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  1. Rotherham have got games in hand, so realistically you've got to be looking at catching up with Coventry/Derby, too many points to make up I'm afraid..
  2. I'm not sure, as mad as the chairman appears to be, Im confident he's in it for the long run and not going away any time soon, he is so overly committed financially ... I find it hard to believe myself but even Mr Chansiri must be looking at this and realise we are down, I think he's looking for damage limitation and a quick return to the championship if possible.
  3. Moore has done okay in League One and that's why he has been brought in. Moore knows we are down, but must think he has a chance of getting us promoted back next season, on paper I guess we are a 'bigger club' than Donny.. Our chairman also knows we are down but is expecting promotion straight back to the championship next season, that's why he has brought in Moore. Obvious to a blind man that we are going down.
  4. I turned it off after the 2nd goal. I don't think I've ever done that. I'm not sure what I expected but I think I'm done with this club at least for the immediate future.. I wish I could do something about it.. The powers that be at the club and the players do not deserve our fans in any respect, everyone discussing on this forum, frankly they don't deserve your comment. I'm completely ashamed of the club.
  5. If you didn't laugh you'd cry.. Surely at some point during the process of that monstrosity being designed and ordered to ending up on our club website someone would have used some common sense and put a stop to it? Someone, anyone??
  6. The online shop is really poor, I bought a shirt off it a few weeks back. I thought how outdated the store was with poor attention to detail. Its not a top priority but still an indication of overall standards. Things like this are small issues but still frustrating as it's something that is fairly straight forward to resolve, if done correctly it could be really good, it's not difficult to set up and maintain an online store.. Small quick wins, they all add up to a better overall experience and perception, wouldn't it be good if we had reason to start a positive thre
  7. Had a few conversations about this recently.. I know season ticket holders, family and friends, some of which have been going many, many years, who are that fed up with the way that the club is being run.. alongside the long covid absence they really are not bothered about going again, at least in the immediate future. I think a lot of people have found other ways to spend their Saturdays and will also be looking to maximise their time with family and friends when they are able to. Attendances will be down across the leagues. Clubs need to give the fans a reason to return and get
  8. Lets not plan for League One just yet, theres still time. Regardless of how much of a disaster this season has been.. these players should be capable of keeping us up, let's hope DM can get the best out of them.
  9. I understand that he is trying to better himself and progress his career, good on him, his circumstances and decision and I wish him the best for the future. My question would be that as a fan of a club (as we all hopefully are on here!) What would you do? Times like these are hard but a talented young player could stick with the club go on to be a hero... and still gain a big move down the line. I understand that the opportunity of a move may only come once, he might get injured next week.. I honestly don't think as a life long fan I could just up and lea
  10. This is without doubt the worst Championship side we have had since relegation from the Premier League.
  11. An absolute disgrace on every level, if they are friends or whatever no excuse for that whatsoever under the current circumstances... Should be sacked tomorrow, I have paid for a season ticket every year since 97, if my opinion counts for anything I dont want to ever see him wear the shirt again. Does this thick clown have any idea what it means to the fans. Our club is a joke.
  12. Is it not true? Yes I accept we have had 4 years since the final, however are you suggesting that transfer fees/player wages since 2016 have not contributed to our current financial position?
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