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  1. If the season was called off, would Bolton start next season on 0 points or -21 again?
  2. Monk says if the game is on he's going to play Westwood, Hutch, Rhodes, Bates, Winnall... etc and keep his fingers crossed, whatever that means?
  3. Maxine, I'm happy with the effort and commitment from Wednesday. I'm angry that we can put that amount of effort in when City and BBC turn up but can't be bothered for the last 3 months against teams like Luton, Stoke Wigan etc. But as you say I will enjoy Wednesday performance and hopefully they have now set the standard with regards to effort.
  4. He's right, it worked against the ageing slightly overweight Rooney, so same again tomorrow surely?
  5. How silly do I feel. Useless tvvats!
  6. I said on the way home after the game, it felt as though when the goal went in something changed. Everyone crowd, players, management were all as one celebrating. We haven't had that for a while. I think (hope) that winning as we did in the last minute has changed the whole mind set off the club and galvanised everyone. Hopefully a watershed moment. Cue a horrible defeat tomorrow.
  7. If people don't want to go that's their choice and I don't have a problem with that. The only thing that makes me laugh is we say our scruffy neighbours are only selling out because they are doing well in the Premier League, then in the next breath I'm not going because.. Lets be honest, that's football. You have supporters that will go however bad and whatever division and you have supporters that drift in and out depending on success. Every club is the same.
  8. I went last night and took my I pad so I could watch it on the red button at the same time. Do I get double points?
  9. You are quite correct, but Gibson is like one of those annoying players chasing the ref around waving an imaginary card trying his best to get someone sent off. If it's a bad foul let the referee deal with it.
  10. To honest I don't know as I don't really follow other players unless they play for us. But we always go on 'reports say' 'their fans say'. For me we judge him on performances for us. If he turns out to be a Bothroyd time signing, then we slaughter him Owlstalk style!
  11. For anyone moaning about the Windass signing, it wasn't long ago we were taunting our neighbours with songs about our signings and their signings. Maybe rather than 'marquee ' signings we need hard working team players that will work to a managers plan. Then just maybe we can start moving forwards. Let's give them a chance before we write them off.
  12. Rev, we have 90 minutes of that surely a rowdy 15 minutes would be the way to go?
  13. Surely the opposition they are playing are a damn sight better? It's not the quality I question, it's the desire, work ethic, commitment. All the things that every player wanting to further themselves should have as a given. There the qualities that have helped our neighbours become the talk of the town. Yes, with hindsight they're probably a damn sight better as well but it's not being superstars that's brought them success.
  14. Ozzie I agree but Jos also got some great results. Is it just sometimes the the team turns up in spite of the manager and not because ? A good manager needs consistency which we don't show. That said,. It's been like this for years.
  15. Stoop I agree with the squad but look at Watford with Pearson. Should every new manager come with 11 players? The new man has to get the most out of what he's got. I think with Monk there is no fear factor, the same performances get the same comments. Very worrying.
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