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  1. If you had any idea about the struggles of mental health you’d know that someone taking their own life isn’t a choice. What a seriously insensitive comment. 2 people very close to me have tried and believe me it’s no choice. Idiot
  2. I’ve not argued against that point. Just saying people shouldn’t be singled out for a medical choice
  3. Stupid analogy. You’re comparing terrorism with a choice on medical health care
  4. Do you not drink then? Or eat fatty foods ever? Never smoked? If so then you should relinquish any access to the NHS. Anyone who pays their taxes should have rights that’s how this country works. It doesn’t discriminate against those who make certain life choices. If you want to live in a dictatorship you’re in the wrong country pal
  5. People should be able to make that choice without others having a go and trying to guilt trip them.
  6. Can’t name one. I see you’ve swerved my question again
  7. No you don’t have to explain that. I understand that it’s only supposed to reduce the risks as nothing can be 100% effective. I just question it’s effectiveness against the new variant and the number of daily cases at the moment despite the majority being triple vaccinated would back that up. In response to your other point, I’m not telling people to believe me. They can believe what they want. I just object to singling people out and calling them all the names under the sun because they have a different view point. Medical healthcare should be a choice
  8. I do listen to the news. I just take it with a pinch of salt at times. You still haven’t shared your thoughts on my question. You seem to be deflecting a little bit. If the vaccine is so effective against the new variant why do we have record cases every single day? If you are so attuned to the science it should be an easy question.
  9. That’s what they tell you on the news. Have you asked yourself that question and care to share your thoughts? Scientists once thought the earth was flat. They don’t always get it right you know
  10. I have to question that theory with this new variant. For what’s it’s worth I believe the vaccine was effective against earlier strains and for that reason I’m double jabbed. Cases and hospitalisations were coming down. But for once, instead of listening to the news, just ask yourself a very simple question. If the vaccine was effective against omicron, why do we have a new daily record number of cases every day when the majority of people have now been double and even triple jabbed? Having the jab clearly doesn’t stop transmission of omicron and there’s absolutely no evidence that unvaccinated people pass on a more deadly killer strain. I caught covid over Christmas. It was someone who was triple jabbed who gave it to me and I was no better or worse than they were.
  11. Well said. Having a jab doesn’t stop you getting covid nor does it stop you passing it on. You get jabbed to protect yourself, not others. If someone chooses not to get jabbed that’s up to them and like you say really not anyone else’s business what someone chooses to do re health
  12. People go on about the south stand as though the kop and north stand have a great atmosphere. Apart from a handful of people at the leppings lane end on the north it’s no different. At the end of the day the atmosphere at hillsborough has been generally crap for years. (I’m not a south stander either)
  13. Ever since Bannan arrived at wednesday he’s been fantastic and one of my favourite ever wednesday players (I’m of the younger generation). The fact he has committed to us in league one has catapulted him miles out in front for me. He’s way to good for us at the moment
  14. I’d like to add I’m still waiting on a refund for the season before last and ticket prices are still higher than most in the championship.
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