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  1. What you said, just back after annual leave "can I have afternoon off for a funeral?" "No need take more Holliday time off, make time back when you can" know what kind of business I would like to work for. Mine and if DC is similar, his.
  2. Liverpool was sketchy as they clocked us that was yr after we'll be back year. Everton jumped up they were alright. Coventry end at Hillsborough cos turnstiles were too busy on home end. Totenham, Arsenal, loads back late eighties early nineties. Worst was Sheff Utd. Me and mate jumped up after a Hirst chance.whack to back of head and a word that I was a dead man end of game. We left early when attention was when they were attacking. Seem to member lots of ours on south stand that night but none near me and Steve.
  3. As most above don't think anyone had a poor game but Boyd probably shaded it from Fox, Palmer, and Fletcher .
  4. Watch the rugby. Was definitely a try.
  5. Chapman away at Barnsley header from edge of box. Been an eventful night getting there as a young one but that made up for it. Siggi at Leicester
  6. Well still employed but agreed to cover a shift and a half for the next six weeks if a hotel provided to save on commute. Yes was answer. Free breakfast only plus point of extra 21hrs for no more wedge. Lack of joy being salaried sometimes when poo hits fan. At least last night was a plus.
  7. Accountability and humility from the top. I have actually done very little wrong but am at a level that if everyone plays a blame game the handgrenade is stuck in my trench. What would be refreshing is a hands up approach. I too hope i don't lose my job but us cleaners are ten a penny. Whatever that used to mean.
  8. Ok. Today! In my role i was called into question. This is poo that is poo. We will be hit with LD's what are you going to do to resolve it? The LD's are more than an Abdi broken toe nail and could sink the company. I would like a recovery plan like I have to give to a big multi-national tomorrow by mid-day. A family business where owner is in top 200 richest ppl. Swiss never going to part with his billions. What i'm generally saying is a bit of accountability and humillity would be good. I have to fess up where i have fizzed up tomorrow and could invariably cost me my job.
  9. Went to Gladbach v Hamburg game when in army and stood in away end with Hamburg fans. Good lot and a cracking game 88/89. Used to alternate between home and away ends depending on who Gladach were playing. Found an Irish bar in town for pre mach drinks too.
  10. The position i am in, when interviewed, is give me six months to turn it around. Gemba. I have had contracts terminated before then as results were not imediate. The foundations were. I think we are there or thereabouts.
  11. http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11331089/hull-0-1-sheffield-wednesday
  12. Team man. When i used to go to Virgin ever presents were Nuhiu, Loovens, and Palmer. Every Sunday without fail. Glenn sadly is past his best but get him signed as some kind of mentor. Other two get signed up for next season.
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