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  1. Seems to me that some of you lot are so biased towards Wednesday that you can’t see how unbiased the commentators were! On numerous occasions they praised our work ethic, how we approached the game etc. and said Monk will be pleased with the team. Toney has just scored 7 goals in 4 games and was a constant threat so why wouldn’t they heap praise on him. Similarly, for all the praise we got, Brentford were the better side. Anyone with half a brain cell would therefore expect them to give more praise than we got for being the better side. Not just during this ga
  2. Wasn’t it a game of two thirds and a third?
  3. In fairness he probably still doesn’t have the team he wants. We have been hamstrung by this deduction and I’m sure there are targets that chose not to come because of it. Of course there is the deduction itself, which is not of Monk’s doing
  4. Chansiri has spent a lot of money on the academy over the last 5 years. Perhaps we are finally starting to reap the rewards? It was never going to happen overnight as it takes time to build and develop but hopefully we will start to see a few more coming through over the next few years.
  5. Am I right in thinking all games are shown on sky? i only use sky go as I can’t afford to pay for it myself but had problems getting matches on the red button before through sky go. Anyone know how I can get it? Thanks in advance.
  6. We need 3 strikers so unless there are 3 available on a free who are all better than windass and all want to come to us then I don’t see how £500k is too much to pay for windass.
  7. I don’t think all players will get a club. You seemed to suggest that we can basically name our price with out of contract players though. The point I’m making is that in reality we won’t be able to do that because other clubs will likely be in for these players. Of course there will be players who don’t get a club and we could name our price. But, and it’s a big but - clearly no one wants these players so why would we? I actually think when a player is out of contract, clubs often pay them more and/or pay a signing on bonus because they have sav
  8. That is what free agent means yes. You are also correct that if we are the only option we can name the price. However, if we are the only option I’d be asking why no other team wants them. Anyone worth signing on a free transfer will have plenty of options and 9 times out of 10 the player will go to the highest bidder.
  9. What do you expect him to say? If he says in a press conference it’s a meaningless game it gives the players a license to not put a shift in (queue the jokes they don’t anyway). Do you really believe that he hasn’t got a plan in place with regards to who he wants to stay at the club and potential targets? There will be a lot of work going on behind the scenes. I suspect we have a list of targets drawn up whether that’s down to Monk, the recruitment team or a combination of both. I think it’s pretty clear those out of contract know where they stand too. For exam
  10. Why have you excluded penalties? Rhodes refuses to take them so think it would be appropriate to include
  11. Nice first post. Absolutely not Peter the blade...
  12. We’re missing 18 players like Semedo. He’d run through a brick wall for Wednesday. In response to a few saying he was a limited player - aren’t this lot?
  13. Who has called them criminals? I certainly haven’t. Leeds (and every club in the country) have a set of rules which try to prevent fans from going on the pitch. They hire a team of stewards to enforce those rules. No one is calling for criminal charges and I suspect the lad got kicked out and that was the end of it.
  14. When you say ‘load of boll0cks’ you might want to read my post again. I agree there is a difference between what the Leeds and Birmingham fans did and what the lad did yesterday and as I said I don’t think for one minute he would have gone and punched a Leeds player. Stewards can’t take chances though and nor should they.
  15. Do you remember when that idiot from Leeds ran on the pitch and punched Kirkland in the face? And the idiot from Birmingham who punched grealish last season. Those two examples are the exact reason people get chucked out, because it may compromise a players safety/wellbeing. I’m not saying the lad you refer to would have gone and punched a player but the stewards are there to protect the players from idiots and they shouldn’t take any chances. It’s quite simple just don’t go on the pitch. Do what the other 3,000 Wednesday fans did and celebrate in your seat.
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