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  1. Off to bolton tonight . Any recommendations for best place for a few pre match refreshments
  2. Umbro

    Looking at west ham and evertons kit this weekend would love to see us in an umbro kit next season
  3. ticket allocation problem

    I've had a similar situation . I'm a member and accrued over 100 point .but my teenage son who comes to the games with me has accrued none because I get him his tickets. This is not the club's fault though and having racked my brain all day yesterday can't think of a fairer way to do it . Just learned a valuable lesson next season buy us both memberships
  4. Deiphon Chansiri

    Thank you Mr c ......now for the big time
  5. Brighton tickets

    Wow I've used a lot of , I that post

    We're Sheffield Wednesday ,we're on our way back
  7. Owlstalk 2015/16 Fantasy Premier League

    Team done, first time ive tried this .....ready to defend my undefeated record
  8. No contest waddle is GOD
  9. One two with waddle on the wing ....out side of the boot into top corner from just outside the area in front of the kop. Wednesday win the premier league title and send the pigs down ...oh god I think I've just creamed in my jeans .....again
  10. Personalised Kit Shirts

    WADDLE 8 is the only name and number. For both Wednesday and England shirts
  11. Making football better

    Get players to man the flip up. It used to be a mans game .
  12. Wckham signs

    I don't get it .....has he signed or what ?
  13. Atmosphere at Hillsborough

    I was born and bred in S6 and though I love the old girl , Hillsborough IMO is just too big and outdated . I would much rather us have amodern 25k seater stadium full to the rafters every week that would carry the noise and hold an atmosphere. I used to stand / sit on kop and think we made a right racket. But now sitting on the north up against away end you can hardly hear the kop , and I bet they can't hear us ! our fans are no less passionate , we are just too spred out and the ground too open its like whistling (or pi55ing) in the wind