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  1. As I said, it's all about opinions, I just think the whole team looked better attacking wise when Hooper came on, which I would rather have than flashes of individual brilliance from 1 player. Also I thought the play for Boyd's goal was excellent.
  2. Yes, I think Hooper was technically joy to watch when he came on and the team/football improved when he came on. Instead of the long diagonal balls we keep trying it was more to feet and controlled football. This also makes players around him look better. Also along with the rest of the team Matias he was poor in the first half but great at times in the second half, obviously its all about opinions.
  3. I thought the first half was poor but the second half was excellent. I went for Hooper, he wasn't on long but the difference he made was huge. He hold the ball up and brings everyone else in to play and rarely gives it away. We have missed this so much, it made a change rather than strikers running around chasing after the ball.
  4. I went got Bannan but it could have gone too most of the team, unfortunately there is also quite a few weak links in the squad. We need to replace these to move forward, I think Steve Bruce will sort this in the summer.
  5. The thing I don't get is P&s is there to 'protect clubs' but isn't it relative. for instance if Villa lose £40m over 3 years they will lose no sleep. If Roverum say lost £30m over 3 years they would be with in the rules but that could ruin the club. How does that help the smaller clubs?
  6. Buxtongent has been on 'a most excellent adventure'. He is going to turn up tonight in a phone box with Hector, Jim McCallion, David Ford, Ron Atkinson and a load of other historical Wednesday legends.
  7. Just on my way back from Wembley, I think a couple of additions and next year we could be top two.
  8. For me I wouldn't be desperate to keep anyone. Over the last 18 month no one has stood out as a ' finish in the top 2 player' let alone ready for the next step to the Premier league. Yes a lot have been good servants but most if not all our squad are average championship players that will go no further. Maybe Thorniley.
  9. To add to the poor delivery none of the current team bust a gut to get on the end of them. The one thing with Llera, Reda, Rob jones etc they fought to get on the end of a cross, I don't see that with this squad.
  10. 2016 "Love, I've had a brainwave. I'm getting me and the boy a 3 year season ticket, we will save shed loads when we get promoted next year. Only thing is we will have to give the holiday a miss this year" Roll on 3 years, "I have another cunning plan. I'm going to get a 5 year...." I don't think that's going to work a second time so that's me out!
  11. Shot stopping is what most goalkeepers are good at. What makes a great keeper in my opinion is one that can command his area and can take the ball. This takes so much pressure of the defence. He reminds me is Chris woods from years ago. Still don't agree with slating him at the match.
  12. That's the thing though we have just been beat and a lot of the team aren't good enough. If the price is right and you can get 4/5 quality hungry players in, isn't it worth it. It's clear a big rebuild is needed and this needs funding.
  13. I thought he had a good game up until the booking, think this played on his mind. Agree we need to tie him down before people get in his head like other youngsters we've had.
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