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  1. You are right but I think it’s become a habit now as he’s been on his own for so long which is why people think a change will suit both parties. Like I say we need to change something as I hasn’t worked for a long time now.
  2. That’s the problem though Willow, doesn’t matter who’s at the side of him it will still be 30 yard killer diagonal balls that don’t clear the full back. Maybe a midfield that works as a unit up and down the pitch is the way to go. Either way it’s not working at the moment.
  3. Barry gets the ball looks up and see’ Marriott, Harris, Joey, Moses.etc. and thinks F@@k it, launches straight up field. Simple really!
  4. Brian Blessed would be good even if it's just for him shouting on the side lines! - Warnocks Alive!
  5. Surely when you take a managers job you assess the players and try to work to their strengths until you get the players to suit your style?
  6. Monk is here to stay so we should back him. What I don't get is there a lot of, he needs time, dressing room problems, not his players, would you have sacked Fergie etc yet I said Jos had all the problems Monk has had yet no one thinks he should have had longer, the poor results weren't his fault. and so on. I just wondered what the difference was. PS not defending either just an observation on peoples opinions.
  7. Don't agree we've lost Hopper, Abdi, Mattias and now Hutch and maybe Lee. The treatment room is definitely 1 area that needs strengthening.
  8. Or 46 games to get 12 points more than Rotherham, Wycombe, Coventry, Huddersfield, Luton, Barnsley, QPR. It's not impossible but we have an important 6 or 7 weeks coming up!
  9. Whilst I agree, the idea is not to go for the 'big named lower league players like Toney. They don't have to be the next Brooks etc, but I'm sure there are plenty of centre halves that given the chance are as good as Tom Lees, players that can run for ever like Reach but will also get stuck in. Let's be honest most of our squad would not pull up any tree's in league one but are probably on twice the wage! I hate to say it but no one had heard of half the players across the city but they are battling organised workhorses, look at them now.
  10. I bet there are some decent in the lower leagues as it has been proved in the past that can do as good a job as Abdi, Jones, Cruz Rhodes..... Do you think they would rather play for Gillingham, Donny, Rochdale etc in league 1 or Wednesday in the Championship on -21 points? If we get relegated they are still in a better place and it gives them a season in the shop window. Also most younger hungry players will have the confidence to say 'I'm good enough to get us out of this', more so than journeymen after a last payday.
  11. Could we not try and sign players on a 12 month contract, they are playing in the Championship regardless, if it doesn't work and we are relegated they get to move on, if we survive they may re-sign? Don't forget Stoke, Brum, Boro etc started on zero and were worried about relegation near the end. No one knows what will happen.
  12. Is tat a 2-3-5 set up. Attack Attack?
  13. Thought he was excellent today. I’d like to think the chances will turn to goals given game time.
  14. I heard its +12 points and we start on +9 next season,
  15. RIP Big Jack, you brought me my first memories of Wednesday as a kid and very few have come near to filling your boots since.
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