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  1. Posters on here would say he's 57, obviously a football dinosaur. We need young blood, someone like Monk. LOL
  2. DC is in the best position he can be' Thompson is winning games and everyone's happy' Thompson is the cheapest option by miles. He doesn't have to make a decision unless things start going wrong. And finally he can take all the credit if things work out.
  3. This is why Gary M didn't want to be the assistant to Pulis or take the managers job on himself. He told Pulis the man would be involved in all aspects of the club. His son going in the dressing room at halftime at a league match, DC himself going in the dressing room before a league game to give a team talk. He's lost the plot, and I don't think he will ever change his ways.
  4. Mandy stitched him up big time. Mandy was a regular for screwing people over in the US so he left for the UK to resume his backhanded deals in the UK. LOLLOL
  5. Very easy, just need to find another know it all millionaire who won't listed to quality advice who hasn't heard him brag he's put 350 million in. At the last count he's fired 75 Wednesdayite employee's. My main concern is he will only sell for a ridiculous price, get's no offers and closes shop and returns to his homeland and parents with his tail between his legs. I've heard it once and we were in a better position than were in now.
  6. Personally I'd have gone overseas. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL. Who would you have brought back with you.
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