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  1. My lad was four, to be honest a lot of the time he got bored, didn’t have the attention span. By the time he was 6 or 7 he was hooked, although this team is now sucking it out of him to the stage were he’s questioning getting a season ticket.
  2. I’ve always had a season ticket and over the years the mates I’ve gone with have dropped off until there’s none lest. Since my lad was old enough he’s had one (he’s 16 now) and for the last few weeks he’s now started saying he may not be bothered. He’s starting to get used the disappointment being an owl gives you. I suspect there will be a lot of fans in that frame of mind. Also I have the conundrum of do I get one on my own for the first time ever?
  3. Neil, didn’t you say yesterday NW had them ready for the first team?
  4. I don’t think it’s the admitting the mistake for me, it’s the ‘we go again Saturday and put it right’ comment. If we actually saw a team trying to put things right it would be ok but how many awful performances has there been followed by another then another. It makes the comment sound like your teenage child saying yeah yeah I’ll tidy up next time, with absolutely no intention of doing!
  5. If only, I could I make this club a better place...
  6. He was a great player in a great side when we were a great club! Stay away from shambles that is SWFC under DC and remain a happy memory in one of the great sides of the past!
  7. Maybe it's something simple like he can't afford a pen to sign them off with? If only Argos or the Bookies were open, he'd be fine!
  8. It matters because if we’re below donny, Rotherham etc we’re not doing very well.
  9. Just out of intersest how many times did Pulis play Shaw ahead of Joey? We've had the new Gazza in the the reserves all this time and we've persisted with Joey! Dc deserves all the critism he's getting but how many managers have missed him? Of all the youngters I have seen mentioned on here in the last 18 months Liam wasn't mentioned that much recently.
  10. I never realised the B stood for Banksy!
  11. To be fair to John, sounds like Tony has been planning an exit therefore had to go. That said can anyone blame him who would want to manage us under these circumstances? Dark times ahead!
  12. The last I saw of Snoots he was high fiving someone at a facebook group called the The Wednesday sing, I think he thought their post would get pulled.
  13. Neil, just come clean. We all know it's your young un @ @owlstalk making all the decisions!
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