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  1. Have we learnt anything? A 34 year old has been in a position we are ok in. This has stuffing boy written all over it. Would be very surprised if this is a Darren Moore signing. I don’t get the logic at all. If it’s a deal until the end of the season then it’s a waste of time. A 34 year old right back isn’t going to change our fortunes and longer term we need to be looking at players with potential and re-sale value
  2. It’s not null and void. Being an ex auditor the statement about being able to continue as a going concern for the next 12 months refers to the 12 month period from the date the accounts are signed rather than from July 2019.
  3. Every team gets injuries so please let’s not use it as an excuse. We are where we are because we aren’t good enough. The team has no bottle and no character. We haven’t got a single point from losing positions. We fail to hold on to leads. We lose every game against our relegation rivals. We have a complete lack of discipline which is evidenced by the 6 or 7 red cards we’ve had this season. This group of players just aren’t up for the fight and iorfa/luongo wouldn’t make a jot of difference.
  4. Ross Wallace does interview - says chansiri gave half time team talk accusing players of making his son cry Rumours of att chansiri interviewing the cowleys. It seemed a bit far fetched at the time but I’m now convinced this happened Fans to blame for scuppering a massive sponsorship deal Calling Steve Bruce simply ‘Bruce’ Publicly criticising Paul cook for being unprofessional and literally 2 hours later reports of players not being paid again. Oh the irony! Doubling the price of boxes Paxo. No explanation needed
  5. Tough set of fixtures. Anything more than 6 points would be a good return and should keep us in touch with the pack going into the final quarter of the season
  6. He’s got a point though. You got it completely wrong and now you’re back tracking
  7. I think it’s impossible to have this thread and not to talk about DC. Unless I’m mistaken (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong) any new players we sign have to fall within the salary cap set for league one whilst existing players, if already above that cap, are allowed. Given we have 15 players out of contract, we are going to have to sign a full squad of players that fall below that salary cap and won’t be able to leverage our financial advantage over other teams that much. Given the lower leagues are an area in which we have neglected over the last
  8. Has anyone actually received a refund yet? He says it’s taking longer than expected but I don’t know one person who’s had a refund. Unreal comments about his ‘worse than customers’ jibe. It’s not all of you just some of you. How does that make the statement any better? Everyone is in a different position and some people are really struggling financially during the current climate and everyone is entitled to a refund. No one should have to justify reasons for requesting a refund and be called ‘worse than a customer’ for not doing so. It should just be given. No
  9. Set up a mass zoom call and we can all sit at home waving our shoes in the air chanting shoes off if you hate chancer
  10. Why are people saying Austin and johansen are the type of signings we should be making? Both over 30, past their best and on big money. Sounds familiar and it’s what got us in this mess we currently find ourselves in. Madness.
  11. Somebody else has said the number is listed as discontinued as well, but clearly that message has come from him unless photoshopped. Don’t know what to make of it all!
  12. It’s also the phone number on the WBD sports website https://www.wbdsports.com/contact
  13. It’s also the number on the WBD Sports website https://www.wbdsports.com/contact
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