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  1. Personally I'd have gone overseas. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL. Who would you have brought back with you.
  2. I guess the meetings on Wednesday and Thursday went well.
  3. Kemp retired and moved to America with his American wife,
  4. Maybe he just leaves. Then were up a poo creek without a paddle.
  5. Truth really hurts sometime. DC has no clue but the best asset stripper in the world who made out like a bandit and lied with a straight face was Mandy. He use to the same over here in the USA.
  6. This is what I've been told. DC is the runt of the family. If DC continues to embarrass his family they wouldn't think twice about taking the club from him and wouldn't give two funks what happens to Wednesday.
  7. I think were in real trouble with DC. The runt of the family won't be aloud to embarrass the family much longer. They'll take his toy away and won't give a flying funk about what happens to Wednesday. We need to get very lucky'
  8. Not funny, actually made my backside move for a moment there.
  9. At least is sounds like Monk finally lost it and their working harder for him.
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