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  1. parking tickets

    Tullibardine though not a bus route. Common sense needs to be used not abused.
  2. Jos dropped a b******* today

    Loovens against pace. Totally agree bench. Lucas and Joey? Not so sure but good dgood display and effort all round.
  3. parking tickets

    I live opposite Greystones School. Last Christmas, bearing in mind school was shut, got a ticket for parking on zig zag lines during reststricted times. Appealed but was told rules are rules, cough up.
  4. Subsidise travel

    Filbert St.
  5. parking tickets

    I got a ticket once on herries rd whilst at a night match for not leaving lights on in a 40 zone, every car had one. Not sure if that is still a daft law they can sting you with.
  6. George Boyd

    Made some great tackles today and got forward. I would say out of a good defensive display he was below the rest, but still a solid 7
  7. Typical carlos match!

    Bloody hell what about break at begining? Pace finding pass just should have take shot stride earlier. Yes maybe we played the midfield areas but was far from dour and lacking creativity.
  8. Went to Liverpool 49k game. First real huge surging crowd i rememer as a youngster. As it is FA cup weekend. 40k v southampton live on tv qtr final. I made a flag and had it confiscated incase i used it as a weapon. I was on kop and was 15. SAG
  9. Not sure who has just watched Chelsea Hull game. Who bossed the back for Chelsea? Cahiĺl or Embundi (sp) for me was the young seventeen yr old.
  10. Totally gutted.

    Could always have listened to radio Derby. Not they were bitter or owt. Good honest commentry.
  11. Well done for opening up, speaking out, and making people aware of this. As a man you are expected to be the rock but we can all be vunerable. The blow of Gemma's death must have been awfull. Stay strong.
  12. Miss him in eccy rd co op. His baffling purchases always amazed. Moules marianaire and steak? Crazy fella.
  13. Half way through book and no mention cov at home about 87. Was young and probs first time i hooked up as an outsider west upper. Probs 150 and1000 cov. Not all boys. Think two of ours got slashed. I'm kind of enjoying this reminice. As earlier was just daft.
  14. 84 to 94 my time of being daft. Some scary times some more fun. Ususlly fun. 15 to 25 yr old. As said never part part of OCS but we had a laugh. One away game swapping lighters between cars at the national speed limit. My fiat panda had no lighter.