has the same hip injury in the season that Stuart Gray was manager but let’s use it as a stick to bash Carlos with. I wanted Carlos gone before anyone starts but this has nothing to do with him. I’ll point out that Lee has also had this hip injury in the two seasons we reached the play offs. But no one had a go at Carlos for rushing him back then either. It’s nothing more than an unfortunate problem for an extremely talented footballer.
  4. Bigger Guns

    Jordan the stage is yours

    This myth again. He’s missed countless sitters this season. Off the top of my head: Free header 6 yards out at ipswich Free header 10 yards out at Norwich 2 sitters at home to Millwall (ok he scored one goal in this game but should have had 3) 2 sitters against Cardiff last week If I could be bothered to go back through all the highlights i’d be able to give you more. I can’t remember what teams they have been against. Granted we havent given him the the level of service he may have had at other teams, but the reason we paid so much money for him is to win us games when chances are few and far between. He hasn’t delivered that. Everyone keeps saying he’ll get one and kick on. Well I’m afraid this isn’t true. He scored two against Bolton earlier in the season. Went back to his usual self. He scored at home to Millwall, went back to his usual self. When will people stop defending him and admit this move hasn’t worked out. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off. Time to cut our losses and move him on. Edit: worth pointing out that in this team that gets no service Hopper was amongst the top scorers in the division before his injury and was easy on course to get 20 goals.
  5. Bigger Guns

    I think Jos has Palmer ahead of Hunt

    I honk Palmer is a better crosser of the ball. In a back 4 he could be a bit of a liability because he doesn’t get back once he’s gone forward. In this system he can relinquish his defensive duties a bit more.
  6. Bigger Guns

    Tom Bannan & Barry Lees

    Completely agree that lees and loovens have to earn their spot now. Venancio has been a standout over the last few games and for me has made the right CB spot his own. Thornilly i thought was superb. Zohore has given some experienced CBs a torrid time this season and thornilly kept him very quiet. Pudil like venancio has been very assured over the last few games. i would expect loovens or lees to come in in the middle of the 3 CBs when fit with Pudil moving to the left CB role. Harsh on thornilly as he deserves to keep his place on merit - but feel he might be bedded in gently.
  7. Bigger Guns

    Tom Bannan & Barry Lees

    I do wonder if lees was playing with an injury due to carlos’ reluctance to play venancio or one of the young lads
  8. Bigger Guns

    Is our season over already?

    It's over if we persist with Carlos. Any team who puts together a good run over 10-15 games will be there or there abouts so if we bring in a new man and hit some decent form it's not too late.
  9. I wouldn't, but unfortunately I decided to buy one of them 3 year tickets so have another year to run. If the prices of tickets continue to rise I don't think I will renew beyond that. No football is worth that money especially this tripe. just thinking back to that thread on the BBC survey. Norwich and Wednesday the 2 most expensive teams to watch in our league and they serve up that rubbish last night. Norwich were abysmal last night and we were worse.
  10. Bigger Guns


    I honestly thought he was absolutely garbage. All he did was pass sideways and mostly backwards. Potter mk2. Cannot see what anyone sees in him but guess it's all about opinions.
  11. Bigger Guns

    New kit

  12. Bigger Guns

    New kit

    Just a glorified shanghai shenhua shirt. Garbage
  13. Bigger Guns

    Marc Wilson - Perfect Fit

    Not a fantastic player, but I find it funny how nearly everyone who's commented thinks he's poor, and there was clamour for us to sign mulgrew. Both equally as poor for me
  14. Bigger Guns

    tomas kalas

    Mourinho isn't at Chelsea anymore. Hasn't been for a long time