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  1. Watched the game, West Brom were really poor, point in second half where they didn’t even attempt to cover the overload on the right wing....shocked they didn’t manage to score. They have not scored more than once in a game since beating Chelsea 3-0 in the middle of July - that makes it very hard to get anything when you are not able to keep clean sheets either. Best hope for us is that Prince sacks him and replaces with a foreign unknown....
  2. He says he hasn’t been sacked after 20 years, 911 games. Next question should have been, how many 14 game runs have you gone over that period without winning? looks like a man under pressure.
  3. In small patches, have liked what I have seen. Perhaps needs that little bit more consistency. Got a good touch and looks to use it to push round his marker and set off attacks. Didn't Wigan pay 2m for him, so someone rated him. As others have said, the right package would probably be a good signing.
  4. Can’t believe that you guys are STILL letting Neil winding you up, he has been doing for 20+ years (only 1 bloke ont internet and all that! ). Funny
  5. Rhodes needs a target man alongside him and (ideally) 2 wingers, as part of an attacking side. That is when he did his damage for Hudds and Blackburn. To me he looks shot as a player, have to say the Forest away game did make me question my thinking, but he couldn’t continue it and he did get a few games at that point. Move on, expensive mistake, great bloke, but not good enough anymore for champ football.
  6. Apologies, no offence meant in anyway, I misread his daughters quote about not being able to be there because of Coronarvirus. Will edit my original post. RIP Joe.
  7. Seen replay, defender has right hand on Nuhui then left goes onto him at point Nuhui goes to ground. Maybe a touch soft, but not one that would have been overturned by VAR. A good win today, sometimes you have to scratch out 3 points, we have not always been good at that, starting to look better at it. Big shout out to Dawson, we have not missed Westwood (which is high praise), but him coming to edge of 18 yard box to take the lofted free kick late in the game was superb ‘keeping and shows his confidence.
  8. I did joke that the physio's will have covered more ground than some of the players tonight! To be honest though, on the whole, they all felt like genuine injuries (not Fulham-esq a game plan). Found it really weird that their Right back Edwards, who had an injury on his side took the long free kick right near the end - he aggravated it further and then had to go off - why not let someone else take it?
  9. Do agree that he has dropped below his (high) standards of past couple of years - remember he was immense in central midfield that season under Joss. However he is a proper footballer - in terms of his engine, the ground he covers and I do wonder if he is showing more discipline due to Harris being on the other side. The number of assists he has must be up there with anyone else at the club and he has an exceptional touch a high cross field ball, he can (usually) just pick out of the sky with an assuredness of a very good player. Even though he appears to mince tackles a bit, I am
  10. It was Knockhaert who he flicked it over as well - he looked well pissed off. You could see he was getting frustrated with the game and goading from crowd, which is why Parker took him off. Dont particularly like Knockhaert as a person - would love him to play for us though!
  11. Didn't Wilder say something like, don't talk to me about embargoes, we don't have to worry we're a well run club. At the time, a year earlier they had been.....
  12. We do now, but we have spent money and have a decent Championship squad, that would allow you to move players in/out. We don’t need that much to get close to playoffs either.... Plus I reckon DC would spend again if we were close in January....
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