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  1. probably be tweeted out by the club on twitter
  2. typical steward mentality ego boost soon as the put on them yellow jackets
  3. you cant build anything more than one storey on that car park something to do with the foundations
  4. still ripping it down from Olympic stadium
  5. amazing how some players can play so poor week in week out and still one of the first names on the team his injury never helped and i cant see him banging them in at a prolific rate but i think he deserves as much as a chance as any
  6. against dingles at home he had one of the best games ive seen him play but tbh he and all our other strikers are pants i think its his arrogant personality that gets fans on his back
  7. 22500 nothing over 2400 be a big surprise if it was
  8. if kirkland is in net you can double the goals you think city will score
  9. God knows but of o can get another home ticket I won't be getting of directly in manchester
  10. Anyone had a refund yet got the email but no money back also aren't that everybody off the train will have to show tickets
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