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  1. Good morning roam, here u go. Pulis contacted the club. The club said they were interested. Pulis contacted Gary. Gary said no thinks to the assistant. He's been contacted by the club for the managers job. That's it.
  2. Jones did a great job with Megson’s squad. Lucky to obtain Marshal and Antonio. But when you add class players like that you can change the way you play . Used the same free kicks and long throws kept everything the same at the back and got us promoted. Would Gary have done that who knows but we’re in the championship now so really who ....... cares.
  3. Yes mogbad they won that game too
  4. I can’t tell you that for a fact cause he didn’t answer his phone tonight but that’s exactly what Don told me
  5. Just repeating what I was told
  6. Sorry bedford tons of stories and comedy threads on here. I just repeating what I was told
  7. Your welcome bedfordowl and yes roaming owl he went there to help his friend out
  8. He’s not going anywhere to be a second man and he’ll only take one job. Kinda cornered himself. Oh well.
  9. Pulis manager, Megson assistant. Megson says no thank you.
  10. I agree, he doe's anything it takes to get results and he does. Then owners and chairman's start putting their input in and thing go to hell in a basket. Wonder why they don't do what other successful teams do with their managers, kinda like United.
  11. daveyboy what are you banging on about now.
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