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  1. We won’t have overstepped again. Given the stadium sale wasn’t allowed last time round it has to be allowed this time round since it wasn’t the stadium sale itself they had issue with. More the timing. We may have to restate last years accounts in which case I’d expect us to post a profit this year. If the accounts aren’t restated and we post a loss it’s not something to worry about. Like I said above the stadium sale has to come into consideration for FFP at some point irrespective of what year it shows in the accounts.
  2. I also remember people turning their noses up at dean smith at one point because he lacked experience at this level. Those people look pretty stupid now don’t they
  3. And both failed? How do you get experience in the championship if no one gives it you? Theres plenty of examples of managers who have had little to no experience in the championship and done well. Carlos, nuno Espirito Santos, the guy at Brentford, wilder, Wagner. There’s plenty more examples Wilder had a very good record in the lower leagues, just like cook has. Who’s to say cook can’t go on to achieve what wilder has done?
  4. How many seasons did pulis have? Or monk? Not really relevant is it.
  5. I don’t know. It’s a bit of a mystery as we were told TUF but after a couple of days the TUF logo disappeared from everywhere. He clearly has or has had some wealth from somewhere. I don’t believe the figure is £350m but what I do know is that fees and wages over the last 5 years have certainly not come from his directorship at Sheffield Wednesday football club limited, hence why the club has posted losses in its accounts each year.
  6. Doesn’t mean anything. Any money spent at Sheffield Wednesday is by way of injection of capital. It doesn’t come from the clubs day to day bank account. His main source of wealth is his business in Thailand, and companies house is for UK directorships only. That’s not to say he hasn’t run out of money because there’s a lot of evidence pointing towards that being the case, but you can’t conclusively say he has from this evidence.
  7. We may not be able to go inside the ground, but we can certainly make our voices heard outside the ground. Tonights game is too soon, and the derby game on New Year’s Day is perhaps too soon to spread the word. The next home game after that is Tuesday 19th January. Who’s in?
  8. Frustrating. They are long enough to think they might be a weapon which is why we persist. Unfortunately not quite long enough to actually cause an issue, especially when it doesn’t come in with pace. So easy to defend against.
  9. Jeckyll and Hyde gives the impression we have some good performances and some bad performances. Where are the good ones?
  10. Sell up now chansiri. You’ve single handedly ruined this great club. You said you’d sell up if the fans no longer want you and that time has come. There’s a growing majority who want you to leave so honour your promise and sell the club.
  11. Difficult to protest when there are no fans in the ground so not sure how we get the message across. Maybe we need all threads on here to be about him selling up so that ‘his people’ (probably Att) can feed back to him.
  12. Rhodes isn’t the reason we got the ball down and played
  13. Whoever is best suited to what we need on the day
  14. I’d go with Windass and Paterson personally. It’s underwhelming but in my opinion probably our best option.
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