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  1. Don't know..... depends if we need a left back or not!
  2. What about his VOLUME? Think.of his volume for the love of God Darren!!
  3. Well tell us then!!! Stuff like this is interesting.
  4. Are players aware or even read owlstalk. Do you give each other banter about it? Does chansiri know about owlstalk, are there officials from Wednesday employed to searchnj
  5. There's not a better goal than that anywhere!!!!! Never get fed up of watching that!!
  6. Anyone have the tackle that finished hirst from linaghann?
  7. He has shown me absolutely no reason to be involved in front of other players in midfield. He reminds me so much of Kenny Lunt. So much pretense and promise, but no actual product. His, 'throw his arms around and shrug' when things go wrong rather than get on with it and press does my nut in.
  8. For the ones of us that didn't listen to his commentary (I was listening to talksport2) what snippets did he give out please?
  9. 83rd minute.... Forest score against Pigs Charlton equaliser against Rotherham Good minute that!!
  10. Lovely hearing the commentators saying that Wednesday aren't playing out from the back..... and that league one.players aren't good enough to do that! Hopefully rumours of a changing room bust up are right and Moore has changed his ways!!
  11. Dare it be said... we're playing well here. Good save!!!
  12. You say that but there's not.many on there that I wouldn't love to change for Moore!!! Lots on there I would.lovr to see in our Hotseat. Holloway (still think he'd do great things here), Harris, O'Neil and Coleman (just been watching Sunderland til I die, and he impressed me. Now, the question I ask is... who could work with Chansiri- that been said, he's not been at Hillsborough for 18 months, it is highly likely that the new manager would never meet him!
  13. REALLY!!!! Well.if it gets rid of Moore then so be it!!!!
  14. Darren Moore shoukd be made to watch that, and then a journo ask him if he feels that he has produced performances that get our magnificent crowd going like that evening. Then he should ask the question..... what are you going to do to bring this kind if thing back!!!
  15. I go and still have the hope and hair standing up on my neck, especially when hi ho silver lining comes on. I still have vivid memories of my Dad holding me on the wall of the kop. Wednesday is never just in the here and now, it's in the past and will be in the future. Chin up and don't let the buggar get you down! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  16. Stop.playing out from the back. Cancel Wing's loan Send Moore packing.
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