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  1. Beany71

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Shot stopping is what most goalkeepers are good at. What makes a great keeper in my opinion is one that can command his area and can take the ball. This takes so much pressure of the defence. He reminds me is Chris woods from years ago. Still don't agree with slating him at the match.
  2. Beany71

    Sell Reach?

    That's the thing though we have just been beat and a lot of the team aren't good enough. If the price is right and you can get 4/5 quality hungry players in, isn't it worth it. It's clear a big rebuild is needed and this needs funding.
  3. Beany71


    I thought he had a good game up until the booking, think this played on his mind. Agree we need to tie him down before people get in his head like other youngsters we've had.
  4. I queued over night for a cup final ticket in 91 for our old man. I am sure I went down to the Portsmouth game before, but I maybe wrong.
  5. The sentiment is ok in theory, but the problem is we are worried about relegation. Once the match kicks off every schoolboy error is going to lead to moans and groans etc. If that mistake leads to a goal the abuse will intensify. Don't get me wrong the day after the game we will all agree they deserve better but at the time emotions run high.
  6. Beany71

    Genuine Question

    I may be in the minority but I want us to go up with a team/squad that looks like it could hold it's own in the Prem. My worry is at the moment we look like a team that would go up and be the Toytown of the prem. Getting hammered every week would do us no good, look at Villa. Before people say we can just buy new players this doesn't always work. Last season we may have not had the results of this season but I felt we looked more like a team that could survive in the Prem. We've waited long enough, lets make sure we do it right and stay there!
  7. Beany71

    Games that Flattered to Deceive

    just checked and your right, think we could have finished above Oldham but not West Ham. I remember paying an arm and a leg for a complimentary ticket outside the ground for the Oldham end.
  8. Beany71

    Games that Flattered to Deceive

    Oldham away 1991, chance to win the league and we failed. Gutted!
  9. Will, I like the non-sexist picture you have there!
  10. Beany71

    Could we accept Relegation

    Everyone says no so, back to the original question, at what point do people say he has to go? Bottom 3 at christmas?
  11. Beany71


    The other midfielders don't help. They don't do enough without the ball and expect semedo to do it all, thus making him look worse than he is.
  12. Beany71

    Question for OwlsTalkers

    It's a fair question, but turning it on it's head, when do you say he has to take the responsability 1 point in the next 9, 3 in 24, bottom at christmas. It's all about opinions, some say now others will never think it's a mangers fault!
  13. Beany71

    FAO "Jones Out" people

    Shreeves or Eustace
  14. Beany71

    to all the bothroyd boooooooers.

    Does this mean that the Booing does work?