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  1. Dave T Mabels will have it, and is near to Kings X/ ST Pancras if that's where you get your train from?? http://www.mabelstavern.co.uk/directions.aspx Probably be some wednesday fans in there that are not going to the match, thats where they usually go
  2. York Owl Funny, We're probably watch it in the Regent, Blythe Spirit (tends to have most matches on), not sure if Clarence shows the football?? Should know as live 2 doors down from it! wawaw Balham Owl
  3. if desperate to watch it and pay weeds £5 for privilege http://www.sport247.tv/lufc/
  4. mirodo just gone on it straight away, turns out you are about 5 streets away in SW London! Nuts!
  5. Phoned the New Inn away pub on one corner of the ground, and the fella said wasn't sure if the pubs were opening before the game, as the police have been round and told them not to open?? http://www.footballgroundguide.com/brentford/
  6. Pahowl's link is similar to mine above would definitely change at GREEN PARK rather than Finsbury Park, as Victoria line is quicker than Piccadilly getting up to North London, lot less Stops. route planner isn't always 100% accurate.
  7. think your best bet is to get on tube at Northfields or South Ealing, (type in Brentford FC in google maps they are next to each other) which is on Piccadilly Line Dark Blue. Stay on Piccadilly line to GREEN PARK, change onto Victoria Line Light Blue to TOTTENHAM HALE. Get on the Stansted Express there. Thats the quickest, as it won't take you much more time to get to Tottenham Hale than Liverpool St, and it is 10-15mins quicker from there to Stansted. Other tubes nearer the ground are on district line Green, which are less frequent and slower such as Gunnersbury. Road transport in London is very slow, it can take you an hour to do 10miles in the daytime, even on a Sunday.
  8. oh, forgot to add, They close half of the tube lines for engineering works at the weekend, which doesn't help! http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/livetravelnews/realtime/track.aspx?offset=weekend
  9. Going to be very tough mate, Stansted Express from Liverpool St is quickest about 50mins, faster than driving. Taxi would cost at least £70?? need to get to either Liverpool St or Tottenham Hale Underground to pick Stansted Express Up, they do go every 15mins and guess you would buy a return ticket on your journey into London How long before flight do you need to check in?? links below may help http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ http://www.brentfordfc.co.uk/page/GettingToGriffinPark/0,,10421~403951,00.html Best of Luck!!
  10. The London Owls supporters club are watching it at Mables Tavern nr Euston .Me and a few wednesday boys I know are going there.Address: 9 Mabeldon Place, London, WC1H 9AZ http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/63/...s_Tavern/EustonBalham Owls
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